How to link BVN to zenith bank account


How to link BVN to Zenith bank account in simple steps

How to Link BVN to Zenith bank account – The Central bank of Nigeria has made its position clear to restrict bank accounts without BVN going forward since 2015, as expected the apex bank stood by its verdict and requires compliance from all customers at all times.

This was a step taken in the right direction, where the regulatory outfit seeks to create a safe and healthy banking ecosystem for everyone.

The porosity of the Nigeria’s banking system prior 2014 necessitated the invention of BVN, given this, the Bank Verification Number is designed to,

  • Mitigate theft in the system
  • Correct the incident of identity theft where customers are being impersonated by impostors, bank accounts get cleared afterward
  • Customers with double standards no longer find it easy practicing their unhealthy financial lifestyles across banks.

The banks can now identify each customer with a unique number, every customer appears with same identity across all banks, there’s no room for double identity anymore.

That said, if you are a Zenith bank customer looking to learn how to link BVN to Zenith bank account, you are in the right place.

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The guide you are about to read with has been tailored to provide answers to your puzzles in the most seamless arrangement that even a toddler can implement it.

This guide will answer the following questions and more;

  • How to link BVN to Zenith bank account
  • Zenith bank BVN update form
  • How to get BVN online
  • Internet banking BVN linker
  • Examples of BVN number
  • BVN update portal
  • How to create BVN on phone
  • Code to link BVN to Zenith bank account, etc.

How to enroll for BVN

If you do not have BVN yet, you will need to enroll for one before you can think of linking it to your Zenith bank account.

The process is quite easy and simple, it does not cost a dime to get started.

  • Visit the nearest Zenith bank branch to your location with your valid ID card (Voters card, driver’s license, National ID card or International passport)
  • Inquire to enroll for a BVN at the branch
  • You will be given a BVN enrollment form to complete, fill the form with keen attention to details.
  • Your enrollment will be effected on the BVN desk, where your biometrics are captured.
  • You will be given a ticket ID afterward.
  • Your 11-digit BVN will be sent to you via SMS within the next 24 hours.

That’s it, you now have a BVN then proceed to get it linked.

How to link BVN to Zenith bank account

You can link your BVN to a Zenith account in four different ways

  • Via the internet banking
  • Zenith Direct
  • Zenith bank USSD code and the
  • Zenith bank website

Via the internet banking platform/internet banking BVN linker

  • If you are using the Zenith internet banking already, kindly log on to the internet banking platform.
  • Click on the account summary as seen at the left end.
  • Click on BVN update
  • Enter your 11-digit BVN and click submit, that’s it. Your BVN will be linked to your Zenith account successfully.

Via Zenith Direct

  • You will need to download the BVN update form first, download it here
  • Complete the form with requisite details alongside your 11-digit BVN
  • Mail the form to
  • Follow up by calling +2341927000 or +23412787000 if you wish.

Via the Zenith bank USSD code (*966#)

From your phone number registered with the bank, through which you receive SMS alert as well, dial *966*Your 11-digit BVN# to link your BVN to a designated account.

Via the Zenith bank website

  • Visit the Zenith bank website/bvn portal
  • Enter your 10-digit Zenith bank account number
  • Enter your 11-digit BVN
  • Enter the provided security code, click on validate
  • Having validated enter your token details to update and activate your account.

How to get BVN online

You can only retrieve your BVN online if you’ve enrolled for one initially.

Your BVN can be traced to;

  • Your mobile/internet banking platform
  • Dial *565*0# from a phone number linked to your BVN during enrolment to retrieve your BVN. The service fee for this transaction is N20.

Example of BVN number

The BVN is 11-digit number, usually begins with (22xxxxxxxxx) can be subsided by other numbers as generated by the BVN portal through NIBBS. No two customers have the same BVN.

How to create BVN on phone

Unfortunately, you cannot create BVN yourself. The bank has been empowered to carry out this task strictly. This is given to the sensitivity of the BVN application in financial transactions.

You can only get one created by visiting a preferred bank, complete a BVN enrolment form, go through the biometrics registration, thereafter your BVN will be generated and communicated via SMS.

Code to link BVN to Zenith bank account

The code in question here is the Zenith bank USSD code represented by *966#.

However, to link the BVN via this code you will need to follow the below process

  • Dial *966*11-digit BVN# to link your BVN to designated account.


The Zenith bank BVN can be linked to your account in four different ways; internet banking, USSD, Zenith direct and the Zenith bank website.

Kindly choose a method that applies to you and link your BVN accordingly.

Do you have questions and inquiries, let’s get talking in the comment box.

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Raphael Orji

I tried to link my bvn to my account by darling the code *966*bvn# but it is not working
It’s say the bvn has expired 4 this account


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