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How to get Access Bank Payday Loan straight into your salary account same day

How to get Access Bank Payday Loan straight into your salary account same day

Access Bank Payday Loan – Are you on payroll, a salary earner with federal or state government, blue chip Company, a teacher in a private school or gainfully employed in a private establishment running a duly registered business with the corporate affairs commission?

If you work with an organization that meets business regulatory requirements of the Nigerian Corporate affairs Commission (CAC), I have a good news for you.

What if I tell you that you can now access a loan with your bank within ten minutes without collaterals or guarantors of any kind, yet the money will be paid straight into your bank account?

What if you equally get to know that your bank is willing to give you a loan without going through mountains of paper works against the traditional practice you’ve always known?

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Letting the Cat out, Access Bank Nigeria now has the solution to your money needs, in view of your constant need for money to surmount financial challenges that could come your way before payday, which could be for rent, school fees, health issues etc.

Access Bank now rolled out a loan scheme termed Access bank Payday loan to assist with your financial needs in the most passionate way possible.

How Does Access Bank Payday Loan woks

From the above explanation, Access bank is willing to come to your financial aid in times of financial need, they do not only promised to avail these funds, but will as well make them available timely enough to serve the purpose which it was been sourced.

This loan does not work in a scientific way, rather been structured to enable you access it without fear of anything, from your mobile phone, which did not as well require data or internet service.

Additionally, as a monthly salary earner, your loan repayment comes by the end of the month when your salary might had been disbursed by your employer.

It might also interest you to know that Access Payday Loan is a brainchild in conjunction with Remita, a system specs outlay for collection and payment in Nigeria.

What are the requirements for Access Bank payday Loan?

Like I’ve said earlier, you do not need collateral, guarantors or paper works of any kind to access this loan. All you need to make a head start is just a salary account with Access bank or you be are a remita registered customer.

By having a salary account it means you’re an employee who earns monthly.

How to Apply for Access Bank Payday Loan

Kindly follow the below steps to source a payday loan with Access Bank in Nigeria,

Step 1. From your registered phone number with the bank, dial *901#

Step 2. From the displayed menu choose “903 for Access Money”

Step 3. Select “3” for “Get loans”

Step 4. Select “1” for “Access bank Account holder” which of course you understand the need to have a salary account with Access bank to access this.

Step 5. Again, select “1” for“Payday loan”

Step 6. A column will appear at this point, enter your 10 digits Access bank salary account number, and click send.

Step 7. Enter beneficiary first name, here it’s your first name that’s required

Step 8. Enter your last name or surname in this column

Haven performed the step 8 task, you will receive a message thus; Payday loan “You are only eligible for up to 50% of your salary. Please enter amount equal to or less than 50% of your salary.

Step 9. You then enter your 4 digits ATM PIN, thereafter your loan will be disbursed into your account. You then start spending and spending (Don’t forget to send my own o, winks).

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FAQ on Access Bank Payday Loan

Access Bank loan eligibility:For the Access Bank Payday loan, you can be eligible to access this loan if and only you’re on a payroll or salary earner as explained in the paragraphs above, or a registered Remita customer being a sole partner.

Additionally, you need to own Access bank salary account in due course.

Access Bank Payday Loan USSD code: Provisionally, *901*11# is widely preached, but you will end up getting a message thus: “You need to have Access bank salary account to access this loan.”

You stand to get such message even if you’re an Access Bank account owner, it therefore becomes safe and time saving to use *901# then follow the prompt as I explained in step 1 to 9 above, in a short time you will done.

Access Payday loan Repayment: Like I rightly said before now, you’ll pay back on payday, your account will be debited automatically with the loan sum, charges and interest accrued by the end of the same month which the loan was issued.

Access Bank Loan to Civil Servants: Traditionally payday loans are structured for salary earners, who ranged from Civil servants and workers in other fields not necessarily owned by government. Provided you have your salary account with Access bank so they can pass debit on loan maturity date.

Access Bank Payday loan interest rate: Interest rate for this loan is charged at 3% flat rate, recall, you can only source 50% of your salary or below at a time. Loanable amount is however from N1000 to N500k maximum.


For further information and enquiry on Access Bank Payday Loan, kindly contact the bank via 01 280 2500 or +234 1-2712005-7, can as well visit

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Hi admin, thank you for the post. Please how long does it take for one to reapply for another loan after pay back?


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