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How to make money with Bitsika, money transfer gets even easier [Nigeria, Ghana and Africa]

How to make money with Bitsika, money transfer gets even easier [Nigeria, Ghana and Africa]

Bitsika – Africa has continued to adopt financial inclusion in the most possible ways. Which in the face of things is changing the narrative.

According to a global world survey, only 35% of Africa’s population has access to financial services, which the barriers cut across;

  • Affordability
  • Bulky documentation
  • Lack of capital to set up payment infrastructure
  • Accompanied by lack of consumer education

Thus the need to integrate financial inclusion further in the region is a clarion call that’s beginning to receive the required and necessary attention from affordable quarters.

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In recent time, a good number of Fintech companies have emerged and doing their best to distort the conventional financial institutions, whose service come with age long protocols.

The financial institutions in response to this fight are taking to the localities via agency banking to maintain a fair share of the market pie, which has further improved the industry in a positive direction.

Today I’m introducing you to one app that does every financial service for you at the speed of light.

This app is called “Bitsika.”

Bitsika allows you to send money between friends without revealing your bank account in any way.

With Bitsika, you can deposit money in one currency and withdraw anytime to the same currency or another as deemed fit. It’s a multi-currency app right in your hands.

Why you should use Bitsika app

  • This app does not charge a fee till you consummate a transaction up to $300 monthly before any fee could apply.
  • Bitsika is a multi-currency app
  • You do not need to provide your full naira bank detail or Mobile money number to the public anymore
  • You simply receive money with your cash-tag
  • You can generate a virtual VISA card on this app and use it to pay on your favorite websites like Facebook, Amazon, Netflix and everywhere virtual VISA card is accepted
  • Interestingly, you can use this app to buy and sell Bitcoin, you can deposit Bitcoin into the app and withdraw to your naira account immediately.
  • You can buy airtime in Ghana and Nigeria, you can buy airtime from any phone number in Ghana and Nigeria
  • It does a KYC on you for security reason, this means your transaction details are safe.
  • Bitsika app allows you to make money off the platform by introducing and referring your friends. You make $1 per referral on this app.

How to make money with Bitsika

How does it feel to make some money while using a money transfer app, if that doesn’t interest you I don’t know what else should.

Despite availing easy and seamless money transfer across Nigeria, Ghana and Africa, the app lets you make extra cash by simply telling and referring your friends to get on board.

For every referral you earn $1, imagine if you could refer ten of your friends in a day, that’s $10.

$10 x N420 = N4,200 that’s even worst case exchange rate in Nigeria today.

Multiply that by 100 friends….waw… $100 x N420 = N42,000….. Isn’t that something worth doing?

Note: You will be required to input your referral detail while resgistering, kindly use $donraph as your referrer.

Well, if you’d like to on board and start making your money while using the app for other transactions click HERE/download the app and get started immediately. Remember to use $donraph as your referrer

To know more about Bitsika, kindly read the FAQs click HERE.

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To your success.

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