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How to withdraw Piggyvest Referral bonus in simple steps

How to withdraw Piggyvest Referral bonus in simple steps

Piggyvest referral bonus – If you’ve had challenges withdrawing your Piggyvest bonus or still at lose how it works effectively, I’m sorry about that, but the weird thing is, you’re not alone in this struggle.

Like you’ll always say in a group task, “Everybody’s problem is no one’s problem.”

So to say, we have found a way around this hurdle, again, I am happy to announce to you that you can now withdraw your referral bonus on Piggyvest without further delays.

Before I proceed, may be you gate crashed on this topic, didn’t seem to understand what Piggyvest is? You don’t need to worry, you may need to read all about it by clicking on this Link, read carefully, then come back and continue with this as a follow up.

Following the initial review of Piggyvest on financengr.com, readers have continued to ask the below questions and I think it’s high time I do remedy to them as well;

  • How to withdraw your referral bonus on Piggyvest
  • How to use Piggyvest referral bonus
  • How to withdraw from Piggyvest safelock
  • Is Piggyvest legit?
  • Piggyvest interest rate
  • Is Piggyvest safe?
  • How does Piggy bank work?

You will apparently agree that the most distinguishing factor between a legit and scam program is the ability of users to effect withdrawals with ease.

Not to lose sight on the fact that there are other cone programs that will pay users initially, just to gain more participants, then hit them hard by running away with their hard earned money.

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In event where members have difficulty processing withdrawal, such programs usually get de-marketed at once, if you can’t withdraw your earnings, what’s the essence of funding after-all?

That being said, a number of Piggyvest users at one point or the other have expressed immense concern on their inability to effect withdrawals on the platform, particularly “referral bonus.”

Piggyvest is an online savings and investment app in Nigeria, which extends to other West African countries.

It used to be Piggy Bank, until it adopted a savings feature as at April 2019.

It then becomes a very good savings and investment platform that can be trusted in Nigeria.

Piggyvest has over 350,000 users and counting.

Users on this platform save and invest billions of naira every month, they give users and everyone the power to grow and better their own finances accordingly.

Referral program

Despite earning interests on savings and investments, Piggy has a referral program that ensures both the referred and referrer earn N1,000 (One thousand naira) each accordingly.

This feature positions it as a win win situation for every participant, irrespective of your duration of stay.

This earning is called “referral bonus.”

Users have not been able to withdraw their referral bonus, subject to certain conditions they choose to give a blind eye to, or are totally in oblivion.

Now read attentively to surmount this challenge in the below exposition.

“How to withdraw Piggyvest referral bonus”

Before we proceed, I deem it fit to say, the following must be in place before you can withdraw your referral bonus on Piggyvest;

  • Your referrals are bound to activate their accounts first.
  • Activation of account include signing up, updating BVN and funding their accounts with at least N100.
  • The introduction of your BVN ensures you get a Piggyvest Flex account number, which is paramount as well for receiving your bonus.

    Now how to go about withdrawing your referral bonus in simple steps;

    Step 1. Kindly log on to your Piggyvest account or visit the app/website to sign up first

    Step 2. Locate “the Flex naira account”

    Step 3. You are expected to be greeted with thus ‘No flex account number.’’ Accompanied by “There’s no BVN connected to your Piggyvest account.” Kindly add your BVN to your flex account number.

    NB: I understand that releasing your BVN here will awake a sense of security and danger, but can assure you there’s no cause for alarm.
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    The essence of BVN introduction is to ensure that every user is uniquely tracked with relevant information, since you will need your bank account number to fund and make withdrawals from this platform.

    In simple term, it’s an extra layer of security put in place to ensure safety and identification, this combined with Piggyvest security ensures unauthorized users do not access your funds.

    Step 4. You are expected to click on the “get account number button” followed by a page requesting to add/connect your BVN. Click on connect request, insert your BVN, then proceed to access your flex account number.

    Note: On successful creation of flex account number, you can go ahead to withdraw your referral bonus.

    Additionally, your referrals must complete the above process too, likewise fund their accounts with at least N100 before you can proceed for withdrawals. It equally goes the other way round.

    Frequently asked questions on Piggyvest referral bonus

    Q1. Why do I have to add my BVN?

    Answer: Your BVN is required to validate your identity and kick against identity theft.

    This ensures another level of safety for your funds and transactions.

    Q2. How to withdraw from Piggyvest safelock

    Answer: It’s very vital to understand that funds locked up in Piggyvest safelock are not to be withdrawn till the withdrawal set date by you.

    Assuming you lock N100,000 on 1st May and decides to set the withdrawal date on 1st Oct 2020. You cannot effect withdrawal outside the set date.

    The money will be sent to your piggyflex account, where withdrawal can be effected thereafter.
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    To withdraw your money, kindly follow the below steps;

    Step 1. Having ensured you’re operating after or on the withdrawal date, log into your Piggyvest account and head straight to your Piggyflex account where the money has been sent automatically. Now you need to withdraw from Piggyflex.

    How to withdraw from Piggyflex

    Step 2. It’s now time to withdraw from Piggyflex. Having log into your account;
  • Click on savings
  • Click on Flex naira
  • Click on withdraw
  • Enter the amount you wish to withdraw, complete other details with keen attention
  • Then hit the “make withdrawal button.”

    You will receive the withdrawn amount in your bank account.

    Q3. How to use Piggyvest referral bonus

    Answer: You are not under certain obligations whatsoever on how to put your bonus to use.

    You either withdraw to your bank account and start spending or save it on Piggy platform, whatever you choose to do with your bonus is exclusively your right.

    Q4. Piggyvest interest rate

    Answer: The interest rate attached/obtainable on Piggyvest packages are as follows;
S/NProductInterest rate per annum
2SafelockUp to 15.5%
3TargetUp to 10%
5Flex dollar7%
6InvestifyUp to 25%

Q5. Is Piggyvest safe?

To answer this question straight ahead, kindly read this honest review about Piggyvest.


Having gone through this guide, I want to believe your doubts and puzzle on withdrawing Piggyvest referral bonus had been cleared?

Just in case you aren’t a member yet, to become one REGISTER HERE.

Thank you so kindly for your time, let’s receive your further concerns via the comment box if have any

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I have my flex account number to said I have put all they requested but still I can not cash out the reference bonus what will I do


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