How to send and receive money via Access Africa

Access Africa – If you’ve been having issues sending money across African countries, this guide will rightly shift the needle for you, with Access Africa sending and receiving money across African countries doesn’t only get easier, but fast, swift and secure in the very sense of it.

It shouldn’t involve a herculean task to agree with me that sending money from Nigeria to any African country is not a walk in the pack, not even to Europe and America at this time.

In a bid to promote cross border payments, deepen financial inclusion across African region, Access bank has continuously evolve with innovations that solve common trade and finance problems.

What is Access Africa?

Access Africa is a payment and remittance product, a cross border financial service that enhances a free-flow of funds across the African region, with an eye to meet the needs and demands of all category of customers across segments, this service is strictly a product of Access bank likewise being operated by accredited agents as assigned in Access bank domiciled countries.

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  • Using the Access Africa payment service is fast, swift, and secure
  • Sending and receiving money is very easy
  • There’s transparency in pricing and does not involve huge cost for customers
  • Local currency are used to effect cross border payments, while beneficiaries receive in domicile country’s currency as the case may be.
  • Transaction is easily tracked, while families can maintain ties
  • It can be sent in USD and beneficiary will receive in local currency
  • Send in USD receive in USD provided the receiver has a domiciliary account.
  • Can be used by walk-in customers

Available countries

Access Africa is available in African countries with Access bank presence, these countries include but not limited to

  • Ghana
  • Nigeria
  • Gambia
  • Dr. Congo
  • Rwanda
  • Zambia
  • Sierra Leone
  • Morocco
  • Algeria
  • Egypt
  • Ivory Coast
  • Senegal
  • Angola
  • Namibia
  • Ethiopia, etc.


  • Amount you wish to send
  • Valid Identification card
  • Domiciliary account for customers who want to receive remittance in USD
  • Completed transfer form
  • Receivers detail (complete name as it appears on their valid identification card in their residence country, and account number where necessary)

How to send money via Access Africa

Sending money with this payment service is pretty easy, having made available the above requirements kindly walk into an Access bank branch in your country/agent location. Enquire to send money using the Access Africa.

You will be issued a money transfer form to complete, do pay attention to details and complete appropriately with your own detail, receiver’s detail, amount and destination country, provide test question and answer where applicable.

On successful completion of your transfer form, hand in same and sent amount which involve a little fee to the money transfer teller who then processes your transfer and revert with transfer details namely

  • Sender details (complete name)
  • Transfer reference code
  • Test question and answer as you preferted while filling in the form

This refers to a situation where you choose account to cash, here the receiver gets the fund as cash pick-up. Where you go for account to account the receiver will have to withdraw USD straight from his/her domiciliary account.

Having completed the transfer it is expected that you will send the transfer details to the receiver in his/her residence country for cash pick-up.

How to receive Access Africa in simple steps

At this point it is expected that you have received the transaction details from the sender (sender name, receiver complete name, transaction reference code, amount, and test question and answer).

Walk straight to the nearest Access bank branch in your country/ agent location with your valid identification card.

Kindly enquire to receive your Access Africa transfer.

You will be required to complete a money transfer receipt form, complete the form with transaction details received earlier from the sender while paying attention to details.

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On successful completion hand in the form and your valid ID card to the money transfer teller who in turn crosschecks the form and the transfer on the system for correctness, on successful confirmation the transaction will be processed, and you will be paid with exact value.

What’s next, start spending your money in grand style.

Frequently asked questions on Access Africa

Q1. Which currency can I use to send fund?

You can send fund in USD or local currency of your residence country, however the receiver will get the money either in USD for a domiciliary account holder or equivalent in local currency of the receiver’s residence country.

Q2. How do I get the daily applicable exchange rate?

The treasury will advise the daily rate via the bank branch network

Q3. What are the fees applicable?

Account holders will be charged a flat fee of $10 + 0.4% variable fee on principal amount

Non- account holders/walk in customers will be charged a flat fee of $12 + 1.5% variable fee on principal.

Q4. What are the approved means of identification?

Any valid ID card and validated BVN                       

Q5. In which currency is the beneficiary being paid?

The beneficiary is paid in the currency indicated by the sender, subject to the local regulation of the receiving country.

Q6. What is the minimum daily amount one can send?

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The limits vary from one country to another in line with regulatory approval.

Q7. Do I need an account with Access bank to do Access Africa?

You are not required to have an account to do cash to cash, however for account to cash and account to account transactions, you are required to have an Access bank account.

Q8. How long will it take for a receiver to access fund?

For cash to cash transactions funds are available instantly upon receipt of Access Africa secrete code, while cash to account or account to account transactions are online and real time as beneficiary gets credited immediately sender initiates transaction.


Kindly be informed that you can start sending using the Access Africa either from your Access bank Mobile app or by visiting the nearest Access bank branch in your country of residence/ agent location.

Transfers are swift, fast, and secure. Meanwhile receipt is instant for account to account, account to cash, while cash pick-up is received on notification.

Have questions and challenges you’d wish addressed, level with me at the comment section below.

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