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How to link BVN to account yourself without going to the bank

Link BVN to account has become a routine for every bank customer who wish to still access his/her account for the available funds.

The Central of Nigeria (CBN) mandated all banks to get their customers enrolled on the platform to further enable the apex bank position the Nigerian financial institutions in focal with the world industry best practice.

In terms of combating financial fraud that often emanate from customers impersonating names while some open bank accounts on proxy names to carry out dubious and nefarious financial activities.

Customers had however complied with this directives, thus enrolled for the Bank Verification Number (BVN), now starred with reality of linking same with their various accounts across different banks.


  • You can only enroll on BVN portal once, which means you cannot enroll with Bank A and proceed to enroll with bank B.
  • You could have room to correct your name arrangement or date of birth on BVN, but not the Bank Verification number itself. Say (22241235698)
  • Kindly make sure you supply a reliable ID card containing the name you have with other banks in your account while enrolling for the BVN, otherwise you will be faced with BVN name correction, name change, even date of birth. Any error in these key areas will frustrate your effort trying to link your BVN, thus be denied access to your funds until you effect the necessary corrections. See my article on how to go about your BVN Change of Name BVN change of name in Nigerian bank accounts

In this guide, I will take you by the hands and show you how you can link BVN to account in any Nigerian Bank without visiting the Bank. Also expect the following:

  • BVN linking Portal
  • Access Bank BVN Linking
  • First Bank BVN Linking
  • Gtbank BVN Check
  • Diamond Bank BVN Linking
  • Code to Link BVN to gtb and many more as the case may be.

BVN linking process via gtb internet banking #1

We all know the essence of BVN in today’s banking, particularly aimed at forestalling crime, check mating increase in fraudulent activities as it concerns finance and the Nigerian banking industry at large. Looking at the possibility to link BVN to account using the internet banking particularly GTBank.

I wish to introduce you to the process below

Remember you’re linking your BVN to a GTBank account, which specifically suggests you have enrolled with another Bank and now want to extend it to your GTBank account.

  • Kindly log on to your gtb internet banking platform
  • Select from the options, “BVN Linker”
  • Tap the new request button.
  • Inert your BVN in space displayed.
  • Select the issuing bank, i.e the bank where you enrolled.
  • Then answer your security questions and complete the process.

You can as well link your BVN to gtb account via USSD code 737 as follows

  • Dial *737*20*BVN then click the send button, you’re done.

Linking BVN through ATM gtb specifically

How you can link BNV to account with First Bank #2

First bank will always ensure the safety of your funds as such has adopted BNV linking process online to further enhance your experience on the do it yourself basis without meddling with the possible traffic at any of their branches you may visit for this reason. The below steps refer:

  • See: bvn.firstbanknigeria
  • You will be provided with a column to insert your First bank account number
  • Input your first bank account name, enter your email address as supplied during account opening with First bank.
  • Then enter your BVN in the column provided, tap the submit button and you’re done.

Link BVN to your  Access Bank account

Access bank has also given an ear to your quest in this topic, they have likewise made easy provision to enable you achieve your quest to link BVN to your account with the bank.

Access bank BVN Linkage by text message/short code

  • Kindly text BVN, your Access bank account number and BVN to 20121.
  • Example BVN 0065694782 22245234651. Where BVN is the initial to be written just like it appears, 0065694782 is your account number while 22245234651 is your BVN. Hope that’s simple? Sure yes it’s.

Link BVN Diamond Bank account #3

Like I have mentioned before now, you must have BVN before you can talk of linking same with your other accounts as your case apply.

Link BVN to your Diamond bank account via email

  • Send your BVN details which include, the number, your account number with Diamond Bank, account name, name of the bank where BVN was enrolled to

Link BVN to your Diamond Bank account via SMS/short code

  • Send your BVN details which include, the number, your account number with Diamond Bank, account name, name of the bank where BVN was enrolled to 30811. You can also call Diamond bank on 07003000000 to follow up.

Link BVN to your Zenith Bank account  #4

Zenith bank as a giant financial institution in Nigeria is still representing what it believes in when you talk about service, brand and positioning. As a Zenith bank customer, your BVN linkage issues have been solved below.

Link BVN to your Zenith Bank account via call

  • To effect this, kindly pick up your phone and put a call to +23412787000, 2927000, 4647000

Link BVN to your Zenith Bank account via email

How to link your BVN with Ecobank via portal #5

Ecobank is still very much at your service as a loyal customer to assist link BVN to your account number

  • Kindly visit ecobank you will see a column where you’re asked enter your BVN, kindly do as directed and click the submit button.

Link BVN to your Ecobank account via USSD Code

How to link your BVN to UBA account #6

United Bank for Africa maintains a strong presence in banking business and will go extra mile to ensure you have a good customer experience just like her colleagues are affording their customers.

Link BVN to your bank account with UBA via USSD Code

  • Kindly dial *919*60*BVN# on your mobile phone as rec-organized by the bank. Your BVN will be linked to your account afterwards.

How to link BVN to your Fidelity Bank account #7

Fidelity Bank is not out of service yet, still doing business like other banks in town. Their presence had as well been felt online across malty channels of banking services.

