How to ublock my profile on Access bank Mobile App


How to unblock my profile on Access bank Mobile App

How to unblock my profile on Access bank Mobile App – If you have been using the Access bank Mobile app, you probably could run into certain challenges which include your mobile app being blocked, this is an arrangement where you can’t access your account via the app.

Why is my Access Mobile App blocked?

However, to do profound justice to this problem, it becomes necessary to first and foremost understand why any customer could run into such difficulty.

Your Access bank Mobile App will be blocked if;

  • You enter the wrong user ID/password continuously for a number of times
  • You are trying to sign up for the Access bank internet banking

Now, this is a security feature in place to avert unauthorized login into such account.

How to unblock my profile on Access bank Mobile App

Having understood why your account got blocked in the first place, the next question you may want to ask is “How to unblock your Mobile app.”

Follow the below steps to get it sorted in a single motion

Step one: Launch and open your mobile app as an existing user, kindly scroll down below to confirm your residence country

Step two: Click on the “Menu icon” located at the top left end of the app, select “Unlock the device.” Input your user name/login ID.

Step three: Input your Access bank account number, thereafter choose a preferred authentication usually between PIN or Token.

Step four: Input a preferred PIN in this case, thereafter click on “Validate,” now that’s how to unlock your profile on Access bank Mobile App.

How to reset my Access Mobile Pass code

Follow the below procedure to reset your pass code,

  • Open your Mobile app
  • Select “Forgot pass code”
  • Follow the on-screen, input a now preferred pass code, re-confirm the code in the confirmation column, that’s all, your code has been reset successfully.


You can reset your pass code using the Access bank USSD code *901#

From your registered mobile line dial *901#, select option “4” to get your PIN, input your mobile phone, then enter the old 4-digit PIN, then enter a preferred PIN.

Your pass code has been reset.

Kindly be informed that this method is used when you suspect that your pass code has been compromised and you still know the 4-digit number.

Code to unlock access bank account

There’s a provision to luck your Access bank account during emergency arising as a result of rubbery, your card got stolen or you suspect an impending unauthorized access to your bank account.

Having blocked your account, you will not be able to unblock it by yourself thereafter with a code.

Kindly visit the nearest Access bank branch to get your account unblocked.

How to transfer money using Access bank Mobile app

You probably are looking to learn how to transfer fund on Access Mobile app, kindly follow the below steps;

Step one: Launch your Access Mobile banking app as an existing user, login in with your user details

Step two: Select “Transfer” option, chose the bank you are looking to transfer to, input the beneficiary account number, and the transfer amount in NGN.

Step three: Generate the OTP for the transaction/better still verify with your token

Step four: Click on “Submit” to complete the transaction, your account will be debited with value while the beneficiary as well as gets credited with the same value.


Now you can unblock your Access Mobile profile as well as understand why it gets blocked in the first place, reset your PIN/Pass code subsequently. Are there questions or inquiries you are looking to have addressed, drop them at the comment section.

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