How to link BVN to GTBank account


How to link BVN to GTBank account in few easy steps

How to link BVN to GTBank account – Are you a GTBank customer looking to link BVN to your bank account without requisite idea on how to go about it yet, do you wish to enroll for your BVN?

If this feels like you, rest assured you’ll learn how to get these resolved yourself by the time you read through this guide.

Why link your account with BVN?

The importance of BVN in modern banking cannot be underscored, BVN was introduced in 2014 by the Central bank of Nigeria in collaboration with the bankers committee.

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The BVN was introduced as a safety measure to checkmate against theft into customers account alongside;

  • It addresses the case of identity theft
  • Through BVN, blacklisted customers are fished out of the system
  • BVN brings a unique identity to customers verifiable across banks, etc.
  • BVN is a means of identification acceptable across banks

These and more have been major pointers to which the Bank verification number was created.

Having said this, the CBN mandated all customers to enroll for their BVN thereafter link (the bank verification number) – to their bank accounts for unique identity across board, failing to do so such customers risk being deprived access to their bank accounts.

How to enroll for BVN

BVN enrolment process is quite easy, kindly visit the nearest GTBank branch in your location, inquire to enroll for your BVN, the form can still be obtained online on the bank’s portal.

Complete and return the form to submit yourself for biometrics at the designated branch.

Having completed the biometrics, a ticket ID will be issued to you.

Your BVN will be sent to you within 24 hours via SMS, where you did not receive your BVN kindly visit the bank with your ticket ID after 48 hours.

How to link BVN to GTBank account

Having received your BVN, the next step you will need to take is to follow the below guideline on how to link BVN to GTBank account.

GTBank provides arrays of options for its customers to get their BVN linked, this can be completed through

  • GTBank ATM nationwide
  • Internet banking
  • USSD code
  • SMS

Link through GTBank ATM

  • Insert your card in the machine
  • From the list of options on the transaction menu, select “BVN link”
  • Enter your 11-digit BVN
  • Confirm the BVN details inputted, then
  • Click on “submit”

Link through internet banking

  • Log on to your internet banking platform
  • From the left end of the app select “BVN linker”
  • Click on “New request”
  • Having seen the dropdown menu, insert your 11-digit BVN
  • From the list of option select the Nigerian bank where your BVN was issued
  • Provide answer to the question featured and complete your BVN linking

Link through USSD code

From your registered number with the bank, kindly dial *737*20*BVN# and hit the send button.

Link through SMS

To link through SMS you will need to text your 11-digit BVN to 08076665555.

BVN check/BVN code for all banks/how to check BVN on MTN

There are instances where you wish to link your BVN to the preferred GTBank account as well as use it for other purposes, but you can’t lay hands on your BVN either. There’s a way out of this situation.

From your phone number linked to your BVN dial *565*0# your BVN will be displayed on your screen, Note; you will need to have at least N20 in your phone to complete this transaction.

How to link BVN to your phone number

By default, your phone number should be linked to your BVN on enrolment. However, most customers face challenges when they no longer have access to such phone number given that most of the phone numbers do not belong to them.

When you find yourself in this situation, do not panic, kindly read my article on how to change BVN phone number to get this resolved.


There are quite a lot of benefits associated with enrolling for a BVN, it mitigates identity theft, unauthorized access into customer’s account, it’s acceptable as a means of identification across Nigerian banks.

Having learnt how to link BVN to GTBank account yourself, there’s no point visiting any branch to complete this transaction.

Are there further questions and inquiries regarding this topic? Kindly use the comment box.

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