How to receive Western Union on ATM

How to receive Western Union on ATM

Western Union on ATM – So I needed this fund urgently, the bill has been accumulating after he’d been discharged, the growing need to go home cuts across staying away from further expenses, with a sigh of relief to at least leave this environment and return to normal life.

He’d wanted to go home even before he was certified fit, each seconds with him is just about why we’ve refused to take him home, every detailed explanation to make him see reasons medically fell on deaf ear.

Financial constraint forms a part he must never get to understand otherwise we’ll have emerging health issues to deal with.

At about 4:50pm I received a western union transaction details, the money came in quiet late, before I could get to the bank it’s already past 5:00pm, I wasn’t allowed access into the bank. Even if I made it, western union business time ends at 5:00pm.

It then means I will have to wait till the next day, but my old man has been informed by the doctor that he’s medically fit to go home already.

I really need to manage this situation, my Dad must not pass another night in a hospital bed, he will disturb the peace this neighborhood.

I was left with no option than to think, yea, there must be a way out.

Suddenly I enquired about picking western union on ATM within the bank premises, since we can virtually consummate most transactions online these days, I prayed technology does not fail me this time, my creative juice was activated at once.

I queued up at the ATM, gradually it gets to my turn, I checked out for a western union option since most billers are being taken care of here.

Should I say luck smiled at me, yes, I found it. I tapped on it, followed the onscreen instruction, input my MTCN, one instruction after another, ‘boom’ my account was credited with value.

I made a sigh of relief, I was delighted, other users wondered what could have elated my mood so delightfully, before they enquire, I’ve gone too far to grant any press briefing.

So that was it, I withdrew my western union on ATM and I’ve been doing it ever since my first experience.

The purpose of this guide is to show you how fast and easy you can now receive your western union transfers without visiting any bank or protocols.

How to receive your western union transfers on ATM without delay

Kindly follow the below steps:

  • Visit any GTBank ATM
  • Press any key on the machine
  • Click on the western union option
  • Agree to terms and condition
  • Select your account type
  • Select the country where the money is sent from
  • Enter the expected amount in NGN
  • Enter your GTBank account number (NUBAN)
  • Then enter the 10 digits Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN)
  • Upon confirmation, the transfer amount will be credited to your GTBank account in naira.

Note: This service does not require GTBank debit or credit card for consummation, not even token.

How to receive western union with GTBank internet banking

  • Log on to internet banking platform via
  • Click on the GTCollections icon
  • Select “New request”
  • Click on “Western union receive money”
  • Input your details as seen on the portal
  • Provide answer to secrete question in the appropriate field
  • Click on continue to accept and proceed to confirmation page
  • Click on submit to complete your transfers.
  • You could view transaction history page to confirm if the transaction is successful

FAQ on western union on ATM

Western Union tracking

This is the activity which involves knowing the position of your western union transfers, to know more about this, I have written a complete guide detailing all you need to track your transfers, click here to read.

Western union online

Money transfers are usually done online and can be carried out on your device with an app from the comfort of your bedroom even, to know more about it, I’ve written a definitive guide about, you can read it by clicking here.

GTBank western union

You may not have access to western union transfers in GTBank branches, except via the ATMs and internet banking platform as explained above.


You can now receive your western union on ATM without stress, start and complete the transfers without interference by anyone. Gone are the days you queue up in a bank branch trying to pick western union transfers.

Are there challenges you’ve encountered so far, how successful and seamless did you find this process, kindly share with us.

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