How to register/activate First bank transfer code

First bank transfer code – As a first bank customer you may not have explored available options to easy, swift and seamless transactions without onboarding the First bank transfer code.

If you just opened a First bank account or an existing customer yet to subscribe for the USSD option, here comes an opportunity for you to change the narrative by simply learning how to start using the USSD in this guide.

About First bank USSD code

The USSD code is a set of number integrated by the bank in alliance with the network providers which is aimed to help First bank customers to carry out certain transactions seamlessly from the comfort of their domains.

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The First bank USSD code is denoted by *894# through which routine transactions are being consummated without having to visit any First bank branch, believed to have deepen financial inclusion.

Benefits of using the First bank USSD code

  • The transactions being consummated are swift
  • Fast
  • Reliable and secured.
  • You do not have to visit any First bank branch to get your transaction sorted

Transactions you can consummate with the First bank USSD code

  • You can check account balance
  • Transfer and receive funds
  • Open an account
  • Airtime top-up
  • Get a loan
  • Pay bills
  • Pay your insurance
  • Card control
  • Merchant services, etc.

There are just a number of transactions that can be completed on this platform that you can’t afford to be left out for anything.

Requirements to get on-board the First bank USSD code

You will need the following details to get on-board properly

  • You should have a First bank account number handy
  • You should have a phone number linked to your First bank account directly through which you receive SMS alert
  • You are required to have the least of mobile phone not necessarily with internet facility

How to activate/register for First bank transfer code

Getting to use the transfer code means you will have to register for the USSD code first. Kindly follow the below steps to get registered first.

  • Kindly switch on your mobile phone containing the SIM card linked to your First bank account
  • From your phone dial *894*0#
  • Select your debit card
  • Enter the last 4-digit numbers on your First bank ATM card
  • In the next column you will be required to create your 5-digit USSD PIN,
  • Confirm the PIN and you will on-board successfully

Note: The PIN in question will always be required to authenticate your transaction on the USSD platform

More so, you are not required to disclose your PIN to a third party.

Finally you’re now on the USSD platform, it’s time to start consummating transactions on the USSD channel.

How to check your First bank account balance

There’s always a reoccurring need to keep up to minute track with your account balance to at least guide you while spending your money.

Given this, it becomes necessary to check your account balance at any given time even at the dead of the night without visiting any First bank branch.

To get this sorted kindly follow the below steps

  • From your registered phone number dial *894*00#
  • Click the send button, your account balance will be returned.
  • Endeavor to insert your USSD PIN where necessary to authenticate your request if required.

Now you can see how easy it is to get/retrieve your account balance from the comfort of your couch, garden or on transit.

The next question you have to ask .is how to send money with the USSD code

How to send money with First bank transfer code

  • From your registered phone number linked to your First bank account dial *894*Amount*Account number#
  • You will be required to select a beneficiary bank, kindly select bank
  • Input sent amount and confirm same
  • You will be required to enter your First bank USSD 5-digit PIN created while registering for the USSD code.
  • Your transfer will be sent to the selected beneficiary.

Having done this your First bank account will be debited with value sent and the beneficiary will be credited with value being debited from your account.

How to top-up your phone via First bank USSD code

If you have a need to top-up your phone at any point, using the USSD code service will ensure you get your phone topped up in seconds.

The beauty of this service is that you can either top-up own phone number or a third-party’s phone number. So whichever way it’s top-up is done by the snap of a finger.

  • From your registered phone number linked to your First bank account kindly dial *894*Amount#
  • Enter your USSD PIN and your phone will be credited with amount purchased immediately.

That was buying for own self, now if you wish to top-up for a third-party kindly follow the below steps

  • From your registered phone number dial *894*Amount*Phone number#
  • Enter your 5-digit USSD PIN and the beneficiary will be credited immediately.

The idea goes like this *894*1000*07034847816#; assuming you want to recharge for a third-party with N1000 airtime, the format should appear as seen above where N1000 and 07034847816 represent amount being topped-up and the beneficiary phone number.

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How to check mini statement with First bank USSD code

Statement of account ensures you keep up-to-date with occurrences in your bank account which include receipt funds, debits, transfers, etc.

To get a statement for your perusal kindly follow the below steps

  • From your registered phone number dial *894*Account number#
  • Your account statement will be revealed to check transaction details.
  • You may be required to enter your USSD PIN to complete this task, ensure to enter it correctly.

First bank customer care number

Have concerns you need to reach out to a service executive, the below details will help you get it sorted in a jiffy.

Phone number: 0708 062 5000


Call or forward an email to have your requests and enquiries sorted.


Now you’ve been on-boarded on the First bank transfer code/USSD code, it’s time to enjoy the bountiful and fun experience that comes with this service.

Are there further concerns or questions not captioned in this guide, kindly use the comment box let’s get talking.

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