How to request a Quickteller loan in simple steps

Quickteller loan – If you are looking to access a short-term loan quickly to meet certain financial obligations, quickteller provides you with such a loan without collateral or any kind of security, it stands to assert that despite being a payment platform, quickteller as well as offers loans.

What is Quickteller?

Quickteller is a multi-channel platform designed to make payments; send and receive money, easily and seamlessly, it connects users with billers, allowing users to pay for just about anything from their mobile devices.

How to apply and receive a Quickteller facility

 To apply for and receive a loan on quickteller, you will first and foremost sign up for a user account on quickteller. By this arrangement, kindly provide your details like; name, valid email address, password, and mobile number.

Having completed your information on the platform you’ll receive a “One Time Password” on your registered phone number, you will need to activate your quickteller account with the received OTP.

The next thing you will need to do is; sign in to your quickteller account using your username and password, and add your bank details; “Account number, account type, bank name, card details, etc.”

Basically, you can request a loan on quickteller in three easy ways

  • Quickteller USSD code
  • Quickteller Mobile App and
  • Quickteller website

Quickteller USSD code

Dial *3226#, and follow the on-screen prompts carefully and routinely to receive a loan almost immediately.

Quickteller website

To receive a loan on quickteller website, kindly launch the website, click the drop-down Menu to access, and click on the “Dashboard”

Scroll down you will see “Loan,” click on “request loan” and the form below will be displayed

  • Enter the loan amount
  • Input the account number you wish to receive the loan in
  • Select your bank and click on “Continue.”

What usually happens is that your transaction history on quickteller will be accessed to evaluate your loan eligibility. Click on “Continue” again to proceed and complete your loan request.

 How to repay my quickteller loan?

Quickteller does not run a charity organization, you should make plans to pay back as soon as possible.

Several options can aid your loan repayment;

The USSD repayment

  • Dial *322# on your mobile phone
  • Select the “Make payment” option
  • Select “Others”
  • Enter Biller or payment code as the case applies; 04225701 for kwikcash or 04309405 for Fairmoney, 04309401 for Ferratum
  • At the customer reference number column, enter the phone number you used to request for quickteller facility.
  • Enter amount
  • Select a card and enter card details and confirm payment.

The online repayment

  • Kindly visit the quickteller page, select the loan option as applied when requesting the quickteller loan
  • Enter your phone number and email used while applying for your loan
  • Confirm the amount you want to pay
  • Enter your card details and complete the repayment at once.

The ATM repayment

  • Locate an ATM and slot your card
  • Select the “Quickteller” option
  • Select “Pay bills” then select others
  • Enter the Biller payment code for your loan type; 04225701 for kwikcash or 04309405 for Fairmoney, 04309401 for Ferratum
  • For the reference number, enter the phone number you used to request your loan, confirm your payment, and the value will be debited from your account.

The bank repayment

If you do not want to use any of the aforementioned methods, you may choose to pay at any Access bank, UBA, Keystone, Sterling, GTBank, or Fidelity bank.

Inquire to pay your quickteller loan via PAYDIRECT, your phone number should be used as the customer reference number, your account will be debited or paid in cash.

Quickteller loan required documents

Quickteller facility do not require collateral or documents to secure a loan. However, loan decisions and thresholds are reached and disbursed based on your transaction frequency and volume on quickteller.

Quickteller loan code

The loan code may be regarded as the USSD code used to request for quickteller facility, it’s denoted by *322#.

However, other codes on the quickteller are the repayment codes peculiar to your loan type; 04225701 for kwikcash or 04309405 for Fairmoney, and 04309401 for Ferratum.

Quickteller loan app

The quickteller app makes it easy and seamless to apply for a loan as well as carry out other financial transactions.

Simply request a loan by entering a loan amount, and your transaction history will be accessed to evaluate your loan eligibility.

Quicteller loan interest rate

The interest rate is usually between 3% – 15% over 10 days to 3 months.

Quicteller contact number

You may reach out to quickteller for inquiries or complaints via; 07009065000, 01-6283888, or 01-9065000.


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