Polaris/Skye Bank transfer code


How to use Polaris/Skye Bank transfer code- Financengr

How to use Polaris/Skye Bank transfer code- Financengr.

Polaris/Skye bank transfer code, in line with the commitment of financengr to furnish you with trendy and necessary updates as regards bank products in Nigeria for your seamless transactions and ease of business across all product channels.

Polaris/Skye bank has deemed it necessary to introduce the Polaris/Skye bank transfer code to further “waww” your banking experience.

Using the Polaris/Skye bank transfer code:

Functions and activities within the USSD code is generally centered around *833# and you are required to activate your account famously before you can access the service.

Activating the Polaris/Skye bank short code:

Step 1. Dial *833#

Step 2. Go to balance, it should be the number 6 option down.

Step 3. Your account number is requested to register: Input your account number and click send

Step 4. Select PIN, this PIN will be required each time you need to carry out transactions. The PIN should be known to you alone and should preferably be four digit. Do not use your date of birth for security reason.

Step 4. Choose your Password, click ok. You will receive a message thus: You have successfully activated your account.

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Transactions you can carry out using *833# Polaris/Skye bank transfer code:

1 . Account opening: As a prospective customer, you can now become a Skye bank customer by leveraging the Skye bank transfer code. Select the number one option from the menu and proceed. You may however visit the nearest Skye bank branch to complete the account opening process for mandate and capturing.

2. Bill Payments: Like DSTV, NEPA bills etc

3. Transfers: You can send money to other banks using the using the Polaris/Skye bank transfer code.

4. Hotlist Card: Stop your ATM card from carrying out transactions in case of theft or lose.

5. BVN Update: To regularize and update your BVN.

6 Balance: Check your bank account balance/Skye bank USSD code for account balance.

7. MasterPass

8. Airtime Top up: Buying recharge card for your calls/Skye bank mobile recharge.


This is the hottest aspect of the transfer code and as such should pay attention to details so as to carry these transactions without hitches.

To transfer money from your Skye bank account to other accounts, follow the simple steps below:

Step 1. Dial *833#

Step 2. Choose “transfer” option.

Step 3. You are required to input the beneficiary’s Bank

Step 4. Insert the beneficiary’s account number. Send, the beneficiary’s name will be displayed for you to verify if you are actually sending to the right person. If the name could not be displayed you may however proceed if you are sure of the account number you are paying to, though on your own risk.

Step 5. Enter the transaction amount

Step 6. Enter your four digit PIN and send, you will receive a delivery message that your transfer to a particular bank user was successful. As simple as that, isn’t it?

Recall, you must have activated your account to use this service as directed in the beginning of this guide.


On activation of your account for Skye bank transfer code, you can only transfer N20000 daily limit.

For Skye flex Account: You have a daily threshold of N20000 which must be transferred in tranches of N2000 each.

For Skye ease Account: You have a daily threshold of N20000.

For Standard Savings Account:You as well have a threshold of N20000.

What is USSD code?

This is the Skye Bank’s Smart USSD banking solution.

What services are available on *833#?

Account opening, bill payments, transfers, hotlist card, BVN update, balance, Masterpass, Airtime Top up etc.

POLARIS/SKYE BANK TRANSFER CODE: What Smart phones are supported?

All phone types are supported, provided they can carry out USSD session.

Do I need to have Skye Mobile to use *833# USSD Smart Banking?

No, you just need to have an active Skye bank account and an SMS enabled mobile phone.

I dialed the *833# code and selected a service and was asked to input my PIN, what PIN am I required to put here?

The USSD code is directly linked to the mobile application, as such the PIN on Skye mobile is required. In case there’s a challenge with the PIN please engage the Skye mobile support team for assistance.

Do I need to have airtime to use Polaris/Skye bank transfer code *833#?

GLO and MTN users need to have credit on their phone to use the service while Airtel and 9mobile do not need to have airtime to access it.

