How to reactivate Zenith bank account via USSD code

How to reactivate Zenith bank account – As a Zenith bank customer your account probably may have gone dormant for inactivity over some time now, such account as you are aware cannot be used to effect transactions, however, to reinstate such account into active status you are required to commence the process of reactivation.

What is bank account reactivation?

Bank account reactivation is the process of reinstating an account that has gone dormant for inactivity over a period of time into active status.

Once such account is reactivated it can be used to process transactions effectively without limitation.

Can a dormant bank account accept deposit?

The answer is “YES,” when an account goes dormant every other features become dormant except cash deposit. This means to say that on entering the state of dormancy such account cannot be withdrawn from, transfers cannot be initiated, in fact operational status are restricted from the account except it’s being reactivated.

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Treatment of dormant account balances

The Central Bank of Nigeria has set a standard guideline in view of treating dormant bank account which applies to Zenith bank accounts too.

  • Interest bearing accounts shall retain their interest earning status during the period of dormancy
  • Dormant accounts shall be reported quarterly to the banking supervision department of CBN
  • In line with the uniform account operating policy, every customer shall provide a next of kin details when reactivating such account
  • The bank shall notify the customer of the status of the account three months to dormancy
  • Reactivation of inactive/dormant account shall not attract any fee from the account holder
  • Dormant account balances shall be covered by Deposit Insurance Scheme

The idea today is to show you how to reactivate Zenith bank account without visiting the branch whatsoever, this can be done from the comfort of your home using your mobile phone that’s not necessarily required to have data network.

How to reactivate Zenith bank account

To show you how to effect this personal service you should have activated the Zenith bank USSD code/eazy banking on your mobile phone.

 In case you are not using the USSD services already kindly follow the below process to get started at once


  • You should have a bank account already with Zenith bank which is now presumed dormant
  • Your SIM card should be linked to such account for SMS alert purpose
  • You also need an ATM card with full functionality.

To activate the USSD

  • From your linked SIM card to the Zenith bank account dial *966*00#
  • In the next slide type in the last 4-digit of your ATM card PAN (Primary Account Number) written on your card
  • Create your 4-digit USSD PIN, (Select any 4-digit PIN you can remember at this point) avoid using your date of birth or serial numbers like 1234, etc.
  • Confirm your PIN in the next slide
  • You have been successfully activated on the USSD platform.

You may have been wondering why treating USSD instead of showing you how to reactivate Zenith bank account straight.

To reactivate your Zenith bank account online/ via the USSD code

You will first of all need a PIN to effect this process, and you’ve leaned just that above.

  • Dial *966*0# from your mobile line linked to Zenith bank account
  • Select the “Reactivate dormant account”
  • Enter your USSD PIN.
  • Your dormant bank account will be reactivated.

How to reactivate Zenith bank account at the branch

The most familiar way of reactivating a dormant bank account is by visiting any of the bank’s branches.


  • Valid ID card (Voter’s card, national ID, driver’s license or international passport)
  • Get a recent utility bill

Having put the above in order, kindly visit any Zenith bank branch, walk straight to the customer service desk and ask to reactivate your account.

You will be ask to complete a dormant bank account reactivation form, a PVR will be done on you thereafter your account will be reactivated within 24 hours.


When is an account said to be inactive?A bank account is termed inactive if there has been inactivity on the account for a period of 6 months.
When is an account said to be dormant?When there is no transaction or activity on an account for a period of 1 year, such account goes dormant
How do I restrict my Zenith bank account?Account restriction involves blocking your account using account control code to restrict unauthorized users into your bank account.   The account holder’s funds are secured in event of Mobile phone, ATM card or hardware token loss as well as account details compromise   To restrict your Zenith bank account, dial *966*911# from any phone and follow the text prompt to restrict your account.
How to unblock/un-restrict my Zenith bank accountHaving restricted your Zenith bank account you will have to visit any Zenith bank branch to get it un-restricted.
How to reactivate my Zenith bank account onlineThis implies to getting your Zenith bank account reactivated via the USSD channel.   Dial *966*0# from your mobile line linked to Zenith bank accountSelect the “Reactivate dormant account”Enter your USSD PIN.Your dormant bank account will be reactivated.  
How to get my Zenith bank account numberFrom your registered phone number dial *966*00#, enter your 4-digit USSD PIN or the last 4-digit of your ATM card to confirm your request. A message will be sent to you containing your Zenith bank account
Zenith bank customer care phone number – Email –234-1-2787000

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I don’t know if my zenith Bank has been blocked. And I want you to assist me on USSD code.


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