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How to send and receive Chipper money transfer in Nigeria & Africa

Chipper money transfer – Money transfer has come a long way given migrants who left their home countries in search of greener pastures in Europe, America, Asia, etc. Sending money back home has been a task just like making money itself.

While this may be the case with sending remittances home from the aforesaid continents to developing countries, the main problem of money transfer lies in sending money to African countries from Africa itself.

This problem has gone through transitional processes overtime without meaningful solutions thus a call for genuine concern into the way forward since necessity is perceived the mother of invention.

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However, the good news today is that you can now send money to African countries from Africa without hitches via the Chipper money transfer services.

About Chipper money transfer

Chipper cash is a money transfer platform that provides a cross border payment for Africans. With Chipper cash sending and receiving money transfer to other African countries is now instant without a fee, usually done at the speed light.

Why use Chipper?

  • The service is swift and timely
  • There’s no fee attached to transfers
  • Highly secure
  • Competitive conversion/exchange rate

Chipper cash is available in 9 countries namely

  • Nigeria
  • Ghana
  • Kenya
  • Rwanda
  • South Africa
  • Tanzania
  • Uganda
  • U.S.A and the
  • UK

This means you can send and receive Chipper money transfer in any of these countries. Chipper cash was designed to solve the African problem of cross boarder payment. Initially sending money from African country to another is a herculean task despite the proximity among these countries, but Chipper cash has provide a lasting solution that endears Africans to its services.

The inclusion of U.S.A and the UK was to help African migrants far away in Europe and America to take advantage of the platform and make the most of it in sending remittances back home.


  • You will need an internet enabled mobile phone/laptop
  • Phone number/email address to receive OTP
  • ATM card to fund your wallet
  • Chipper cash mobile app available on Android and IOS operating system
  • BVN for your chipper cash account verification

How to start using Chipper money transfer

Step one: Kindly visit the App store and download and install Chipper cash app, available on Android and IOS operating system.

Step two: Click on “Create account” then enter your mobile number or email address (where your OTP) will be received, click “Next.”

Step three: Enter the 6-digit OTP sent to your phone number or email address in the available space advised, check the right boxes for why you are using Chipper cash

Step four: Enter your first and last name, click “Next.”

Step five: Enter your date of birth

Step six: Choose @ChipperTag, your unique name for getting paid by anyone. Type in your

  • Address
  • Nationality
  • City of birth
  • Country and
  • Gender, then click “Next.”

Step seven: Create and confirm your unique 4-digit PIN, enter finger print verification as second level authentication or skip.

You will receive the below message.

The next thing you will need to do is to get verified so you can access all available services like,

  • Send and receive money from other countries
  • Buy and sell stocks
  • Gain access to virtual VISA cards
  • Transact with higher limits.

For instance you can only receive and send money to users in Nigeria only, buy airtime and pay other bills only without being verified.

For the verification purpose you only need to take a Chipper cash selfie and provide your 11-digit BVN for proper identification, this is to avoid fraud and identity theft.

Matching your details proves you are the genuine owner of the account

How much can I send/receive as a new user?

As a newly registered user, you have a window to receive unlimited amount of money from anyone, irrespective of their destinations.

However, you will only be allowed to send maximum of N4,000,000 four million naira and N20,000,000 twenty million naira.

As a new user, you can only cash out N20,000 on daily threshold until your withdrawal limit is increased.

How to increase my limit/get verified

To increase your limit you simply need to verify your identity. It takes just your selfie and Bank Verification Number (BVN), on successful verification of your details Chipper cash will approve your limit increase afterward.

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However, you are also required to verify your account so as to activate your Chipper money transfer account number.

Having being verified,

  • You can send N5,000,000 daily and a N35,000,000 weekly threshold
  • You can withdraw N1,000,000 as daily threshold
  • There’s no limit to how much you can receive at any time.

How to fund your wallet

Generally, before you could send money to anyone or pay bills and top-up you will have to fund your Chipper cash wallet first.

You can fund your wallet with a debit card as a Nigerian user, however you are required to deposit N10 to your account to add a bank card.

How to send money on Chipper cash app

As a Chipper cash user you can send money to other registered users currently on your phone book, however, you are at liberty to send money to your contacts irrespective of not being registered yet.

The task here is that once a non-chipper cash user is being sent money, they’ll be asked to register on chipper cash via SMS in other to access the funds, where they fail to register the money will be sent back to the initial sender after a time frame.

Chipper cash designed its service in such a way that once you want to send money, you will see chipper cash users listed first with their country flags at the top of your contact list.

To send money to existing users, kindly tap on the “Send button” at the activity page of your app then choose a beneficiary you’d like to send funds to.

You can send money to users whose contacts are not on your phone, you will have to send them money by looking up their username at the search bar starting with “@.”

How to withdraw/receive money from Chipper cash app

Nigerian users have been customized to withdraw chipper funds strictly to their bank accounts at no fee or charges. Withdrawal here is done from your Chipper wallet to your bank account.

To effect this you will have to link up your bank account by following the below steps,

  • Head to the profile section
  • Click on “Cash out” and set up your bank account
  • Go to profile
  • Locate the payment methods then add your bank account

Thereafter you can then withdraw funds to your bank account.

Related terms

Chipper cash virtual cardThe chipper card is designed for your digital life. You may use it in the following arrangements. Shop globally: you can use your chipper card for online purchases anywhere VISA cards are acceptedBudget efficiency: Limit spending by only using the amount uploaded to your cardDigitally native: It’s strictly a digital card that enables you to complete payment online anytime.5% cash back: It’s a digital card that offers a cash back reward to its users. You automatically earn 5% cash back on all purchases. This card is however not available for Nigerians at this time.
Chipper cash investmentWith chipper cash investment your funds can get down to work for you, you can invest in a number of shares that have high profitability. Here are investments you may consider   Factional shares: You can start with as little as $1. Save more by investing moreInvest in the best: You can own top US stocks like Amazon, Nike, Tesla, Netflix and more.You can trade instantly, where your account is highly protected.
Chipper cash feeTransacting on chipper money transfer platform does not involve any fee.
Chipper customer care number, emailYou can only reach out to chipper cash via mail at this time:

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[…] Read also: How to send and receive Chipper money transfer in Nigeria & Africa […]

[…] Read also: How to send and receive Chipper money transfer in Nigeria & Africa […]

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