Link BVN to Fidelity Bank account via USSD Code

  • Kindly dial *770*02# on your Fidelity bank registered phone number. Having done this, follow series of instructions and prompts outlined to get your BVN linked to your account. Having done this your BVN will be linked instantly to your account. No need to fill form or enter any Fidelity Bank branch.

How to link BVN to your FCMB account #8

For the record, FCMB stands for First City Monument Bank in case you’re not conversant with that acronym. This bank has been one of the industry players especially in Nigeria, they have a track record in service and overall merchandise support.

Link BVN to FCMB account via email

  • To achieve this, kindly send your details (BVN, account number, account name) to , your BVN will be linked to your account thereafter successfully.

How to link BVN to account in Skye Bank/ Polaris Bank #9

Despite being defunct and now Polaris bank, Skye bank was and under Polaris a bank you can think of when it comes to service and giving a listening ear to its customers. This bank has a track record steeped in the use of information and technology as a latest trend to further satisfy its customers.

Link BVN to Skye/Polaris Bank account via email

  • Send your details (BVN, account number, account name, name of enrollment bank) Once done your BVN will be linked to your account successfully without further delays.

How to link BVN to Sterling Bank account #10

Sterling bank cannot be shortchanged from the industry performers. They have represented their brand with great pride that they can hardly go unnoticed.

Link BVN to Sterling Bank account via portal

  • To link your BVN on a Sterling Bank account you will have to lunch
  • On arrival, select and fill the following column as appropriate: Your BVN enrollment Bank, Input your BVN, Select your Sterling Bank account type (savings or current as applied),enter your Sterling Bank account number, enter your phone number as registered with Sterling Bank. Having done these check the captcha and submit. Your BVN will be linked to your account.

How to link BVN to Union Bank account #11

Union Bank as old as they are, still gives you a listening ear. Their age did not separate them from service rather they have continuously strive to meet the best industry standard practices in service.

Link BVN to Union Bank account via Portal

  • See: unionbankbvnsubmit
  • Fill the required fields with your BVN, account number, account name then hit the submit button. Your BVN will be linked to your account thereafter.

How to link BVN to Stanbic IBTC Account #12

Stanbic IBTC is an industry giant especially in areas of pension and as well big players in financial services, who had likewise maintained a stable and viral presence over time. Supporting business solutions in Nigeria.

Link BVN to Stanbic IBTC account via portal

How to link BVN to Keystone Bank account #13

Despite the storm and harsh realities on ground, Keystone bank has weathered the storm and is still progressing into a robost business solutions by the passage of time.

Link BVN to Keystone account via email

  • Send your details (BVN, Account number, account name) to also call them on +23470020003000 once you’re done your account will be link.

How to link BVN to heritage Bank account

Heritage has remained strong despite series of transitions that gave birth to this bank in recent times. Business has been its watch word, solution to customer needs and enterprise has also been taken care of as a means to steady the ship.

Link BVN to Heritage Bank account via Portal


Link BVN to account in Nigeria is not an option, rather an obligation if you ever have any preference to your account. It’s however advisable to link your account as delays and routine procedures during your emergency cash needs is not a good experience. Is there any difficulty you’re encountering with your Bank on your BVN, are there things you think I should have said not covered in this guide? Kindly use the comment box below to indicate, I love comments, let them in. Do not forget to share this article if it has really helped you.

16 comments on “How to link BVN to account yourself without going to the bank

Raphael Orji

how do u know my bvn has been linked

Hello Favour,
Thank you for being here in the first place.

You can know if your BVN has been linked to your account in the following arrangements:

1. Visit any bank where you have an account, walk straight to the customer service point. Provide them with your 10 digits NUBAN account number.

Ask them to check if your BVN has been linked to your account, they’ll check and revert to you immediately.

2. Try to make cash withdrawal from any branch of your bank, if you get paid without hitches or a recourse to your BVN, then it has been linked. No teller can pass debit on an account without BVN being linked, that’s how it works now.
Hope that helps?

Raphael Orji

Can I link my bvn today and still be able to withdraw money from the atm the same day

Hello Amaka,
Once your BVN is linked, you can go ahead with your transaction across all channels.

Raphael Orji

Hello! Please have been trying to link my bvn to my first bank account number but not working and am not in Nigeria….
Please help me.

Raphael Orji

Hello everyone, I have been out of Nigeria for almost 7year..when I was in Nigeria back then, I had a bank account in Gtbank with wrong name and my Bvn was link to that .I have tried to change it back then no presently I want to open Nigeria account from the bvn I have on that wrong name 7 year ago still valid..because I want my account to be open with my real name ..thanks

Raphael Orji

Please a mistake was made when I was enrolling for my bvn so I need a change of name please how can I do it

Raphael Orji
Ogundare oluwaseun Emmanuel

Link my bvn to my gtb account number

Raphael Orji
Jeremiah Sunday

Sir, God bless you. Please how can I link to UNITY BANK?

Hi Jeremiah,

To link your BVN to your Unity bank account dial *7799# from your registered phone number with the bank.

Select BVN verification from the list of options. Follow the prompt to link your BVN to the said account.

Hope that helps.

Raphael Orji
Pereotu Joseph

Is to link my bvn

Raphael Orji

I want links my BVN number to my email

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