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How to get Zenith bank token (eToken App) 2020/2021

How to get Zenith bank token (eToken App) 2020/2021

Zenith bank token – Cyber-attack is on the raise, banks, financial institutions and high profile corporate organizations are on the spotlight of targets.

High and low profile individuals are not left out, in fact so long you have access to money in a bank account in Nigeria, you are a potential target (Typical of big catch).

Zenith bank as one of the leading commercial banks in the nation’s financial institution has further device an extra layer security to enhance maximum protection for its customers who wish to transfer funds from the bank accounts to other users alike.

Zenith bank token

Zenith bank eToken app produces an efficient One Time Password (OTP), to make your transactions simpler, easier and seamless, while enabling a highly secured end to end interface for security of funds.

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The Zenith bank eToken app in principle is a mobile application that generates (OTP) used in the authentication of electronic transactions.

How to start using Zenith bank token

You can basically access and start using this token in two simple steps

  • Download and install the Zenith bank eToken app on your mobile device
  • Activate the app and start enjoying your transactions at once.

After downloading the app above, you can activate the app in the following steps. (TOKEN ACTIVATION)

1. To register as an individual, you may do this in three simple categories namely;

  • Hardware Token – It requires your account number, 4-digit server PIN and hardware  Token code
  • Debit card process– Your account number is required, Zenith bank issued ATM card, the last 6-digit on your card PAN, then your 4-digit card PIN.
  • Quick access method – You will have to visit a branch to generate activation code required for enabling access on the eToken app.

Any of the above ways can get you successfully enrolled on the Zenith bank token accordingly

2. You can register as a corporate

  • Quick access method – You will have to visit a branch to generate activation code required for enabling access on the eToken app.

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How to reset Zenith bank token PIN

By any means you want to reset your hardware PIN, kindly follow the below procedure;

  • Call ZenithDirect on 234-2787000, select option “4” to speak with an executive for assistance
  • You may send a mail from your registered email address account details and token serial number to zenithdirect@zenithbank.com

Zenith bank daily transfer limit

  • Daily transfer limit with ATM card is N100,000
  • Daily transfer limit with hardware token is N1,000,000
  • Daily transfer limit via Mobile banking app as an OTP user is N20,000. As an ATM card user is N1,000,000 and as a hardware token device user is N5,000,000


Zenith bank token affords you extra security alongside enabling seamless transaction process. It worth checking out if you are not enrolled already.

2 comments on “How to get Zenith bank token (eToken App) 2020/2021

Raphael Orji

Please I won’t to generate e_token from my account 2389256793 Friday peter

Raphael Orji
Daramfon Archibong

I bought a new phone trying to open the zenith bank app I can’t because I don’t have token num how should I do that


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