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How to use FCMB Mobile Banking for seamless transaction – Financengr

How to use FCMB Mobile Banking for seamless transaction – Financengr

First City Monument Bank popularly known as FCMB has not been left out in the leagues of new generation commercial banks in Nigeria, who have strived against all odds to improve customer experience through the use of electronic channels to deliver seamless and quality service to their customers.


This is the Mobile Banking service of First City Monument Bank Limited. It is an account-based Electronic Funds Transfer application which allows subscribers to make use of their mobile phones to carry out banking transactions. With it, you carry out basic banking transactions conveniently on your mobile phone within Nigeria, anywhere, anytime.

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FCMBMobile enables you to carry out transactions while on the move. It provides convenience, as you can perform critical banking transactions from your mobile phone without having to visit the banking hall.



  • Access your account anywhere anytime
  • Remit funds to your loved ones and business associates without hassle
  • Pay your bills at your convenience (DSTV)
  • Pay business partners and suppliers without stress
  • Carry out transactions round the clock; it’s a 24/7 service.
  • Save yourself the time of having to visit the banking hall every time.


The transactions available on the FCMBMobile service include:

  • Funds transfer (Inter-Bank and Intra-Bank)
  • Bills payment
  • Airtime purchase
  • Balance enquiry
  • Mini statement
  • Cardlex ATM


All customers that are on the GSM networks can get registered on FCMBMobile. In other words, all kinds of mobile phones support FCMB Mobile Banking.

How can I get FCMB Mobile Banking application on my phone?

a. For internet-enabled Smart phones

  • Send D FCMB as an SMS to 20220 from any of the following networks: MTN, Glo, Airtel or Etisalat
  • You will receive a text message from eTranzact containing a link – the FCMBMobile service application (this will be delivered as a .jar file).
  • Click on the link to start downloading the file. The application file is downloaded into the Games, Downloads or Application folder
  • Choose Activate with Account and enter your account and mobile number as registered with the bank during account opening. Enter any password of your choice and select your network provider
  • You will receive a Profile synchronisation successfulmessage at the end of the exercise.
  • Follow the instruction in the congratulatory text to receive your PIN immediately via SMS; or call Contact Centre on 01-2798800 and ask for activation
  • Log into FCMBMobile application and change your PIN.
  • Visit a nearby branch for data capture, in order to increase your daily transaction limit.

b) For non-smart phones (e.g. Nokia 3301, Nokia 103, Nokia 700)

  • Dial *389*214# on any of the following networks – MTN, Glo, Airtel and Etisalat
  • Select Activate with accountby dialling the number assigned to it
  • Enter your account number
  • A message will appear on your screen Congratulations you have been successfully synchronised
  • Call Contact Centre for activation and PIN
  • Once you get your PIN, dial *389*214# and select Services, then select Change PIN, enter the default PIN and your new PIN, then confirm your new pin.

Note: You should always dial *389*214# whenever you want to use the service. You can save *389*214# on your phone as FCMB Mobile Banking for easy access. 

c) For others:

  • For Android Phone – Go to Play Store
  • For Blackberry Q10, Z10 etc – Go to Blackberry World
  • For Nokia Lumia – Go to Market Store
  • For iPhone, iPad – Go to Apple Store
  • Other Java enabled phones including BB Curve and Bold – Text D FCMB to 20220

What memory space is needed on phones to install FCMB Mobile Banking?

At least 128KB of free memory space is required on phones.

Do applicants need to have an account with FCMB before they can use FCMBMobile?

Yes. FCMBMobile is restricted to FCMB account holders only.

Can funds be transferred to accounts in other banks with FCMBMobile?

Yes, except to Citi Bank and Standard Chartered accounts.

How much am I charged when I make transfers between accounts?

Transfers to an account within FCMB attract no charge while transfers to an account in another bank costs N100 only.


No extra fee is charged. You only pay for the exact amount of airtime purchased. In fact, for airtime top up you need not have airtime on your phone to do a top up.

How much is charged when a balance enquiry is done with FCMBMobile?

This service is free.

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How do I initiate a transaction?

To pay your DSTV bill, follow these steps:

  • Select Bill Payment on the main menu.
  • Select the Pay DSTV option
  • In the space provided, enter your smart card number, amount and PIN
  • Press the Proceed button the confirmation page is displayed.
  • Press the Proceed button. The next screen is displayed.
  • Select your preferred method and then click on Proceed (if you chose the SMS method, on some phones, you will prompted twice to approve, by choosing Yes, that the SMS be sent.)


