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How to send and receive send cash money transfer

Send cash money transfer – If you are looking to send money to Nigeria or from Nigeria to any other country, this may just be the best guide you’d ever read on this topic.

It’s no rocket science that using the cross border transfers have not been easiest task so far, given this the send cash money transfer does not only send your money across to clients, friends or family, rather ensures both the sender and receiver are left with seamless experience to reminisce.

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Today I will tell you about send cash and how you can use it to send and receive money across several countries.

About Send cash money transfer

Send cash is a money transfer platform designed with a digital outfit that allows you to send swift and cheap money transfers either from Nigeria or any other country.

Essentially, it allows you to receive foreign currency directly to your local bank account, with an exchange rate that’s ridiculously affordable.

Ideally, Send cash is a project of Helicarrier group, a Nigerian home grown money solution launched in 2020 designed to carry out cross border transfers.

How to send money via the send cash platform

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You can send money to Nigeria and to over 80 countries from Nigeria using the Send cash money solution seamlessly.


To send money to any beneficiary, you are required to have his/her requisite details though can be found in the payment link created and shared by such beneficiary.

  • Valid email address
  • Bank name
  • Account name and
  • Account number

Step one: Visit Send cash website

Step two: Choose the currency you are sending with (USD, GBP, BTC, etc.)

Step three: Select the amount you want to send, you will be shown the amount due to your recipient on the dashboard immediately.

Step four: Click on “Send cash,” you can either search an existing recipient or create a new one. To search an existing recipient type in his/her user name in the search column provided.

To create a new recipient, tap the plus sign for new, enter the receiver’s (Valid email address, bank, account number, the account name will be displayed)

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Step five: In the next slide you will be required to pay for your transaction using either a Bitcoin wallet or debit card. Choose your preferred payment method and complete your payment.

Once completed successfully the beneficiary’s bank account will be credited with value.

How to receive money on Send cash

To receive funds on the Send cash platform you will first and fore most create a payment link.

Step one: Visit the send cash money transfer platform

Step two: Click on “Receive cash”

Step three: Click on “Create a payment link”

Step four: Enter the following details (Your valid email address, bank, account number and account name), click on “Continue”

Step five: Copy and share the payment link generated with friends, client or family to receive money from them.

You will receive the money in your Nigerian bank account in NGN.

How to receive wire transfer with your USD account on send cash

If you want to receive your money in USD, you will need to sign up for a virtual account on send cash

Follow the below guide

  • Visit the Send cash transfer platform
  • Click on “Receive cash”
  • In the next slide trace the virtual USD accounts as seen below, click on “Get my
  • account.”
  • Click on “Create virtual account.” Then click on “Begin verification.”
  • Provide your account number, and choose designated bank applicable, click on “Save account.”
  • Add your BVN and click submit
  • Add your phone number and click on “Add phone number” enter the code sent to your phone number to complete this action.

Note: The account number required here is your domiciliary account number with any Nigerian bank as listed.

To receive money with your domiciliary account you will have to create a payment link and share with the sender. Once treated, your domiciliary account will be credited.

Note: 0.25% fee apply on receiving ACH transfers. 1% fee on receiving wire transfers.

How it works

You can send money to Nigeria from anywhere in the world using Bitcoin or the peer-to-peer payment methods. Once the recipient account is confirmed, Naira will be sent to their local bank account.

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How much does it cost?

It’s free to send money with Bitcoin on Sendcash. The peer-to-peer method costs 2.5%.

How long does it take to deliver?

Most transfers are delivered to the recipient’s bank account within the hour. You can also track the progress and status of your transactions right from the app.

Send cash customer care



You can now start sending and receiving your transfers through send cash money transfer, to send money visit the website, choose preferred currency and amount, you can either pay for your transfer via Bitcoin or a debit card.

To receive money you will need to create a payment link, share it with the supposed sender to get your account credited with value.

You can also receive USD into your domiciliary account, simply create a virtual account and link it up with your domiciliary account. Ensure to include your domiciliary account details while creating a payment link.

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