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How to put up a baby budget for pregnant mothers

How to put up a baby budget for pregnant mothers

Baby Budget– Are you a pregnant or an expectant mother, you finally got pregnant after waiting for several months or years?

If this is your case, then this post is for you.

Everyone knows the feelings and excitements that comes with pregnancy, especially when you’ve waited enough.

In modern African community, your mother in-law would be on you, the pressure is just so untold, but finally God has visited you with a fruit of the womb.

This post will serve as a guide to remind you of responsibilities ahead of your baby delivery, read carefully and get yourself acquainted as a new or old mum.

You particularly should include your baby in every budget expenses before he/her arrival, besides, there are things you’re expected to do, keep enough money for their feedings, clothing and possibly health challenges.

You see, raising babies aren’t easy adventures and will never be, giving to the surging economic situation in the country we find ourselves, babies are not meant to suffer thus you are by this revelation compelled to make mandatory preparations in anticipation for their arrival.

We’ll be taking about money all through this post, how to manage and harness it well so you can feel better during and after pregnancy.

Here we go, baby budget is fundamental and must be treated with every seriousness it deserves. I’m particularly talking out of experience and you should believe me when I say “make adequate arrangements for your baby” before and after arrival.

Why you need baby budget

1 ) Emergency calls: Emergency awakens a sense of danger and security in everyone, likewise pregnant mothers and expectant fathers.

When a woman is pregnant, expect anything. Health could go bad, deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals could lead to issues, how prepared are you financially to face this challenges if they become extreme.

Are you aware that a pregnant woman scheduled for normal delivery may pass through cesarean session at the last minute? If your answer to the above is in the affirmative, then how prepared are you?

At some parts of Nigeria, cesarean session costs as much as N150k to N200k, moreover, you’re expected to make a deposit of at least half of the money before they commence the session.

Truth be told, if you can’t afford this money at such period, you run the risk of losing your wife and the baby, except God intervenes.

Most hospitals have heard more than enough stories on how you’re dead broke and do not want to entertain such stories anymore.

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An early and timely baby budget would likely save you such embarrassment.

2 ) You’ve got to look good:Pregnancy isn’t a curse, it’s a blessing, you should do your best to look beautifully good at such times.

Save some money within your first trimester, go get yourself beautiful gowns that compliment your now figure in the most presentable and exciting manner.

3 ) Feed extremely well: Nigeria is a difficult country, the economy is not getting any better and we should be honest with ourselves about that.

Some families hardly feed thrice a day, if anybody should get hungry in your house, not a pregnant woman. She ought to be well fed, she’s double and possibly more. The baby in her feeds from whatever she takes, they share it. This is why she’ll get so hungry at a slight instance after a meal

Feeding is not enough, she must be fed with the right food, some foods are just ideal for pregnancy, adequate baby budget will ensure you make provision for such foods that are highly rich in vitamins and minerals as so required and recommended by experts.

How to save enough for baby budget

So you’ve seen why you should save for baby budget, it’s time to know how to go about it. Kindly adhere to the below steps:

1 )  Save at source if you’re a salary earner: Advice your employer to pay certain amount into a certain account as a standing order during your pregnancy. Make it a routine to see you through the period of nine months and above as the case may be.

There’s no better time to save for your baby budget, so do the much you can.

2 ) Join daily savings and contributions: This method is recommended if you’re a trader, artisan or a craft woman.

Endeavour to save at least little above N200 daily, do not wait for your husband, he might be broke when you will need money. It’s drops of water that makes mighty ocean, do not belittle your little beginning.

A stich in time they said saves nine.

3 ) Spend less on baby items:The arrival of a baby should be greeted with fervent and enormous preparations yes, but that should not be at the expense of your baby budget.

Some ladies are found of buying baby items in excess as if they are into competition with anyone.

If you already have baby cupboard in your first birth, why buying another when that can serve, stop buying capital intensive baby items when you already have one or two, the old ones are enough to take care of the situation, save aggressively as if it’s your last.

Buy alternative baby cloths instead, just in case the seers fail in their baby sex postulation, lol (she laughs)

4 ) Open a Polaris Rainbow account before your baby arrives: Putting money into a savings account with your intending baby’s name is not a bad deal, it helps you to save and save even aggressively. Polaris Rainbow is baby’s account you should check out for your lovelies.


Baby budget isn’t a rocket task, give priority to what matters during pregnancy and you’ll be happy you did thereafter. Having drawn the curtain on this note, I wish you a happy and resounding safe baby delivery in advance.

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