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How to send and receive Ria money transfer 2021

How to send and receive Ria money transfer 2021

Ria money transfer – The growing trends of migrants had likewise reciprocate proportionate need to send money back home while settlement for goods and services may not be ruled out.

If you’d been looking for say “How to send money to Africa/Nigeria, Europe, America,” etc or how to receive money from abroad, then this piece is for you.

Over the years the money transfer business has been a viable one citing a good number of migrants who stay abroad and the need to send money back home as a financial aid to their relatives.

That said, Ria money transfer is one of the major industry players that had since brand its footprints in the sands of time.

About Ria

The first and pioneer Ria store was opened in New York City in 1987, with a goal to help users send money to friends and family back home.

Ria expends to;

  • Spain
  • France
  • Italy
  • UK
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • Belgium
  • Switzerland from 1993 through to 2006.

Sequel to this and how demanding the transfer process becomes, the company announced the commencement of Ria money transfer in 2012.

The service exceeds bounds and becomes even more endearing that it gets into partnership with Walmart-2-walmart domestic money transfer services targeted at the United States residents only.

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Ria has continued to expand with more locations to serve people even better as at 2019 and still counting.

The next question you may want to ask as a migrant is how can I send money home via the Ria money transfer platform?

How to send money via the Ria money Transfer platform

To send money home via the Ria platform isn’t a herculean task whatsoever, kindly follow the below steps

Step 1: You will have to visit the Ria website here – On arrival you will have to create an account by signing up first, alternatively just log in if you already have an account with Ria.

Step 2: Link your card to your account – You should understand that you’ll be paying for your transfers and other fees from your credit/debit card as appropriate, kindly get them linked at once.

Step 3: Input receiver details – You are expected to fill in the columns provided with the receiver details like; complete name, country, email, phone number etc.

You are required to also input amount you intent to send and currency.

Having done the needful, take a look at the preview page for a proper check of information inputted, to further ascertain if everything is in the right order.

Hit the finish/sent button and the money will be available for pick-up at the receiver’s country or destination within a short time.

Additionally, you have the option to send the money to receiver’s account number, in this case kindly choose the credit account icon.

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Note: For receivers in Nigeria, you may not be able to receive into your local bank account at this time since the Central Bank of Nigeria has taken a step to further allow payment of USD at pick-up centers.

How to receive Ria money transfer in Nigeria

Now, you’ve received the transaction notification for a Ria transfer from the sender. On this note, it’s either the money goes straight to your bank account or you are advised as a cash pick-up.

If the money is being paid into your account then start spending, but if it’s a cash pick-up you will need to visit a Polaris bank branch or any other bank that pays out Ria transfers to cash the money.

Recall, the money may not find its way to your naira bank account since all payouts are now in USD according to CBN latest directives.

Except stated otherwise in the future.


  • Make your valid ID card available (Voter’s card, driver’s license, International passport etc) some prefer your BVN copy.
  • Remember to go along with the Ria reference number received, example: 12853273071.

Follow the below steps to receive your transfers;

Step 1: Visit the nearest Polaris bank branch or any other bank in your location, on arrival walk straight to the money transfer desk.

Request to withdraw a Ria transfer.

Step 2: The teller enquires about your ID card and suitability for transfer. Having confirmed ok, you will be issued a Ria money transfer form to complete.

Kindly complete the form accordingly with attention to details, having done that, return same to the teller.

Step 3: The teller receives and processes the transfer accordingly.

On successful completion, you will receive the exact amount sent by the sender in USD.

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You are not getting paid in Naira anymore, so make preparations on how to sell or exchange your USD to (NGN) naira at prevalent rate.

Ria money transfer locations

You can virtually locate a Ria transfer location irrespective of your country of residence, with the help of modern technology this is very achievable.

Click here to see locations as applies to you.

Ria Money Transfer to Nepal

Just like money is being sent to Nigeria and other countries, it can also be sent to Nepal.

Kindly follow this link and sending your money to Nepal at once.

Ria Money Transfer countries

Additionally, Ria serves over 160 countries.

You can find these countries here.

Ria Money Transfer App

Using the money transfer app is faster and easier, which compliments with exceptional user experience on the Ria platform

Download the Ria app here.


With Ria money transfer, you can send money to over 160 countries with thousands of locations accordingly, this certainly is something you’d like to checkout for your money transfers going forward.

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