Will my airtime be charged for USSD transactions?

Yes, for MTN and GLO users only. 9mobile and Airtel users will not be charged. MTN and GLO users are charged N1 per 20 second which is N3 per minute.

What is my transaction limit when I use USSD?

Your daily limit on USSD is N20000, first time users will have to visit any Polaris bank branch to increase their daily limits, as they can only transfer N1000 initially.

Are there charges if I use Polaris/Skye bank transfer code to carry out my transaction?

For account balance enquiry N10 per transaction, airtime purchase is free, card hotlist is free, in-tra bank transfer per transaction is N20, inter-bank transfer is N52.50 per transaction.

How many times can I use the USSD in a day?

As many times as possible so far you did not exceed the daily threshold of N20000

Do I need to have Data in my phone to use the USSD?

No, the USSD does not require Data.

Are there short codes for each *833# service? Yes:

*833*1# for Account opening.

*833*2# for Bill payments.

*833*3# To transfer funds.

*833*4# To block card.

*833*6# To check balance.

*833*Amount# For airtime purchase.

What do I do if a session times out?

Dial*833# again, you will be prompted to enter “C” to continue with the previous session or enter “E” to the exit the session and start afresh.

I dialed *833# and I got connection error, invalid code MMI code what do I do?

Confirm your line is toped up with at least N10 and redial *833#. Or dial *833*3# for fund transfer.

Must I have a Skye bank account to use *833# service?.

Yes, you must be a Skye bank account holder.

How many accounts can I use on *833#?

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  1. *833# rides on SkyeMobile, so for customers that have SkyeMobile app on their phone, as many accounts linked to Skye mobile can be linked and used on *833#.
  2. For customers who do not have Skye mobile app, they can only transact on one account.

How do I transact using my other accounts on *833#?

If you have linked your account on Skye mobile, you will be prompted to select the account you want to use for the payment you have selected after dialing *833#.

How can I add my other accounts on *833#?

  1. For a SkyeMobile user, go to your SkyeMobile app, from the menu drop down select “add account” once this is added dial *833# and the customer will be prompted.
  2. For non SkyMobile users account linking is currently not available on USSD channel.

How to buy airtime for third party using Polaris bank USSD

Kindly dial *833*Amount*third party phone number#

Example you want to buy airtime for a friend or family via your Polaris bank account.

Assuming you want to credit the person’s phone number with N500 and the phone number is 08030804467

Dial *833*500*08030804467#

The person’s phone number will be credited.


Polaris/Skye bank transfer code is very seamless to use, register your account today to start enjoying easy banking that abounds. You can also visit https://www.skyebankng.com for further enquiries.

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6 comments on “How to use Polaris/Skye Bank transfer code- Financengr

Raphael Orji
adeola tosin

Good morning. Please somebody said he made a transfer to my account and I ddnt see any alert since Sunday, I tried to dialled *833# to check my balance, it just saying Invalid. Please I want to check my account balance what is d code for it.please lead me tru because am confused

Thank you very much for stopping by Adeola Tosin.

Polaris bank e-channel platforms are having technical challenges at the moment.

If truly you were sent money as your sender claimed, the transaction probably hits the rock and was not successful.
He should kindly visit any Polaris bank branch and lay his complaints.

He will fill a form with transaction details, then wait for possible reconciliation.

However, you should be able to check your account balance using *833*6# but the service is very bad at this time.

Kindly visit any branch to request your account balance that’s if their system is up at this time.

Thank you.

Raphael Orji
Omopariola Faith

Good morning sir,I have been trying to use the code to transfer money and its been saying “you do not have an of n session”…I have registered already…what does that statement mean and how am I supposed to solve the issue

Hello Faith!
To transfer money dial *833*3# first, then you’ll have the gateway to complete your transaction. Let me know how it goes please.

Raphael Orji

please how can i generate OTP token… I. have try to make transfer but it keeps demanding for the OTP token

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