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How to get IPPIS loan as a civil servant in Nigeria

IPPIS loan – Are you a civil servant in Nigeria looking to get a loan for an immediate cash emergency or boost strap a business, if this feels like you, here’s a guide streamlined to avail you a golden opportunity where you can access  a loan with the IPPIS.

What is IPPIS?

The acronym IPPIS means; “Integrated Payroll and Personal Information System,” an outfit established by the Federal government of Nigeria to manage economic flow of salaries across government Agencies as well as intergovernmental bodies, where there are appropriate remittances and third-party deductions.

Who can apply for IPPIS facility?

This loan can be accessed by the Federal government employees from its various departments and agencies only, being that the IPPIS is saddled with a duty to deposit funds into your account, an employee can receive a loan thereafter necessary deductions are carried from your account before you access your balance as remaining salary every month.

What documents do I need to apply for IPPIS loan?

You will need to make the following documents available before you are considered for a loan;

1. Kindly produce your IPPIS number, you can trace it on your monthly pay slip

2. Monthly salary pay slip, you can access your pay slip from the payroll department in your office

3. Your bank statement of account with details of salary remittance for at least 6 months

4. Your Bank Verification Number (BVN)

5. Provide either of your employment or confirmation letter

6. Work place ID

7. Valid National identity card

Eligibility to receive IPPIS facility

  • You must not fail a good credit history test, by this instance you shouldn’t be owing any financial institution or loan agency in the past.
  • Being a federal government employee is compulsory
  • Loan accessible is usually not more than 70% of your entire salary

Loan threshold

The maximum amount of loan you can receive is subject to your monthly salary, however, you are not to receive more than 70% of your entire salary, here’s to ascertain your ability to complete repayment before the end of the loan tenor.

How to apply for IPPIS loan?

Kindly follow the below steps to apply for a loan

Step one: Visit their website

Step two: Apply for enrollment

Step three: Having completed your enrolment go ahead and commence your loan application through your Human Resources using your IPPIS number.

IPPIS loan USSD code

As at the time of writing this guide, the IPPIS loan cannot be accessed through any USSD code yet.

IPPIS loan for Police

This loan is open to all federal government workers, having said that the Police are part of this service so they too can apply and receive the facility following the method outlined for any other worker in this guide.

IPPIS loan app

The IPPIS facility does that have an app to access this loan yet, all applications are directed through the mother IPPIS website, please. This is as at the time of writing this guide.

How to contact IPPIS?

Office address: Office of the Accountant-General of the Federation, Treasury House, Ladoke Akintola Boulevard, Garki 11, Abuja.

Phone: +234 908 700 5735

Email: support.ippis.gov.ng

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Okey, that is good step & let us the know interest rate or the charge part loan

[…] If you are looking to receive an IPPIS loan, I have written a guide on how to get IPPIS loan for federal civil servants in Nigeria. […]

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