How to open Kuda bank account without BVN


How to open Kuda bank account without BVN

How to open Kuda bank account without BVN – If you are looking to access a digital microfinance loan with little or no charges, as well as a platform with multiple banking functionality, to meet your financial obligations with minimum risk, Kuda bank appears to be the best answer to your search, and I’ll tell you why in few seconds.

  • With Kuda bank, you can access your account statement
  • You operate a virtual and physical debit card
  • Top-notch security
  • You can send and receive funds with family and friends, etc.
  • You can pay bills with ease
  • The Kuda app provides virtually every flexibility a financial app should afford.
  • Most transactions like transfers are free subject to your account class

However, in this guide, I’ll you how to get started with Kuda bank, as well as how to open kuda bank account without BVN.

Most financial apps require your BVN to get started, and this scares most online users away, however, introducing your BVN is meant to provide a detailed security check, to further safeguard your funds and transaction details, so you don’t have to be afraid.

Requirements to open Kuda bank account

  • Your complete name
  • Phone number
  • BVN
  • Valid ID card which could be any; Driver’s license, voter’s card, national ID, or International passport.
  • Valid email address
  • Should have been 18 years old and above

How to open a Kuda bank account

Depending on your documentation available, there are virtually two types of account you can open, this is to ensure that everybody is carried along in line with a view to financial inclusion.

  • Basic account
  • The complete KYC; know your customer account

The basic account is designed for prospective customers who do not have a BVN, however, be informed that this account has some operational limitations, you may not be able to carry out most transactions except if you are enrolled for a BVN, then upgrade accordingly.

The KYC account is a full-fledged Kuda bank account with no limitation whatsoever, you can operate and access every service just like a standard bank account.

How to open Kuda bank account without BVN

  • Kindly visit the Google/App store to download the Kuda bank app, available for Android and IOS operating systems
  • Having arrived at the store, at the search bar, type “Kuda app” then download the app accordingly
  • Open the app, click on sign up
  • In the choice of account, click on “Open basic account”
  • In the next column, enter your complete name, valid email address, and phone number
  • Click on “Submit”

Having signed up successfully, kindly fund your account, as well as request the Kuda debit card and enjoy the functionalities of Kuda bank.

How to open a Kuda bank account with BVN

  • Download and install the Kuda app
  • Open the app, click on sign up and fill in your details as required, name, valid email address, and phone number
  • Tap next to complete the setup, enter your BVN, ID, Selfie passport, etc
  • Your account will be up with full functionality.

Frequently asked questions on how to open Kuda bank account without BVN

What are Kuda bank fees?

If you create an account with BVN, you are allowed up to 25 free transfers every month, however, if you sign up without a BVN you will receive just 2 free transfers monthly.

Having exhausted your transfers for the month, an extra transfer will cost you N10.00 only

Every other service on Kuda is free, this includes, account maintenance, debit card, and cash withdrawal from Kuda partner ATMs.

What is the code to open Kuda bank account?

Kuda bank does not have a specific USSD to open an account at this time, however, you can download the Kuda app and sign up for an account with full functionality.

Kuda swift code

The Kuda swift code is used to either send or receive money internationally, it’s denoted by KUDANGBA234.

Kuda bank WhatsApp contact

You can reach Kuda bank via call on 01 633 5832 or send a mail to

Kuda bank sign in

The Kuda bank sign-in is only available to users who have successfully registered and are assigned an account on Kuda bank app/platform.

To sign in to your Kuda account, you will need to provide your username and password correctly.

Kuda bank verification

If you open the Kuda bank basic account, you will be required to carry a verification during the account upgrade with your BVN and valid ID card.

Additionally, the verification is a routine exercise conducted during transactions to ensure your meet the necessary eligibility to carry out such transactions.


There you have it on how to open Kuda bank account without BVN, it’s obtainable without stress, just head over to the Google/Apple store, download and install the app, and sign up for an account by choosing the “Open a basic account.”

Request a debit card and fund your Kuda account to start enjoying the service immediately

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