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How to send and receive shift financial services money transfer

Shift financial services is not a new bride in town, haven joined the league of money transfer since 2009 as a money transfer and payment services, it’s an institution holding license in the United Kingdom and Lithuania.

It’s however present in over 90 countries around the world as at date, with more than 150,000 locations to help people send money to their loved ones.

The International Money Transfer was however, licensed by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in December 2018 to offer inbound remittance services into Nigeria.

How to send Money via Shift Financial Service

Shift customers can send or receive their remittances globally through the unique remittance tracking code number (RTC), by using one of the shift instant financial services. The instant remittance are securely transferred with the lowest commissions and most appropriate exchange rate.

As a customer, you can chose one of the various services as follows:

  • Cash to cash
  • Cash to account
  • Cash to mobile

Cash to cash

To send money using the cash to cash method, visit the nearest shift service provider in your location.

  • Provide the beneficiary details (complete name as contained in their ID card, location)
  • Provide your own valid ID as approved in your country of residence
  • Then hand over the cash to the agent/service provider.
  • The service provider will process and provide you with receipt.
  • Check the information contained for correctness and sign same
  • You will be given a copy of the receipt, which contains the RTC number
  • Send the RTC number alongside your sender name to the beneficiary.

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Cash to account service

  • Visit the nearest shift service provider
  • Ask for a cash to account service
  • Provide full beneficiary account details required (Full name, account number, address and phone number)
  • You will have a copy of the receipt containing RTC number
  • Send the RTC number to the beneficiary

Cash to mobile

  • Visit nearest shift service provider and ask for cash to mobile
  • Provide beneficiary mobile details and address ( full name, contact number and address)


Requirements to receive Money with Shift Financial Services

  • Valid primary ID card which could be any of the following ( Voter card, International Passport, Driver’s License or BVN)
  • Eleven digits RTC number
  • Sender name
  • Amount sent
  • Country money was sent from
  • You will have a copy of the receipt containing the RTC number
  • The remittance will be credited in the mobile account of the beneficiary.

How to Receive Money with Shift Financial Services

Having acquired the above requirements, kindly visit a shift agent location or a paying bank. On arrival, tell the agent you want to receive shift money transfer.

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You are required to complete a shift money transfer form correctly with your detail as contained.

Haven done this, hand over your ID card and the completed form to the agent who then inputs the transaction for processing, then confirm that every detail is correct as provided and inputted from the source.

Note: Ensure you send your name correctly to the sender, exactly as contained in your ID card, if possible take a snapshot of your ID card and send to them via What-Sapp.

This is to avoid issues in receiver name, where error of omission, transposition or commission is identified, which results to conflicting information on your data, the money transfer may be force paid, and payment forestalled immediately.

To avoid such issues, provide your correct details to the sender timely.


Shift Money Transfer Yemen

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Shift Money Transfer UAE

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Shift secure and fast

Shift money transfer is much secured with security inscription which ensures that customers funds are protected from theft and cyber scam of any kind.

Shift financial services transfer is however very fast, which ensures receivers and senders get their funds delivered fast.


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