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How to repay GEEP Marketmoni loan using repayment voucher [Loan application process explained]

GEEP Marketmoni loan – It has been observed that about 36 million adult Nigerian traders financially excluded are petty traders.

To this end, deepening financial inclusion becomes a major cause for concern, thus the Federal government through “The Bank Of Industry (BOI).” Introduced Government Enterprise and Empowerment Program (GEEP).

This program houses three major loan facilities aimed at empowering the local and rural petty traders, who are as well into the business of growing finances via trade and expertise.

If by any means, you wish to access a flexible loan without collateral or interest, with as well flexible repayment plan in place? Then read this guide and kick start the process without further delay.

The loan comes in three different facilities interrelated to achieve similar objectives at large.

The three facilities are;

  • TraderMoni
  • MarketMoni and
  • FarmerMoni

The interesting thing is that, you do not need collateral to access any of these loans.

While TraderMoni and MarketMoni are targeted at petty and growing traders, FarmerMoni is meant to provide the much needed succor and assistance to rural farmer, to increase productivity.


This is the least in the hierarchy of the Government Enterprise and Empowerment Program (GEEP).

At first, a beneficiary will receive N10,000 (Ten thousand naira), after which he/she is expected to service the loan in a very simple arrangement.

Having serviced the loan in full, such beneficiary is now qualified for another round of N15,000 (Fifteen thousand naira facility).

You can then graduate to receiving a N20,000 (Twenty thousand naira) facility, following a completed payment of the N15,000 in full.

Subsequently, you can then access N25,000 (Twenty five thousand naira) which is the last and peak stage of TraderMoni.

You then become a graduating trader, who then migrates to MarketMoni package.

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Having built a good credit rating at the first/introductory stage, you’re now promoted one step up to access the GEEP MarketMoni loan, here you will access up to N50,000 (Fifty thousand naira) loan to run your business with ease.

That is for the business category, the third interest free loan on the Government Enterprise and Empowerment Program (GEEP) is FarmerMoni.

You however need your phone number and BVN as additional requirements to access this facility.


This facility is targeted at farmers within a cluster as specifically outlined.

Farmers can access between N100,000 to N300,000 occasioned on the type of crop being cultivated.

How to repay the GEEP loan (GEEP MarketMoni loan)

The federal government while trying to deepen financial inclusion by making money available to petty traders and farmers has not lose sight on possible loan recovery and repayment process, which should further sustain the program in a rather transparent approach.

It has been observed that good number of beneficiaries in the Government Enterprise and Empowerment Program are rural dwellers who stay very far away from banks.

In occasions where they need to repay their loan, they most often travel a very long distance before they could have access to banks, then remit their payment.

The federal government has bridged this gap by introducing the GEEP repayment voucher, a simple process that allows receipt of loan repayment using a scratch card.

How it works

Repayment voucher is sold at key cluster locations, what you do is, visit any of the locations and make purchase of repayment voucher to the tune of your loan repayment amount.

Having made the purchase, scratch off the silver panel, then follow the USSD instruction as written on the voucher to load same on your mobile phone as if you are loading the conventional recharge card.

Having completed the above task, the money will be credited to your GEEP loan repayment account and updated with remaining balance accordingly.

Recall, your mobile line was used during your registration for the GEEP loan, so you already have an existing account attached to your mobile line.


You can complete your loan repayment in any commercial bank using the PAYDIRECT platform.

There’s no rocket science or big English/grammar involved.

Kindly walk into any bank, tell the teller you will like to pay your BOIGEEP loan,

You will be required to provide your phone number and loan repayment amount, having done this, your loan account will be credited with the said amount accordingly.

The process is as easy as lacing up a shoe lace.


Nigerians have continued to bemoan the sustainability of the federal government initiated GEEP, the presidency insists it has recorded tremendous impact of the program on its beneficiaries since inception.

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Raphael Orji

Am najibu sani by name I started my primary school abbakar tunau talata mafara zamfara state at 2003 I where addimiee to my primary school when I am 5 years old means I where bonrn on 1/6/1997

Raphael Orji
Abdullahi abubakar

It is good to support indigenous people who are interested in doing a small scale business to earn a living. Thanks may God continue to bless Nigeria with abundance resources

Raphael Orji
Abdullahi abubakar

Thank you so much Geep. we appreciated the opportunity you abundantly given to us. thanks the vice president yemi osibanjo

Raphael Orji

I want to give me loan please

Raphael Orji

I want to give me loan please

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