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How to Register, Activate the UBA Mobile Banking App, FAQs [Updated]

How to use the UBA Mobile Banking application. The United Bank for Africa (UBA) has continued to initiate innovation towards enhancing customer experience steeped in the use of information  technology.

United Bank for Africa is a leading pan-African financial services group with its headquarters in Nigeria. It remains one of the most Africa’s best and resilient banking Groups with operations in over 19 African countries and offices in three global financial centers; London, Paris and New York.

It offers the following services: Internet banking, Mobile banking, Wholesale Banking, Corporate banking, Investment Banking, Consumer Banking, Money Transfer, Debit Cards, Collections, Treasury, Trade, Savings accounts, Current accounts, Domiciliary accounts and of course non-Resident African banking.


Quick log-in: With biometric option on devices that support the feature.

ATM/Branch locator: Easy accessibility of ATM spots and UBA branches nearest to your location wherever you are.

Quick selection: This allow you to select phone numbers from the device contacts list for airtime top up.

More intuitive: This feature enhances user experience for ease of accessibility of products.

24-hour support: The UBA customer service are always online to resolve your issues via live chat.

Faster navigation: This is achievable with the sliding menu available on all user sessions.

Favorite list creation: This is aimed at offering easier transaction to its customers.

Automation of OTP: You receive your one time password during transaction on your device screen via SMS.

Auto reminders: This is basically for recurrent bill payments and transfers.

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How to Register and Activate UBA Mobile Banking App

UBA mobile banking app can be accessed on Google Play Store, available for android and iOS operating systems.

To download the app;

  • Follow this link
  • Having downloaded the app, kindly install it on your mobile device and launch at once
  • As a new user, click on register and select your country, you will have to select Nigeria from the list of options please.
  • In the next slide, you will be required to choose your registration option among which you have; enroll with UBA card, account number/secure pass and branch activation code.
  • You stand the best chance to choose the first option (enroll with UBA card)

Follow the prompt to complete the activation.

Having done this, you will need to sign up for a UBA secure pass app which will always authorize your transaction by generating a token/OTP at any given time

I’ve written a detailed article on how to create and activate UBA secure pass.

I am out of data. How else can I do

banking transactions?

If you do not have data or in a weak internet region, simply use the magic banking code *919# to transact. Simply dial *919# and follow the prompt. Please note that the same PIN used for your UBA Mobile Banking will be used for UBA magic Banking.


Download UBA mobile app apk

UBA mobile app for blackberry

Want to download UBA mobile banking

UBA mobile banking code

UBA internet banking app

UBA mobile banking login

How to register for UBA mobile banking

How to register for UBA internet banking


To do this, click on new Mobile Banking Customer? Tab on the App. You will have the following options to sign up using:

. UBA Debit Card

. UBA Prepared Card

. UBA Account + Secure pass

Note: If you already has a Secure Pass (token) for UBA internet banking, it can be used here.

. Continue Branch Sign up. Note: For Branch Sign up visit any UBA Business Office.

What happened when I change my device or download a new UBA Mobile Banking app?

When you change your device and /or download a new app, your profile may become temporarily inactive. This is to prevent unauthorized access to your account. You may be prompted to be registered on the new device, simply proceed with the instructions.


If you forget your password, the app will prompt you to reset your password. You can also use the having trouble entering the App? Tab on the log-in screen.


You can change your PIN by clicking on Change PIN under the setting menu (after login)

How can I change my Secure Pass (previously called U-Token)?

. Download the UBA Secure Pass from the apps store

. Activate the app, set your PIN and you are good to go.

For self-administration on UBA Secure Pass. Visit https://ssm.ubagroup.com


  1. You may need to visit a UBA Business Office if you are prompted that “The user you specified is not eligible for one time password (OTP) login.
  2. Same secure pass can be used for both UBA Direct Banking Mobile Banking.

How can I increase my transaction limit?

The following transaction limit apply on the UBA Mobile Banking platform:



Secure Pass- N1 million/day.

Note: For higher limits, up to N5 million per day, you will need to visit any of the Business offices or contact CFC to execute an indemnity. Please note that these limits are as regulated by CBN.

Can I create a list of regular beneficiaries?

Yes, when doing your transactions, there is a tab for save to favorite list to add your favorites. You can then be selecting from your favorites list in subsequent transactions. Note: Your favorite can be edited/deleted from settings, by sliding the favorite to the left.

How do I view my account statement?

After you log-in to the UBA Mobile Banking App, select the account or card you will like to view and click on Statement to display your transactions. You will be able to view your last six months statement.

What else can I do with UBA Mobile Banking?

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You can check the location of the nearest UBA ATMs and know if the ATMs are active I.e dispensing cash.

For additional enquiry, please contact UBA 24/7 Customer Fulfillment Center via cfcubagroup.com: 234-700 2255-822, 234-1-2808-822 or Live Chat available on the log-in screen of the app.

Start using the UBA Mobile Baking today and enhance your customer experience, it is very effective to use the App for UBA Mobile transfer.

Send your questions and enquiry for clarity.

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Raphael Orji
Pastor Sam Okoh

Step by step instructions on how to activate app on a new device for for those who are costumers already.Needs explanation on this.

Raphael Orji
Owomoyela Destiny

Good morning how can I reactivate my mobile banking app because I change my phone number and phone too, I’m was not be able to access the mobile banking app on my new phone and phone number

Raphael Orji

Thanks for this sir
Insightful, am so glad

Ho Torkuma,

Glad to know you find value.

Raphael Orji

I’m trying to open the app on my new phone too,after I had input my details and everything

When it came to the biometrics part
It said I needed to register first

What am I to do

How do I do that pls

Raphael Orji
Owomoyela Destiny

Good morning how can I reactivate my mobile banking app because I change my phone number and phone too, I’m was not be able to access the mobile banking app on my new phone and phone number

Raphael Orji

Good evening! My phone got stolen and I just got a new one. I have the UBA app on my phone but i am unable to log into it. It kept saying ” Already logged into another device” Actually, I am not logged into any device. How can I access it?

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