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How to use Access Bank USSD code  for money transfer, airtime recharge, check balance, account opening etc

Access Bank USSD Code – Access bank has contributed immensely to the growth and development of modern banking in Nigeria and other African countries alike.

If pa adventure this sounds strange to you, then you probably have been existing on planet Moon.

To bring you home, Access bank is responsible for the absorption and takeover of the defunct Intercontinental bank. This was a development nobody ever gave a chance yesteryears.

To add to its strength, it recently acquired the almighty defunct Diamond Bank of all commercial banks.

When the rumor made round initially, it somewhat attracts a lot of distractions, from the learned and unlearned, financial analysts across different capacities.

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There were over a million reasons to support why the deal will not hold, in the end, we have what has gone down as the largest and strongest commercial bank in Africa, courtesy of their formidable resources.

Introducing Access Bank USSD code

Access bank USSD code is a set of code that enable Access bank customers to carry out a good number of transactions from their mobile phones with ease. The beauty of it all is that you do not need mobile data to execute such transactions.

USSD simply means “Unstructured Supplementary Service Data.”

With Access bank USSD you can execute the following transactions;

  • Account opening
  • Money/fund transfer
  • Airtime recharge
  • Check account number
  • Check account balance
  • Change PIN
  • Pay bills and many more

The ease to which the use of USSD code comes with cannot be under scored, it does not only creates a seamless experience, but as well saves time and queuing up in banking hall which has been a traditional practice ever since.

How to open account with Access bank USSD code in simple steps

  • From your mobile phone “Dial *901#
  • Then select option “1” that says “Open account.”
  • Select “1” in the next slide which says “Enter BVN.”
  • Having entered your “BVN” your complete detail will be displayed showing your “Name, gender and date of birth.
  • Click on “Continue” having followed the screen prompt to the later.
  • Your account number will be sent to your phone via “SMS”.

Having opened an account via this channel, kindly visit any Access bank branch close to your destination with a primary/valid ID card e.g (Permanent Voter’s Card, National ID card, Driver’s license or International Passport) alongside a valid Utility bill not older than 90 days.

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It’s not to say you cannot use the account without submitting such documents, just that it will limit you to certain thresholds while carrying out transactions with your account. This include but not limited to maximum amount to be credited to such account etc.

How to create PIN with Access bank USSD code

Money transfer is the most common task customers do carry out with USSD codes, when you have a need to send money to your loved ones, you can now do that from the comfort of your home at any time without visiting any branch.

To do this, you first of all should create a transfer PIN, this is a 4-digit number personally known to you alone, which will be required as a first level security each time you will like to carry out transaction.

Kindly follow the below steps to create your PIN

  • From your mobile phone, “Dial *901#.”
  • Select “2” for transfers
  • You will be asked to use 1) Debit card PIN or 2) Choose transfer without debit card.
  • As a new customer, you should choose transfer without debit card, which is most likely except if you’ve applied and received a debit card.
  • In the next column, enter your date of birth in this arrangement “DDMMYYYY” (example; 01032001 for 1st March, 2001).
  • Then enter your account number
  • Create your new 4-digit PIN as required, having entered preferred 4-digit PIN, click “OK”
  • Your registration is successful.

How to transfer money with Access Bank USSD code

With Access bank *901# code, you can transfer money to virtually any bank account, be it intra or interbank.

To send money via the USSD code,

  • Dial *901#
  • Select “2” for transfers
  • Then select from the list of options provided, the very account you wish to effect the transfer from, in case you have more than one account with Access bank.
  • Enter the amount you wish to send to the receiver/your beneficiary
  • Enter the account number of the receiver in the next column
  • From the available list of option, selection the receiver’s bank as appropriate
  • Having done this, the transfer details of the beneficiary will be displayed for confirmation, kindly check and confirm as appropriate
  • Finally, enter your 4-digit transfer PIN and confirm your transfer.

The money will be sent to the receiver immediately, except where there’s network downtime.

Your beneficiary is expected to receive credit.

That’s how to transfer money, isn’t that simple? Sure it is.

How to effect airtime recharge/top up with Access bank USSD code

The use of cell phone is synonymous to airtime recharge at any given time, the need to buy recharge card even at odd hours of the night and related stress have been taken care of.

Thus recharge your phone;

  • From your registered phone line dial *901#
  • Select “4” for airtime
  • Select “1” for self-purchase and “2” for others as seen
  • Enter purchase amount, your line or that of your beneficiary will be credited as it apply.

That’s just all there’s to it.

How to check account balance via the Access bank USSD code

  • From your registered phone, dial *901#
  • Select option “1” for balance
  • You will receive an SMS detailing your account balance


Dial *901*00# from your registered phone line, then authenticate with your 4-digit  security PIN.

Note: This service goes with a service charge of N10.

How to check Access bank account number via Access bank USSD

  • Dial *901#
  • Type and send “4” to proceed to other services
  • Enter “4” to select enquiry services
  • Select and send “3” (account number enquiry) this will finally reveal your Access bank account.

How to change PIN using the Access bank USSD

  • From your registered line, dial *901#
  • Select “4” for other services
  • Select “5” for reset PIN
  • Having done this, you will be left with two options; 1) To reset with debit card 2) To reset without debit card
  • If you select “2” for no debit card, you will see enter date of birth in this order: DDMMYYYY (e.g 01032001 for 1st March, 2001)
  • Enter your account number
  • Create your new 4-digit PIN and complete your reset.

How to pay bills with Access bank USSD code

If you wish to complete your bill payment say DSTV, GOTV, My TV, Startimes etc via the 901 USSD, kindly follow the below steps;

  • Dial *901# from your registered phone line
  • Select 903 for Access Money from the list of option
  • Select “4” for pay bill
  • Select “1” for DSTV, “2” for GOTV, “3” for My TV etc
  • If say from the list of options above you did select “1” for GOTV, you will now see the following;
  • GOTV, GOTV MOBILE, GOTV Plus, GOTV open. Select the package that apply to you.
  • You will be required to enter your “IUC number”, having done this, you then complete your transaction, your account will be debited with the value of the subscription.

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You can go ahead to complete other subscriptions like;

  • LCC, electricity, internet services etc.


How to get Payday Loan  via Access bank USSD code

Kindly follow the below steps to source a payday loan with Access Bank in Nigeria,

Step 1. From your registered phone number with the bank, dial *901#

Step 2. From the displayed menu choose “903 for Access Money”

Step 3. Select “3” for “Get loans”

Step 4. Select “1” for “Access bank Account holder” which of course you understand the need to have a salary account with Access bank to access this.

Step 5. Again, select “1” for“Payday loan”

Step 6. A column will appear at this point, enter your 10 digits Access bank salary account number, and click send.

Step 7. Enter beneficiary first name, here it’s your first name that’s required

Step 8. Enter your last name or surname in this column Haven performed the step 8 task, you will receive a message thus; Payday loan “You are only eligible for up to 50% of your salary.

Please enter amount equal to or less than 50% of your salary.

Step 9. You then enter your 4 digits ATM PIN, thereafter your loan will be disbursed into your account. You then start spending and spending.

Have questions and concerns on this topic, drop a comment below.

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