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How to send and Receive Small World Money Transfer

How to send and Receive Small World Money Transfer

Small World Money Transfer is one of the active fund transfer platforms in the world that had come to stay, though not many know about it in this part of the world, it remains a money transfer platform with active service prowess, fast, easier and reliable.

If you wish to send money to anywhere in the world from the following list of countries, then think Small World:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Brazil
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Slovenia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Switzerland
  • United Kingdom
  • United States these are countries which you can initiate Small World Transfers from, you can send to virtually over 160 countries in the world, Nigeria and African countries inclusive.

How to send money via Small World Money Transfer

Sending money on this platform is pretty easier than you’d ever seen, kindly follow the below steps to complete a transfer:

  • Visit,
  • Sign up for a free account
  • Select the country you’re sending money from,  from the list of countries available
  • Then elect the destination country
  • Check the exchange rate, input and confirm your beneficiary details
  • Confirm your payment

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You can as well send money via Small World by visiting an agent location in your approved domiciled country as seen above.

  • Deposit money in any of the stores around you
  • Confirm your beneficiary’s information, which include his/her name and destination country.

Do not forget, Small World has made its call Centers available for money transfer services

  • Deposit your money in one of their bank accounts, depending your domiciled country
  • Confirm your beneficiary information via the Call center.

Requirements for receiving Small World Money Transfer in Nigeria/Africa

  • You need a primary ID Card (Voters card PVC, Drivers’ license, National ID Card or Int’l Passport) All duly verifiable
  • 12 digits reference or order number given to you by the sender
  • Amount
  • Sender’s details, names etc

How to receive Small World Money Transfer in Nigeria and Africa

This topic will not be complete if as a Nigerian or African, you still didn’t know how to receive money from your loved ones abroad through the Small World Service.

Haven armed yourself with the above listed requirements, kindly adhere to the below steps and cash your money

  • Visit a bank in Nigeria that renders Small World remittance service e.g; Polaris bank, Fidelity bank etc
  • Walk straight to the money transfer desk, inform the teller available that you’ll  need to pick a Small World Transfer
  • The teller may ask you questions like: Where is the money coming from, how much, your relationship with the sender etc
  • Having answered the above questions, you’ll be given a Small World Money Transfer form to complete. Complete the said form without alterations, the form may have to contain the following: Reference number column, senders’ name, receivers’ name, amount, sent country etc
  • The teller will collect your ID card and verify it if genuine.
  • Upon completion of the form, he/she collects and treats the transaction without further delays, if transaction is found. You will get paid across the counter or have your account credited if you’re an account holder with the bank and wish so.

Small World Transfer limit

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As you are aware, there are transfer limits with money transfer products, which is aimed at checkmating how often money is being sent out of a particular economy.

This as well prevents fraud and related cases, however, with Small World Money Transfer, there’s no transfer limit instituted whatsoever so long you have documents and ID Cards to prove your source of money. You can only send and send.

Small World Transfer locations in Nigeria

Are you a Nigerian, residence in Nigeria, will probably want to receive a Small world transfer here in Nigeria, it’s no big deal.

It however pays to understand that in Nigeria there are no agents operating in a kiosk, to access this service, kindly visit any commercial bank that renders money transfer service. Particularly: Polaris bank, Fidelity bank, First bank etc. Be rest assured you’re coming home with your money happily.

Small world Money Transfer contact numbers

You can reach them on any of the following numbers

  • 44(0) 20 3198 0387
  • 020 7407 1800
  • 004 28 9568 0527


Small World Money Transfer had been on a flying note, start receiving and sending your money the easy way.

2 comments on “How to send and Receive Small World Money Transfer

Raphael Orji

Can someone receive money here in Nigeria without reference number or order number? What’s the official email of Small World money transfer

Hello Chinasa,

You can actually receive money into your bank account in Nigeria before now, this is the only way you can receive money without using “Reference.”

But recently, being that inbounds are strictly paid out in USD now only, crediting your account is not visible considering disparity in currency.

All transfers are now cash pickup at the agent/bank location as applies in Nigeria.

Kindly find the below email email address as requested:

Much regards.

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