There are two main methods of airtime purchase – Topup or Pincode. With Topup, the indicated phone is recharged automatically and no Airtime Voucher Number is received. In a Pincode Purchase, an Airtime Voucher Number is received and the indicated phone is not recharged automatically. The Airtime Voucher Number must be loaded manually into the phone in the usual way.

To purchase airtime to recharge the FCMB Mobile Banking phone, follow these steps:

  • Select Phone Recharge on the main menu
  • Select Topup to make a Topup Airtime Purchase or Pin Codeto make a Pincode Purchase
  • Select Self if you are buying for yourself or Third Party for others
  • Select your network
  • Select airtime value, enter PIN and select Send

How to initiate Inter-Bank/Intra-Bank Funds Transfer

To transfer funds to an account in another bank, follow these steps:

  • Select Funds Transfer on the main menu. The menu below is next displayed:
    • Select the Bank Accounts option
    • Select the Beneficiary’s bank
    • Enter the beneficiary’s account number, beneficiary’s phone number; enter a narration (optional), amount and select account to use; select account type and then enter your pin
    • Press the Proceed button. The Confirmation Page is displayed.
    • Press the button.
    • Select your preferred method and then press Proceed. (If you chose the SMS method, on some phones you Proceed will prompted twice to approve, by choosing Yes, that the SMS be sent.)
  • An SMS is received showing whether or not the transfer was successful.


How much is charged when a request for a mini-statement is made?

This service is free

How much am I charged on SMS for my transactions?

SMS costs N10


The application can be used as many times as needed daily

Is FCMB Mobile Banking restricted to a particular location or region in Nigeria?

No. FCMBMobile can be used anywhere in Nigeria once there is network service on your phone.

What is the maximum amount that can be transferred via FCMBMobile every day?

The maximum that can be transferred via FCMBMobile is N200,000 per day. You can however, ask for your limit to be increased to N500,000 by calling the contact centre or visiting any FCMB Branch.

What account type can be used for transactions on FCMBMobile?

Both current and savings accounts can be used.

If I misplace my phone, what happens to my account?

All transactions on FCMBMobile require the subscribers PIN. Thus, if an unauthorised person has possession of your phone, s/he cannot make any transaction on FCMBMobile except he knows your PIN.


All transactions on FCMBMobile are PIN protected and further authenticated by special account codes. Additionally, the network over which the transactions are carried out is Triple Des secured.

What do I do when I change my mobile number?

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  • First you need to visit any FCMB branch to carry out a customer profile update to reflect your new number.
  • Call the contact centre on 01-2798800 and inform them so that your existing profile can be updated
  • Thereafter, delete the existing FCMBMobile app on your phone
  • Download the FCMBMobile App afresh on your new phone. Depending on your phone type:
    • For Android Phone – Go to Play store
    • For Blackberry Q10, Z10 etc – Go to Blackberry store
    • For Nokia Lumia – Go to Market store
    • For iPhone, iPad – Go to Apple store
    • Other Java enable phones including BB Curve and Bold – Text D FCMB to 20220
  • Upon successful download of the app and receipt of successful synchronization message, select Menu – Register with Account
  • Input your phone number as registered with the ban and also your account number
  • Select your network, then send
  • You will receive a congratulatory message notifying you that you have been successfully activated on FCMBMobile. Kindly Contact Us or visit the branch for your pin.
  • Upon receipt of the pin go to the security menu, change the pin and continue enjoying the FCMBMobile Services
  • Should you require any support please Contact Us(link to Contact Us page)

I have forgotten my FCMB Mobile Banking PIN. What do I do?

If you forget your FCMBMobile PIN, kindly ask for a reset at the nearest branch or Contact Us (link to branch directory and Contact Us page respectively)

I have ported my line. What do I do?

To ensure uninterrupted use of FCMB Mobile Banking, when you port your line, kindly Contact Us to request your phone number be logged on the ported line application. Typically sorted within 48 hours after request, this will allow you synchronise or change setup to get your PIN, as well as receive transaction alerts on your ported line. Kindly visit https://www.fcmb.com for further enquiries on FCMB mobile banking.

Have any question, let’s hear from you.


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