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How to start a cleaning service business in Nigeria

Cleaning service business remains underutilized while the market is seemingly underserved judging from the number of janitorial works available in relative to companies offering same services.

If you are looking for a viable business idea in Nigeria, probably considering a cleaning service business I implore you to keep your cool and read through this guide, it promises to be a mind blowing opportunity filled with amazing potentials and revelations you didn’t see coming.

You should first and foremost consider if there’s a market for any service/business you want to embark on in this case there’s more than enough market for the janitorial service in Nigeria.

What is a cleaning service business?

A cleaning service is a business that helps households, industries, and other outfits with their cleaning tasks usually for a fee.

There are households who schedules are too tight that they hardly prepare their own meals let alone undertaking routine deep cleaning weekly or from time to time. Such tasks are outsourced to a cleaning service outfit.

Most industries and offices require routine cleaning to keep neat, cleaning outfits are usually hired for it.

The market for a cleaning service business is overwhelming that you should consider providing this service forthwith.

What you need to start a cleaning service business in Nigeria

A good business plan: The success of your janitorial business starts from a proper planning, it houses your business activities, its objectives, how to get funding in the future where necessary.

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Your business plan contain

  • Executive summary – State in clear terms what your company is and why it should succeed. Your mission and vision statement should be captioned, include financial information where you plan to seek any.
  • Products/service offering – This section should tell the service you are looking to offer your clients. At this point you may short list a niche you want to serve in the cleaning service which could be domestic/deep cleaning, corporate office cleaning, industrial cleaning, car wash, etc.
  • Market analysis – Research your target market to understand how competitors operate, identify their areas of strength and weakness. Improvise to offer a service that beats theirs and introduce what they don’t have still within affordable budget limits.
  • Financial planning – Outline your funding needs where you are looking to request for it, state the extent of funding in view.

Register your business: You will need to register your business with the corporate affairs commission (CAC). This will give you a full legal recognition, besides most clients would like to ensure you are a registered business before you could strike a deal.

Get insurance: The concept of insurance here deals with unforeseen risks and disaster, it should cover for both your business and the staff.

Herewith, the insurance company will indemnify you for eventual lose or damage arising from the cause of doing business. To subsist this you are required to be committed to paying a monthly premium to this effect.

Learn the skill: Cleaning may appear an easy task, it goes beyond this when you are looking to take it up as a business adventure.

Depending on the type of cleaning service you are looking to go into, it always worth getting a firsthand experience of the business before going into it.       

See who is offering this service in town, pay them to learn the cleaning trade associated with offering a good service. You may need some chemicals for better result, get to learn this too.

Alternatively you may bridge this gap, hire experienced cleaners in the field. Tap into corporate cleaners like those in commercial banks, they are good for both corporate and residential cleaning.

They hardly work on weekends so it’s a good opportunity to woo them, get them to train new hands for you on a fee. Where they offer to work with you all through it’s a good business depending on the pay.

Items required

  • Disinfectants
  • Mops
  • Toilet cleaners
  • Toilet brush
  • Dusters
  • Trash cans
  • Gloves,
  • Buckets,
  • Detergents, etc.

How to market your cleaning service

As a new business in town you will need to create awareness, your potential clients should know you exist, kindly follow the below to get noticed in town for clients onboarding,

Print flyers: The first thing you will need to do is print flyers, visit corporate offices, distribute them among staff especially bankers, doctors, nurses who are always tied to their jobs. They will buy into your business since they hardly have time for domestic cleaning themselves.

Visit companies and corporations, tell them about your service, close deals and render the best service when contracted, getting it right the first time will bring you more referrals.

Word of the mouth: At every opportunity, ensure to market your service to households and neighborhoods you believe need your service, tell them why you are the best fit for this job, sell to their emotions professionally and convincingly.

Create a website: This is the most professional step you can take in marketing your cleaning service, create a website around your business name with a keyword on cleaning.

The benefit here is unending, create a home page copy that tells about your business, a service page that details your service and niche in particular.

Your contact page should be conspicuous with phone number and valid email address where you can be reached.

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Additionally, upload client reviews on your website, ensure to get reviews from clients who are satisfied with your service. Reviews are easy ways to convince potential clients on your ability to render a quality and unique service.

How much does a cleaning service charge in Nigeria?

Cleaning business is a lucrative one, however, your ability to make money depends on your ability to render quality service within a limited time frame.

Existing clients would always refer new clients your way, be sure to give in your best with passion for the job.

Cleaning service rate goes between N30k – N40k in Nigeria for a three bedroom flat. Rates may vary according to city and location.

Some clients may require your service once weekly, that’s four times in a month, the more the merrier. You may need to grow your employee base the moment your client base increases.


Cleaning service business is a profitable one, however, you will need commitment, passion and quality service delivery to break even. The moment you become a brand in town, you can only think of expansion to penetrate other markets aggressively.

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