How to register for SMEDAN number and obtain business certificate

How to register for SMEDAN number and obtain business certificate

SMEDAN – Finance is to every business what water is to the fish, little wonder it was said to be the livewire of every organization.

Permit me to say that your smartest idea may not succeed without money, it’s just that blunt, couldn’t say it any better.

The Federal government in its commitment to help small and emerging businesses survive the economic harsh reality has designed a way out through the SMEDAN program.

What exactly is this SMEDAN?

The acronym stands for “Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria.”

Purposely established to control the growth of “Micro Small and Medium Enterprises,” in Nigeria.

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It gives businesses the opportunity to access government and private sector benefits generally tailored to growing “Small and Medium Scale Businesses faster.”

Benefits of this Program to businesses

  • It aids financial services – By implication gives access to loans from a number of providers, grants from government and private organizations etc.
  • Private sector benefits – Under the auspices of this program, you can benefit from private sectors in a number of ways like training, education, guide by professionals, consultants, investment opportunities and more.
  • You get conditional grants from the government.

How to register for a SMEDAN number and business certificate

The advent of the internet has made it easier to access various services right from the comfort of your home without moving an inch.

The registration process under this program is not exempted from the list of benefits.

Kindly adhere to the below steps for a successful onboarding;

  • Kindly follow this link, a registration page will pop-up
  • Pay attention to details and fill in as seen (Your business name, phone number, email address, set your preferred password and verify same)
  • Click on get started. In the next slide,
  • In put the date you commence running the business
  • Business address, state, local government area, business premises, business website if any, business type, the product or service you’re offering, if registered with “CAC” select your registration status, category of business assets value, select the number of staff you have if any.
  • Click next and you will be redirected to a review page where you are required to add your position, gender and BVN which is optional.
  • Click the icon for partner and add their details if you have any, otherwise click next.
  • In the next slide you are required to explain what your business does, industry, specific business area, business description then submit.
  • You will receive A “Registration successful,” message.

Detailed instructions will be sent to your mail, kindly check your mail for your SMEDAN number and download the certificate in the link highlighted red just below.

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The certificate is required when applying for government loan and other benefits within and off the shores of the country.


Kindly avail yourself the beautiful opportunity to get enlisted in the league of businesses in Nigeria under the auspices of smedan, this is to ensure you do not miss out on grants and financial supports that come to businesses from the government, private institutions and abroad.

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