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How to use Safaricom M-Pesa for money transfer within and outside Kenya

How to use Safaricom M-Pesa for money transfer within and outside Kenya

Safaricom M-Pesa – Money transfer had taken a giant leap in most African countries thereby stimulating the economies of these great nations in the right direction.

Kenya is not left behind with the introduction of Safaricom M-Pesa, a digital money technology that had since touched the lives of Kenyans in several departments with an eye on financial inclusion.

The issue of how can I transfer or receive money in Kenya is now in the past, with this M-Pesa, it’s worthy of note that one can accomplish the following

  • Send and receive money in Kenya (to and from any country of the world)
  • Kenyans can now buy airtime with their mobile phones without visiting a vendor’s location
  • Kenyans can process easy loans and savings on their mobile phones now
  • Lipa n M-Pesa

If you’re a Kenyan that can at least afford a mobile phone, and you’re not enjoying the benefit of M-Pesa, I deem it necessary to say you’re losing big and should key into this mobile technology to enjoy every benefit that abounds.

The question now should be, how can I start using this M-Pesa since I haven’t been enrolled before now?

You do not have to worry, kindly read carefully as I unveil the processes involved and how you can get enrolled within the shortest interval.

M-Pesa Registration

You can register for M-Pesa by simply following the below steps:

  • Kindly visit an M-Pesa agent in your location, you may have to ask around or a Safaricom retail Centre
  • Having gotten to the agent location/Safaricom Retail Centre, you will have to present your mobile phone which supposedly uses a Safaricom Sim Card.
  • Also go along with a valid ID card, means of identification such as Kenyan National ID card, Valid Kenyan Passport, Valid Foreign Passport, Kenyan Military ID and Kenyan Foreigner Certificate. What it implies is that you’ll need to have any of the above mention ID cards and not all.
  • The agent will configure your phone and you will receive a confirmation message from M-Pesa indicating successful registration.
  • You will as well receive a numeric start PIN, which will enable you to activate M-Pesa on your phone afterwards.
  • You will fill the M-Pesa registration form duly signed by the agent and yourself.

Note: M-Pesa agents only accept users with Kenyan National ID card and Kenyan Passport. If you however wish to register with Foreign Passport, Military ID or Foreigner certificate, kindly visit any Safaricom shop or its Care Desk.

Having Registered for Safaricom M-Pesa, the next step is to “Activate the process” so you can start using it immediately.

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How to Activate M-Pesa

Kindly follow the below steps for successful activation of M-Pesa on your Safaricom mobile phone

  • On your phone, select M-Pesa menu, then select activate or Wezesha, this menu allows you to use Either English or Swahili language
  • Recall there was an M-Pesa Pin you received at the registration process, enter the PIN at this column
  • You can then create your own 4 digits M-Pesa PIN, as well confirm your PIN
  • Enter your ID number, as used at the registration process
  • If the activation is successful, you’ll receive a confirmation message to this effect.

Like I said, Safaricom M-Pesa can be used for variety of transactions which include cash, fund withdrawal etc.

M-Pesa withdrawal

As a registered M-Pesa customer, you can withdraw money in the following ways

  • Kindly visit an agent and confirm he has the amount of fund you intend to withdraw
  • You will have to give your phone number and original ID
  • Then go to your M-Pesa menu and select withdraw cash
  • Enter the agent number who you are withdrawing from, the amount you wish to withdraw and your PIN
  • Your transaction details will be reviewed, so you can check and confirm correctness
  • Both the agent and yourself will receive confirmation SMS pertaining the transaction.
  • The agent will pay you to the tune of the transaction amount, while you sign off the transaction register

Then for a non-registered customer, kindly do the following:

  • Present to the agent an SMS which should contain your M-Pesa voucher number
  • Hand in your phone number and ID card
  • The agent enters the code displayed in the SMS you handed in
  • Transaction confirmation is received by the agent and yourself via mobile phone
  • Your money will be released immediately by the agent, while you sign off the transaction register.

