Youwin Nigeria grant


How to get Youwin Nigeria grant for your business

How to get Youwin Nigeria grant for your business

Youwin Nigeria grant is one of the business grants in Nigeria, a yearly youth enterprise program aimed at encouraging the youths to develop an entrepreneurial mindset to come up with business ideas.  It’s a weapon against mass unemployment, it allows young stars to create jobs and employment for themselves and others than depend on the government for non existing jobs.

Youwin Nigeria grant is money given to Nigerian youths especially graduates who wish to be self reliant and enterprising, this funding comes from the ministry of finance as a way to better the lives of Nigerians.

Youwin Application Requirements:

You must have a sound business idea, aimed to kick start in Nigeria to as well provide employment for Nigerians at large. You should be a graduate from any of the accredited Nigerian higher institutions of learning.You must be a Nigerian between 18 to 45 years of age.


YOUWIN NIGERIA GRANT : How to apply for Youwin business grant:

Visit Youwin portal   apply and register for a log in detail that you’ll be reorganized with as a returning applicant at any time confirmation e-mail will be sent to your registered e-mail containing your log in details. Log in and complete the new business application.

Remember to save your applicant form for further visits and review. Submit your application once done properly expect an e-mail for successful selection if you made it to the next stage of the competition.

To apply kindly note the following as well:

You must be a Nigerian, residence in Nigeria, you must have a valid ID card which include any of the following; International passport, Driver’s License, National ID card or Permanent voter’s card.The business should residence in Nigeria, the business must not have anything to do with production or distribution of fire arms, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, gambling as restricted by the authority. Youwin is a good idea for your startup funding.

The basic objectives of this guide ( Youwin Nigeria grant ) is to assist you secure and take advantage of this opportunity  to further grow or start a new business exponentially.

To do this appropriately, it’s very Paramount you acquaint yourself with the basic priorities that will give you an edge over fellow applicants in the Youwin Nigeria grant.


kindly adhere to the below steps and strike your breakthrough with ease


Registering your business with the corporate affairs commission before applying for Youwin Nigeria grant is a must step to follow if actually you’re dead serious about this fund.

It’s a legal practice to get your business registered in Nigeria to be duly accredited to carry out related business transactions within and outside the shores of Nigeria.

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For the Youwin Nigeria grant organizers and fund issuers to be committed to providing the much needed funding for your business expansion you must be registered statutorily to access the grant.

Other benefits of business registration are:

Certificate of incorporation, this will be issued to you by the appropriate government agency.

Reputation with customers: registering your business gives your potential customers confidence that they’re dealing with a reputable organization likewise the Youwin Nigeria grant.

Legal liability protection: Youwin Nigeria grant will not invest these funds in a business with less or no legal protection against liability.

Loan acquisition: You can easily access loan of all categories with minimal processes.

For business continuity: After you’re gone the business can only continue if its been registered.


You will virtually not make a head way in this Youwin Nigeria grant without a detailed and direct to action business plan than gives insight into your supposed or existing business, what it’s all about, the viability, market structure and segmentation.

Consumer behavioral approach. Cash outlay, unique and creative parts to be taken, mission and vision statement of your business highlighted as well.

Below is what a good business plan should look like or entails, if you can fix this right you’re almost a beneficiary of Youwin Nigeria grant.

Youwin Nigeria grant sample of business plan:

1. Basic business data: this point requires you to briefly describe your business example ; ‘poultry farming’ ‘household consumables’ etc. This should normally be brief.

2. The next line should be identifying your business sector; kindly specify Agribusiness, crop farming, animal farming, industry and soap making just as it applies.

3. New/existing business; note existing business will mostly be an added advantage but you must be able to provide verifiable evidence of revenue for like six months back before  the submission of the Youwin application.

4. Why are you into the business or will like to venture into the business, you should have the ability to make the most convincing outline here.

I will advice you corporate your passion for self reliance, creating job opportunities as well. Discuss your discovery of an unsatisfied market in chosen line of business/ business data should be mentioned here as well.

5. As an existing business kindly mention address number, street, state, local government and of course the city you operate in.

6. Registration status: This is a sensitive hub of the Youwin Nigeria grant application. A registered business has high chances of being favored, kindly get your business registered before before ever applying for this grant, it’s simply easy and super fast these days go here  How to go about your business registration

7. Your business concept /model should be the next to mention. It’s very pertinent to describe your business in details, mention the services you render elaborately, your products, mission and vision statement.

8. Discuss the unique and innovative aspect of your business at this step, why is your business/product different, that’s your selling point, mention a detailed aspect that differentiates you from the competitors.

9. Market: What market are you serving, audience demographic possibly age bracket, sex etc. Include the size of the market, types of customers and factors affecting the market.

10. Employee: At this point mention your employee size if any

11. Building and machinery if you have been operating with any.

12. Projected capital and how you intend to manage the fund.

Investors want to invest in serious, safe and viable business, a good business plan remains the vehicle that drives your success in the Youwin Nigeria grant as well any other funding quest.


It remains the fact that you’re not an island of knowledge ( you cannot write exams and mark same by yourself).

It could cost you money, but it pays to have an expert pass judgement and further advice on your business plan properly. Business plan in the right direction will sure guarantee success in your Youwin Nigeria grant application.


It’s not of he that runs or struggles, but of he that God decides to show mercy.

You have practically done your part as a human, deem it fit to take it to God at this time who has the final say.

Prayer has broken barriers in past and God is still in the business of giving a listening ear to your supplications especially that said with a broken and pure heart.

Prayer can automatically break protocols and qualify you into this Youwin Nigeria grant even in your weakest moment. Judges could favor you even when you have the least of the well and best presented business plan.

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The Youwin Nigeria grant is for every Nigerian graduate who wants to join the league of entrepreneurs towards driving the economy, ditch that job search and build a business for yourself and your generation unborn.

Have this wealth creation mentality. What legacy do you intend to leave behind for your children?
They can’t inherit your day job after you’re gone, but they’ll definitely fit in and inherit your functional business and keep on with the journey of wealth creation even to their own generation to come.

I’ve motivated you enough on this Youwin Nigeria grant, embrace the opportunity and say goodbye to  search for investment startup. I love comments, use the box below to make your remark.

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