How to make N30,000 monthly by opening a Standard Chartered Bank Account

Standard Chartered Bank – What if you get to know how to make N30,000 by becoming a Standard Chartered Bank account owner, then make N1,500 continuously by referring family and friends to open same account?

That’s not even all, the most interesting aspect is that while you make N1,500 by referring any of your friends and family, the bank credit their accounts with N1,500 as a welcome bonus, with this arrangement it’s a mutual money making opportunity for all.

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I don’t know what extra N30k can do for you in one month, but I’m certain it will go a long way to ease your financial burden, probably taking care of petty expenses that’ll have otherwise required overdrawing your account on consistent basis.

The very first time I came across this program I thought it was one of those elephant and cosmetics promises that’ll never materialize.

Sooner than I thought, I realized how wrong I was the moment money began to hit my account as soon as my friends/family open their own bank account too.

There’s nothing to lose, just making money on autopilot.

About Standard Chartered Bank

Standard Chartered Bank is a bank that offers a wide range of services in

  • Retail
  • Wealth management
  • Commercial
  • Corporate and Institutional
  • Private
  • Digital and transaction banking business.

The bank has over 900 staff and 22 branches each with ATM.


To start making consistent N1,500 from the SC bank platform to the tune of N30k monthly, you will first and fore most open an account by downloading the SC Mobile app, the process is quite easy that you can follow the below process and get completed in less than 3 minutes.

  • Download SC Mobile app here or head over to Play store type Standard Chartered Mobile app in the search bar, either Android or IOS operating systems
  • Having arrived at the Play Store, click on install/download
  • The moment you are done, open your app and start the process of opening an account immediately.
  • Click on register, you will be required to provide your valid phone number through which authorization code will be sent to continue your account opening process.
  • You will be required to enter your BVN and referral code
  • For the referral code kindly enter 400173226

Note: For you to receive your N1,500 sign up bonus, you will have to use the referral code “400173226” which is mine in the column provided, otherwise you your account will not be credited.

  • Follow the screen prompt and complete your sign up.

On successful sign up you will receive your account details both onscreen and via SMS, ensure to keep record of your reference ID.

  • The next thing you will need to do is to credit/fund your account with at least N2000

How to fund your account

#1. Debit (ATM)/credit card

#2. Transfer from other bank

#3. Cash deposit at Standard Chartered bank branch

#4. Cash deposit at Standard Chartered ATM

#5. Deposit/cash-in at agent location. Note: The account to be credited here is your Standard Chartered bank account sent to you via SMS and can also be found on your SC Mobile.

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Check the “How to fund my account” on the Mobile page to see how you can complete your account credit using any of the digital methods.

How to make N30k monthly by simply opening a SCB account

Having signed up successfully as a SC bank account holder it’s now time to make money continuously without blinking an eye lid.

In this scheme you make money by referral program, like I said earlier, the bank pays you N1,500 for every customer that opens an account via the SC Mobile app (Standard Charted Bank Mobile app), the new customer as well gets credited with N1,500.

Step 1.

You are going to make money by sending and sharing your referral code with friends and family, they are expected to sign up using your referral code this way all of you will make money together.

Step 2.

How to get your referral code

  • Click on the Menu icon at the top left corner of your Mobile app
  • You can find the “Refer your family and friends” below the app
  • Click on the “Get referral code” to either copy or share your referral code with friends and family.

Step 3.

Having found your code, the next thing you will need to do is to start sharing with your network and invite them to open an account using the Standard Charted Bank Mobile app.

Earning potential

There’s no limit to how much you can make with this referral program, it rightly depends on your effort and commitment to work on achieving your goals.

Assuming you were able to get 20 friends/family to sign up via your referral code you will be making a decent income.


N1,500 referral bonus x 20 people monthly

= N30,000.

Assuming you leverage the power of social network to convert users, let’s say you were able to get 50 persons to sign up in one month. Your income potential will be

N1,500 x 50 = N75,000

You will simply make N75,000 in one month.

How to get people to open this account

The beauty of this account is that you can open and start using it without visiting the bank for a single transaction. Everything you will ever need has been built in the app so there’s no issue even if you reside in a place where there are no physical branches.

You can get sign ups from

  • Facebook: Virtually every Nigerian adult and young is on Facebook, kindly engage your friends and family on this platform, talk to them about the potential of this program. Since it empowers them to make money too, everybody wants to make money.
  • WhatsApp: Use the WhatsApp platform to invite your friends/family to sign up. Let them understand what they stand to gain apart from being an account owner.
  • Leverage twitter, etc.
  • Word of the mouth: Talk to your family/friends about this money making opportunity.

If you are a blogger, the income potential is much with less effort. Just write a review about the SC bank referral program. Your loyal readers will be willing to take action since they stand to make money too.

Ensure to stand by them at every step in case they need your assistance since all of you make money at every step of the business.

Standard Charted Bank customer care

Kindly reach out to the contact centre on: +23412704611 or +23480 01235000


There’s no limit to how many people you can refer, neither is there limit to how much you can make using the Standard Chartered Bank account opening referral program, recall the account should be opened using the SC Bank Mobile app as found on the Google Play store, etc.

Feel free to contact me using the contact page on this webpage should you need further assistance on signing up for an account here, to your success.

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[…] Read also: How to make N30,000 monthly by opening a Standard Chartered Bank Account […]

[…] Read also: How to make N30,000 monthly by opening a Standard Chartered Bank Account […]

[…] Read also: How to make N30,000 monthly by opening a Standard Chartered Bank Account […]

[…] Read also: How to make N30,000 monthly by opening a Standard Chartered Bank Account […]

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