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How to send money through Prabhu Money Transfer

How to send money through Prabhu Money Transfer

Prabhu Money Transfer – Is a leading remittance company in Nepal, it has arrays of international branches and agents in different parts of Asia and North America.

Among the Nepalese in Malaysia, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, USA and other countries, Prabhu is a very popular and reputable money transfer organization.

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Prabhu renders the following services;

  • Cash pickup
  • Account deposit, you can transfer money directly to an existing beneficiary’s bank account

How to send money via Prabhu Money Transfer

You can send money on this platform in just 5 simple steps

#1 ) Visit any Prabhu Money agent near your location

#2 ) The agent will give you a Prabhu transfer form, complete the form correctly with the required information which include; your details (name, address, amount to send) and that of the beneficiary (name, bank account if chosen, destination)

#3) Ensure the beneficiary’s name is well spelt to avoid payment infraction

#4) Haven completed the form, hand over the form, amount to be transferred and charges to the money transfer agent who will review for correctness.

#5) The transfer will be processed immediately, and transfer code handed over to you. Endeavour to furnish the beneficiary/receiver with transfer code accordingly, who can now withdraw or receive the transfer from his/her resident country.

How to receive Prabhu Money Transfer

Receiving this money does not involve a rocket science;

#1 ) Kindly visit any Prabhu money agent in your location

#2 ) You will be given a Prabhu money receive form to complete, fill correctly the details and the transfer number given to you by the sender

#3 ) Hand over the form and your photo ID card to the agent, who will verify the ID and review the form for correctness.

#4 ) The transfer will be processed and you will be paid immediately, that’s all.

Prabhu Transfer can be received in the following ways;

  • As cash payment at the agent location
  • Directly into the Beneficiary Bank Account
  • In a card known as the (Rupaiya Remitance Card)

How to know your Prabhu Transfer status

Automated SMS is being sent to every sender, regarding their transaction being paid or collected.

You may choose to use the Prabhu transaction tracker system to know if the transaction had been received or collected via a simple web based system.

However, if during tracking it shows “Unpaid” it simply means that the beneficiary has not collected the payout amount.

When the beneficiary has received the amount, the status will change to “Paid”

If however the status is showing “Cancelled” it could be because the customer has cancelled the transaction for a reason.

If the Prabhu compliance unit finds out that either the sender or the receiver’s name appears in the money transfer blacklist, the transaction will be cancelled as well, so now you know.

Identity Proof on Prabhu Transfer

You can use any government approved ID with a photo attached, the most common here is the PAN Card, Drivers’ License, International Passport, National ID card etc.

Note: The ID cards accepted in Nepal country are Citizenship ID, Government ID, Driving License and Passport.

You will need to show an acceptable ID before receiving funds because,

Prabhu Money Transfer is committed to safeguarding the interests of its customers. The ID is a document which authenticates the transaction and transaction claims.

It serves as an additional confirmation of identity, apart from the control number. It as well ensures that the customer details are not misused by unrecognized personnel.

Prabhu Money contact details

Phone: +977-1-4169277, 78, 79, 80, 81

Toll free number: 16600-144444


For your Prabhu Money Transfer agent near me, kindly visit

In the column as seen on the home page, select country and district/state, then hit the find agent button. You will get to know the location of any Prabhu agent within your area.

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