How to open a Polaris Bronze wallet account (Polaris wallet *833*0#) 2020/2021

How to open a Polaris Bronze wallet account (Polaris wallet *833*0#) 2020/2021

Polaris wallet – How does it feel to know you can now own a bank account where your cell phone number becomes your account number?

You heard me right, it’s not a typo error when I say your phone number becomes your account number……… Isn’t that interesting? Sure it is.

That said, in this guide, I will show you how possible it is in today’s banking particularly with Polaris bank Limited.

Nigerian banks have evolve overtime, working on new innovations aimed at bettering banking and providing seamless experience to customers, which ultimately makes for brand satisfaction.

You’ve not heard it all, still more to come, despite not anywhere near the world best industry practice, but we sure are no longer where we used to be, that you can even affirm yourself.

Today’s banking has close up the gap from what we used to have in 2006 and below, a lot have been achieved and I’d know it can only get better.

Dear loyal reader, permit me to introduce “Polaris Bronze Wallet account.”

What is Polaris Bronze Wallet?

This is a latest addition in the archive of Polaris bank limited, an all easy account that creates or houses your account number around your phone number.

In simple terms, this is an account where your personal phone number becomes your account number, you can receive funds and as well make payment into this account number anytime.

The upside about this account is that you do not need to visit any Polaris bank branch to get enrolled, you can enroll from the comfort of your home via a USSD code.

Requirements for the Polaris wallet account

  • Your full name
  • Last name
  • Mobile number and
  • Date of birth

Product features

  • Your mobile number becomes your account number
  • It has a zero opening and withdrawal balance
  • It has a daily cumulative transaction limit of N50,000.

This means to say, within a 24-hour, you may not pay in or receive more than N50,000 in this account.

  • It has a maximum cumulative balance of N300,000

It then stands that this account cannot accommodate more than N300,000 all time, you can pay in money as you want, but must not exceed three hundred thousand naira.

What happens when I pay in more than N300, 000 into the Polaris bronze wallet?

For the record, if you pay in more than the stipulated amount, the money will go into your account but you cannot effect withdrawal from such account, immediately the fund arrives, the account is triggered to a “No debit status.”

You can only withdraw from this account after it’s being upgraded to a standard savings account or thereabout.

At this point, there’s a need to visit the nearest Polaris bank branch to upgrade this account. Endeavor to visit with your valid ID card and utility bill not later than 90 days.

  • On opening the account, you have access to a verve card
  • Unlimited withdrawal counts daily and monthly

How to open the Polaris wallet account

From your phone as a new customer,

  • Dial *833*0#
  • Select option “2” “Open an account without BVN”
  • Input your details as required (Your full name, Last name, mobile number and date of birth).
  • Boom your account will be ready.

FAQs on Polaris Bronze wallet

Kindly follow the below links to read extensively on each these questions


Enrolling on the Polaris wallet is as easy as snapping your finger, you can get started with this class of account if you have challenges with standard documentation for the time being.

You can access bank services from anywhere, so long you get onboard.

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