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How to get Walmart money card, load, routing number, limit, fees, etc..

How to get Walmart money card, load, routing number, limit, fees, etc..

Walmart money card is a prepaid debit card that allows its users to complete transactions without the need of an account number, the card is issued by Green Dot Bank, where users enjoy free online services and cash-back rewards.

You may have to consider a Walmart money card if you fall into any of the below categories,

  • If you’ve had issues with managing a bank account previously
  • If you are looking to evade average monthly fee for loading up to $1000 or more on monthly basis
  • If you enjoy operational money transfers among friends, and looking for a free bill pay
  • If you are a customer who uses Walmart consistently, it makes a lot of sense to get this card.

Given the Walmart money card is a prepaid card, it becomes necessary to walk you through other classes of cards and how they are being used.

In this case cards are designed with different functionalities to meet individual customer’s needs, a good knowledge of these functionalities aid in making informed decision on a suitable card that meets your financial status, taste and responsibilities.

In any case, cards are meant to help the user with immediate funds to settle for goods and services.

There are basically three types of cards under this consideration,

  • The prepaid card
  • Debit card and the
  • Credit cards
Prepaid cardThis is a type of card that allows the user to load money using cash, checks, direct deposit or a bank account before the user can pay for a transaction.
Debit cardIn this case, you can use money from a checking/saving account linked to the card to pay for purchases, it also allows you to make cash withdrawal from the ATM
Credit cardThis card is designed with a feature which allows the customer to borrow money from the bank or the issuer financial institution and pay back later.

Benefits of Walmart money cards

  • It protects against fraud
  • It has a free online bill payment
  • You can send money orders, get paper checks, or set recurring monthly payments for bills like the auto insurance
  • With this card you can send money to family and friends in and around the United States.

What we like about Walmart MoneyCard

  • It offers a free cash withdrawal at Walmart stores  via the MoneyCard app
  • There’s a free direct deposit of payroll or government benefits for a maximum of 4 days early
  • For your online bill payments, it’s absolutely free
  • You can receive up to $75 in cash-back rewards annually,
  • Cash withdrawals are free provided they are effected in any of the Walmart 5,000 locations in the States.

What we don’t like about Walmart MoneyCard

  • To wave the monthly fee, a steep load of $1,000 is required
  • Walmart rapid reload attracts a $3 fee, usually at the Green Dot reload network
  • Bank teller and ATM withdrawals attract a fee of $2.50, inclusive of any third-party fee charged.

How to get Walmart Money Card

The good news is that you can now get the Moneycard by placing an order online on the Walmart Money card website, kindly understand that following this route you will have your card delivered in two weeks of such request/application.

Alternatively, you can purchase the card at any Walmart store, to do this a customer must have attained 18 years and above. To activate the card, you will have to make initial deposit first.

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To access and enjoy all the account features, you will need to download and install the mobile app, for your account settings the Social Security Number is a requisite detail.

How to add money to Walmart Money Card

You can add money to your card in four different ways namely,

  • Cash deposit
  • Direct deposit
  • Check deposit and
  • Bank transfer

Cash deposit: You can deposit cash to your card in 4 ways that are easy and seamless.

1. Via the Walmart MoneyCard app.

Using the app to deposit cash is one of the easiest ways to add cash to your account. Create a secure deposit code that you will show the cashier at the participating retailers, this can be done with just your phone.

You can deposit any amount from $20 to $1,500 at any Walmart participating location.

So long the account deposit limits are not exceeded, you can use up to three deposit codes per day.

There’s no fee attached to depositing at any participating Walmart location.

Before you proceed with this method you will first and fore most “Generate a secure deposit code”

2. Via the Walmart Rapid reload

With the Walmart rapid reload the fund will be available in your account within 10 minutes, the functionality is easy. Just tell the cashier you want to deposit cash to your card at a participating Walmart store. A service fee of $3 applies for this service.

3. Via the MoneyPark

You can add money to your card with cash or by cashing a check at any participating Walmart store.

MoneyPark is a convenient way through which family and friends deposit money to eligible prepaid and bank debit cards.

Purchase a MoneyPark at a store and visit the Money Pack website to reload a card. MoneyPark will work with only Walmart Money cards that have been activated as well personalized with recipient’s name.

To reload your card just take your card and cash to any Walmart store and ask the cashier to reload your card, it attracts a fee of up to $3.

Direct deposit: The direct deposit apply for your “Tax refund and payroll or government benefits.”

Online transfer: The online transfer takes one to three business days, there’s no reloading fee. But your bank may charge fee on electronic transfers.

How do I find the routing and account number for my Walmart MoneyCard?

This is quite easy to locate once you are duly registered, your account and routing number can be retrieved in the following arrangements,

  • Text “DD” to 37267 you will receive the details
  • Login to the app or your online account and locate them at the appropriate field
  • You have an option to call in the cardholder customer service on 1-877-937-4098.

What is the account balance limit on Walmart MoneyCard?

The maximum balance is $7,500, however $3,000 could be obtained with other competitors.

How can someone else put money on my Walmart MoneyCard?

The easiest way is for them to send money from their bank account to your MoneyCard via your routing number and account number. Alternatively they can purchase a MoneyPark.

How do I check my Walmart MoneyCard balance?

As an active user of the Walmart MoneCard, you can check your balance online. You will need to keep your card handy as 16-digit card number will be required, expiry date, your date of birth and Zip code are requisites for checking your account balance.

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You can check your balance via the Walmart app, access your account and check the dashboard for your account balance.

There’s an option for text message, sign up for text alerts from the online account management dashboard. Once you are opted in, text “BALXXXX” (Last 4-digit of your card) to 96411 to retrieve your balance.

Walmart MoneyCard customer service

There are situations where you could be having issues, at such point you’ll need to talk to someone.

There are representatives standing by to handle your concerns and enquiries.

Call: 877-937-4098


You can get a Walmart Money Card by placing an order online on the Walmart Money card website. Alternatively, you can purchase the card at any Walmart store, however you must have turned 18 and above.

Having got the card, follow the listed guidelines to load your card, bear in mind that rapid reload attracts a $3 fee.

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