How to link BVN to GTBank account/How to generate token code for GTBank


How to generate token code for GTBank

How to generate token code for GTBank –  The GTBank internet banking has been advanced to consummate transactions not just with a hardware token, but the soft token these days, ordinarily, the hardware token device is obtainable at a fee, however, the soft token is generated at no fee at the point of consummating transactions.

What is GTBank Token?

Token are set of codes used to authenticate internet banking transactions on the GTBank platform, at the point of completing transfers via the internet banking, the Token is required to authorize your transaction.

Ultimately, the token can be generated via the GTBank USSD  code.

How to generate token code for GTBank internet banking

Step one: From your registered mobile number with GTBank, dial *737*7#

Step two: Input your GTBank account number through which you are looking to complete your transaction.

Step three: Enter the last 6-digit of your GTBank  card “Primary Account Number” (PAN)


  • From your registered phone number with the bank dial *737#
  • Select ‘11” to navigate
  • Select “8” to generate a token
  • Input the required details your token will be generated at once, use it to complete, authenticate your pending transaction.
  • Kindly be informed that the token stays active for just one minute.

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