How to get a Fint loan in Nigeria

Fint loan – If you are looking for a platform that connects borrowers to a lender or an investor looking to grow your money by lending out to borrowers, Fint loan will strike the deal for you.

As a borrower, you can receive as little as N20k with a maximum threshold of N1,000,000. Business owners who are looking to access this facility can borrow up to N20million.

Fint ultimately bridges the credit gap in Nigeria and Africa at large, some of its partners through which it connects borrowers to lenders are; Lendigo, Lidya, First Registrar, Paystack, and Old Mutual.

Fint loan is designed with a special calculator through which you can calculate your expected loan as well as a structured repayment plan to ascertain if it’s fit for you.

About Fint

Fint is a financial technology company founded in 2017 with the idea to power access to affordable credit and attractive lending for individuals and small business owners in emerging markets.

Through its technology, Fint 

assists existing businesses to provide access to loans and lending opportunities for its clients.

The platform guarantees shared prosperity by providing value, whether in terms of referral fees, access to competitive loans, or attractive returns for all stakeholders in its marketplace.

Requirements to get a Fint loan

To access this credit you are expected to meet the following basic requirements;

1. You must have a valid Nigerian bank account

2. You must have a Bank Verification Number through which they can verify and cross-check the details you provided on the loan application form to ascertain they are dealing with the right owner.

3. Your bank account statement for at least the last 6 months

4. A copy of a valid Nigerian Identity card which could be any National ID, driver’s license, voter’s card, or International passport

5. Applicants should be at least 21 years old and above

How to apply and receive a Fint loan in Nigeria

Having met the above requirements, the next thing you will need to do is to apply for credit with Fint. To this,

  • Kindly visit the Fint website and click on “Borrow” as seen
  • You will need to sign up for a user account with your; complete name, date of birth, email address, and employment status. Having completed a user account you will see the amount you can access.
  • You will be required to accept the credit terms and conditions as well as the interest rate on the required loan, kindly note that you are required to pay some money though not much for your profile verification and credit history check
  • Once you are notified that your verification is successful, the next thing required of you is to upload the necessary documents as requested on the portal
  • On successful verification of such an application, your loan request will appear on the platform
  • If an investor funds the application, the money/loan will hit your bank account, the speed of the loan disbursement, however, depends on the lender’s active involvement.

How to repay a Fint loan

Having received the loan, as well as your tenor, rate, and repayment plan is known, the next thing you will need to do is to start repayment in earnest when due.

The idea is this; your account detail has been inputted into the system already, in this case, the loan will be automatically deducted from your account when due.

However, you will receive subsequent reminders and notices before the due date, having debited your loan structured account for the money you are required to make available timely, the payment will be forwarded to the lender.

In any case, if you failed to pay back the loan, it hampers your chances of receiving subsequent credit at large you will be reported to a debt collection agency which will retrieve the loan from you through a legal process. You may be required to pay costs procured in the process of loan recovery.

What is the interest rate?

There’s no specific interest rate here, it strictly varies according to sector and the lender at large, however, you are likely to get an interest rate of about 39% annually.

However, the rates are displayed on each product before you proceed.

Fint loan USSD code

Unfortunately, Fint does not have a USSD at the moment through which your loan request could be processed or disbursed.

Is Fint regulated?

Fint is regulated and currently operates with the state Money Lenders License.

 What is the minimum amount to lend?

There are lending opportunities as low as N4,750 per unit.

Can I lend from outside Nigeria?

Yes, Fint currently accepts lending from outside Nigeria, kindly contact support on; for further briefings.


Salary earners in Lagos can access credit on Fint by visiting while institutions can access credit from different categories by visiting Registered businesses now have the opportunity to access inventory finance on Fint.

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