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How to spend without going broke this Christmas

Spend without going broke – So it’s about that time of the year when every activity virtually comes to a halt for obvious reasons, Christians are anticipating the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, despite not having biblical backing that the Messiah was given birth to at this time, winks.

For the fun of it, we believed everything hook, line and sinker, after all it has been there since the inception of our childhood. Our parents likewise have their own slice of the pie, so who are we to think order-wise at this time.

Before you get it twisted, this is not a kind of biblical sermon, I don’t mean to sound like a preacher, I just want to get you in the mood.

With that out of the way, let’s get down to business.

If Christmas celebration had always left you in a financial state of emergency, this guide will further help you to ameliorate and avoid such situation this time around.

The joy of Christmas should leave you feeling fulfilled and happy, not strained and exhausted financially, as well run into debt for the preceding year.

It’s on this account that a careful finding I personally carried out gave birth to five actionable steps to ensure you do not go broke spending this yuletide. Read the list below carefully and apply every strategy therein and you’d sure be happy you did.

1) Define your financial outlay

Defining your financial position ensures you understand the amount of money available for your expenses during Christmas celebration.

In defining this position, ensure you will be spending funds you can afford to let go and won’t affect your bottom line or budget.

This is the first point of it all, there must be certain amount you can afford to let go be it for clothing, meat, groceries, foods, fuelling and sundry expenses.

Understand that you do not have to exceed such limit, this is getting it right the first time kind of scenario. You must not incur extra cost whatsoever, keep it at that and spend without going broke.

2) Scale down the budget

This very point sub-see ds the first, you should carefully pen down every damn thing you will be spending your money on. Going all overboard will not do you any good, make the most it.

Go through the list you will be spending on, itemize each according to priority. No two items should serve same purpose, make a drastic and singular decision on close substitutes. Pick whichever serves the purpose best with minimal cost.

The wants must be cancelled out for now, they don’t suit the challenge, leave your head to worry for what are apparently demand for basic needs.

Sometimes people often spend a little bit out of order, it comes to play because they lack the basic idea of knowing what should not make their budget list.

Most of those items often get neglected after purchase, the perishable ones find their way to the waste bin, regrets had always been the bottom line, avoid such and keep your money for what really deserves to get the spending.

Nothing burns you out, nothing stops your pocket from staying fresh with more money for your basic needs during and after Christmas. There lies the point number two.

3) Put away your rent and school fees

Be honest enough to admit that most people probably you inclusive will have to renew your rent and settle for your children school fees in January.

How does it feel to spend money set apart for the aforementioned two in December, only to be dawn with harsh reality of not meeting up with these demands in January, isn’t that heartbreaking and soberly painful?

You must fight to avoid financial recklessness that profits you nothing than regrets afterwards.

The Landlords are not patient enough to listen to your episode for not being a gentle man, save yourself the embarrassment from lawyers by spending wisely and meticulously.

How does it equally feel to see your child at home when peers are all back to the boarding house, most schools will have you present your payment advice at the gate before your children or wards could be allowed entrance?

If this is an experience you wouldn’t cherish, then spend wisely, do not tamper with money meant for these purposes just to be in the league, no body actually watches or cares.

4) Do not impress anyone

As funny as it is, most people are frequently victims to this assertion.

Why would you spend because every other person is spending, why would you belong to a click you can’t afford.

Moderation and simple lifestyle pays, especially for the ladies and mothers, Christmas will always come and go, be yourself and be contented with what you can afford without stretching your limit.

People will hardly come to your aid when in real financial mess, you are solely responsible for every damn decision you take, your financial stand is however decided by the very choice or decision you make today, so be wise to make a smart one this Christmas and be free from financial stress on the aftermath.

5) Consider shopping at the local market

You already understand the need in patronizing local dealers at various local markets.

You sure buy goods at cheaper prices than compared to trendy departmental stores, exorbitant eateries and what have you.

You can actually spend without going broke this Christmas by paying attention to where you choose to buy your goods, every market is not meant for everyone. There’s no intention for disguise but that’s a sad truth.

Buying from trendy stores like Shoprite and their likes ensures you spend more than necessary, why not visit the locals and make option from enormous varieties that will go a long way to satisfy your need.


You can spend without going broke at Christmas, it’s however a matter of choice, you may choose to be visible at all cost, still boils down to your pocket. There’s nothing virtually to regret about this season except the human misinterpretation that’ll always leave a bitter experience courtesy of misguided spending. Here’s wishing you merry Christmas and Happy new year in advance, see you in 2020.

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