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How to link NIN to your MTN, GLO, Airtel and 9mobile lines in simple steps

How to link NIN to your MTN, GLO, Airtel and 9mobile lines in simple steps

Link NIN – Recall that Mohammad Buhari’s led federal government had on 15th December 2020 instructs Nigerians to link their NIN to phone numbers or risk being disconnected from Telcos network service.

Sequel to this, Dr. Ikechukwu  Adinde, in the capacity of the Director, Public Affairs the Nigerian Communication Commission affirms that;

  • Network providers would embark on a compulsory task to ensure that network subscribers are adequately provided with valid NIN to which they will update their SIM registration records.
  • He noted that the exercise should be carried out within two weeks of this notice from December 15th through 30th of the same month.
  • By implication, on the expiration of the said dead line, all SIM cards not linked with NIN will be blocked from service.
  • To ensure compliance, a ministerial task force and CEOs will work concertedly
  • In the line of this directive, any violation by the Telcos will be meted with stiff sanctions.

Why the compulsory link NIN?

Citing security challenges in the Africa’s most populous nation, as evidently seen in the activities of terrorism and banditry units, which has gruesomely reduced the nation to its barest state.

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The federal government adopts this strategy to further counter an stay ahead of insecurity and its accomplices since communication is unavoidable in carrying out their merchandise.


If you have multiple SIM cards across different networks, there’s no cause to panic because the network service providers already have put measures in place to ensure you have a smooth exercise in the link NIN process.

How to link NIN to your SIM card

First  and foremost, it has been observed that a number of Nigerians could not lay their hands on the very National Identity card that houses the NIN in question.

Sequel to this, the Telcos had device a platform via the “Unstructured Supplementary Service Data” (USSD) code to enable users a timely retrieval of the NIN for this exercise.

The first question that should come to mind is,

How to get the “National Identity Number (NIN)?.”

You could access your NIN in two simple procedures

  • By checking the paper ID card printed and presented to you two weeks after the National ID card registration. The code is written after the NIN inscription at the top left corner of the paper temporary ID card.
  • The next idea is via the USSD code by dialing *346# from the registered phone line used during the national Identity card registration.
  • Having dialed the said code, select “1” from the option displayed, afterwards your NIN will be displayed.
  • Kindly note that this service attracts a service fee of N20, so ensure your phone line is adequately recharged to at least the tune of N20 before carrying out this task.
  • Make it good to reiterate that this service is available for MTN, GLO, Airtel and 9Mobile subscribers.

The next question you may need to ask is,

“How do I link NIN to my phone number?”

You can link your NIN to your phone numbers, practically starting with the giant network MTN

How to link NIN to MTN line

Kindly follow the below steps,

  • From your registered phone line, dial *785#
  • In the column displayed, input your “NIN” and click send.

You will be notified of the receipt of this command

  • On successful verification, you will receive a message that the process has been successfully completed.

How to link NIN to GLO line

The below steps apply,

  • Send updateNIN NIN first name last name to 109

Assuming your first name is: Kenneth last name/surname is Obi while NIN is: 12345675435

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The sequence should appear thus; “UpdateNIN 12345675435 Kenneth Obi” to “109” in that order.

Your NIN will be linked successfully.

How to link NIN to Airtel line

  • Kindly dial *121*1# on the registered Airtel line
  • Type in your “NIN” in the column displayed
  • Hit the send button, the NIN will be linked to your phone number


Against the popular rumor you might have been fed with in town, it doesn’t take a rocket science to link NIN as seen on this guide.

Kindly follow the listed processes and get yourself intact to the network provider’s service without risking disconnection of any kind which may not be too pleasant to nurture.

Have questions and concerns here? Let’s get talking below.

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