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How to get first bank token in simple steps 2020/2021

How to get first bank token in simple steps 2020/2021

First bank token – The need to secure one’s bank account is paramount on top of priority, the advent of internet/technological advancement has further given raise to latency in varying proportions.

Consequently, a report has it that it takes organizations 197 days to become aware of data breaches.

In another development, Demadiur Systems Limited also revealed that banks, Insurance companies and other institutions in Nigeria spent over $270.22 million in 2018 to forestall cyber-attacks.

In 2019, Nigerian banks spent about N200 billion to prevent various forms of cyber-attacks on their operations in the country.

Despite all these spending, the potency of cyber-attack on banks data bases is at its latency that the bank customers sometimes fall at the receiving end, in situations where they do not cause their own doom.

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In the light of this, I deem it pertinent to introduce you into what has been referred as a second layer security features for Nigerian bank customers.

Particularly I will detail you about First bank token, we’ll then look into other banks going forward.

What is a token?

In this concept, we interpret token as a security application or device, which generates security code that is capable of being used as second factor authentications (2FA) for transactions.

By this definition, a token performs a duty of additional security to an existing one, but operates or features as a code, which can be accessed from time to time from its device depending on whether it’s hard or soft token.

Basically tokens are classified as

  • Hard or
  • Soft

Hard token is a physical device, which enables a bank account customer to generate security codes.

While soft token is an app, which by default can be downloaded on a cell phone, then used to generate security codes for second level authentication.

By implication, First bank token can be used to authenticate your transaction ultimately, consequently has the below features

Ideally, you cannot use the both tokens at the same time.

How to get first bank hard token

  • Kindly visit a First bank branch
  • You will be required to fill a form
  • You are required to be a bit patient after submission before your token is being issued, on receiving the token, you will need to get it activated at once. Kindly follow the below steps to get your token activated and ready.

1. Download the First bank Mobile banking app

2. Kindly register or log into your account if an existing user

3. On your app, locate the “Account settings” then select “Token synchronization.”

4. Press the button on your new received token and press its button, a number will be generated. Enter same into the first field as seen

5. Tap the button one more time and enter the code into the second field as seen

6. Kindly check your token frame for the serial number, enter same in the column provided

7. Kindly tap on the “Confirm button”

Your token has been activated and now be used to further consummate transactions subsequently.

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How to get First bank soft token

To access the FirstToken Mobile app, you will have to download the mobile app on AppStore, Google play etc.

After the download, you will need activation code and serial number,

Kindly visit any First bank branch to fill the token activation form, activation code and serial number will be given to you as well.

On inputting the activation code and serial number a code will be further generated for you, this is the registration code, it’s expected that you give same back to the customer service officer at the branch.

This code will be used to activate the FirstToken app on your mobile phone and that’s it.


  • The app can work offline once downloaded and activated
  • Before your transaction code is generated, you will need to provide your 4-digit PIN.
  • Consequently, the code generated will display for just 30 seconds max, then goes off.

To start using this token, you will need to fore mostly download the FirstToken Mobile App, download here and continue.

On security of the Mobile App

The FirstToken App is very secure in essence, kindly note that you will be prompted to register for a 4-digit PIN that will always be used to access the app on your mobile device.

Caution: This PIN should be kept confidential to avoid unauthorized access into your account, you are not expected to share it with anyone.

How to recover your FirstToken App PIN

In case you forgot your PIN, that isn’t much of a problem yet,

Kindly do a mail to: for a PIN reset. Include the below information in your mail

  • User ID
  • Your challenge code (usually a code generated by the app when a wrong PIN is attempted to a maximum of 4 times)

Transfer limit using the token

The daily transfer limit set on the internet banking platform applies

Additionally, this token can be used outside Nigeria and from anywhere in the world.

In case you have issues and would like to contact the bank

First bank customer care

01-4485500 or 07080625000

Have concerns? Let’s get talking.

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[…] Read also: How to get first bank token in simple steps 2020/2021 […]

[…] Read also: How to get first bank token in simple steps 2020/2021 […]

[…] Read also: How to get first bank token in simple steps 2020/2021 […]

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