From the above scenario, you can see that both registered and non-registered customers can use the Safaricom M-Pesa mobile transfer withdrawal. The non-registered customers receive code for the transaction which will enhance their withdrawals.

To withdraw from agents using the M-Pesa, you need to bear some charges in mind

Safaricom M-Pesa charges for same users

Max(KSHs) M-Pesa charges
49 Free
100 Free
500 11
1000 15
1500 26
2500 41
3500 56
5000 61
7500 77
10000 87
15000 97
20000 102
35000 105
50000 105
70000 105


M-Pesa transfer charges to other Mobile Money users

Max(KSHs) M-Pesa Charges
49 N/A
100 N/A
500 11
1000 15
1500 26
2500 41
3500 56
5000 61
7500 77
10000 87
15000 97
20000 102
35000 105
50000 105
70000 105


M-Pesa ATM withdrawal charges

Max(KSHs) M-Pesa Charges
2500 34
5000 67
10000 112
20000 197


Safaricom M-Pesa ATM withdrawal procedure

You can withdraw from an ATM using the M-Pesa, this service is available at PesaPoint, Equity Bank branches, Diamond Trust Bank, KCB, Family Bank and NIC Bank ATM’s.

Kindly follow the below instructions to with withdraw from ATM using M-Pesa

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  • Go to your phone
  • Select withdraw cash from M-Pesa menu
  • Select from ATM
  • Enter the agent number usually 555555 if you’re withdrawing from the following ATM’s Pesapoint, Diamond Trust Bank, KCB, Family Bank and NIC Bank.
  • However, if you’re withdrawing from Equity bank ATM, kindly use the agent number 286286.
  • Then enter your M-Pesa PIN
  • Having taken the above steps, you will receive SMS notification from M-Pesa showing a 6 digit authorization code. Note: This code expires in 10 minutes.
  • Walk straight to the ATM having gotten your 6 digit code,
  • Select M-Pesa button on the PesaPoint, Equity bank, Diamond Trust Bank, KCB, Family bank or NIC Bank ATM
  • Select preferred language either English or Swahili
  • Enter the 6 digit authorization code
  • Followed by your Safaricom mobile number in the column provided
  • Enter withdrawal amount and continue
  • Your cash will be dispensed

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How to withdraw Western union using M-Pesa

Money transfer services have been digitalized to the extent you can effect your transfers from any location.

One example of such transfers is the world reckoned Western Union money transfer, which Africans have largely dominated as a remittance platform back home.

In this section, I will show you how you can withdraw money sent to you via Western Union using your Safaricom M-Pesa.

The below steps refer

  • Visit
  • Click on get started now
  • Watch the available details and carefully choose the country where your supposed beneficiary resides, for this purpose, choose Kenya below
  • Input transfer amount

Usually, a receiver can receive money in various ways, you are however expected to enquire the best and suitable method from the beneficiary. There are three obvious options usually

Cash pickup, this means the receiver will have to visit the Western union agent location to pick this fund.

Bank account type, this means the receiver’s bank account will be credited directly by Western union, thus the receiver should send you his/her local bank account number.

Then the mobile wallet, since it’s about withdrawing via M-Peas, kindly choose the mobile wallet option

  • From the payment options available, choose the ‘Bank account option’
  • You will see the exchange rate and determine your transaction
  • Continue and complete your transaction, a confirmation message will be received by you and the receiver.

How to send money from M-Pesa to Western union

Follow the below steps

  • Dial *840# from your Safaricom line
  • Accept the terms and conditions made available
  • Go to your M-Pesa and select Lipa Na M-Pesa
  • Select pay Bill and enter business number 255255,
  • Enter your recipient mobile number as account number in the following arrangement 2557xxxxxxx where xxxxxxx represents the account number.
  • Enter amount you wish to send
  • Then enter your Safaricom M-Pesa PIN and confirm your transaction. As simple as that. Source: (

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Safaricom M-Pesa goes with you everywhere you go, both in Kenya and overseas, you have no reason to suffer anymore, the most effective financial inclusion is here to stay.

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