How to generate remita code


How to generate remita code for all federal government payments (rrr)

How to generate remita code for all federal government payments (rrr)

Over the years, the federal government of Nigeria has seek to device a means to which it can collect and watch over its revenues directly from source, aimed at ease of reconciliation and accountability, thus how to generate remita code.

It is on this note that the Federal government of Nigeria introduced the “Treasury Single Account” (TSA) in 2012 under President Jonathan, it however came to proper use in the Buhari’s administration.

This prompted the introduction and full utilization of  how to generate remita code in Nigeria.


Remita is an electronic payment platform that enables individuals and organizations to easily receive and make payments across all banks, from any location at all time.

Individuals and commercial banks are main champions of remita in Nigeria, it can be accessed on mobile App and iOS, this enable individuals to take control of their finances using their mobile devices.

Remita is the preferred payment gateway for facilitation of federal government’s Treasury Single Account, a development of systemSpecs.

In this guide, I will teach you how to generate remita code for your various remita payments such as FRSC, Post UTME, NHIS, NDA, UTME, Unizik School fees and, national ID card and others.

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RRR means Remita Retrieval Reference, before you process any transaction on remita payment or platform, you must have generated the RRR which is the code to access the gateway. Is that clear?


Like I stressed above, the essence of this guide is mainly to acquaint you with remita procedures, how to generate remita RRR for different government Ministries Departments and Agencies, MDAs. And as well make payments to other sectors as much as remita payment is concerned.

Now let’s go, to generate the RRR kindly visit  you can visit this site on your android mobile phone, the ios device if you do not want to use your laptop.

The below guideline I am about to reveal to you will enable you generate RRR for whatever transaction you’re paying for unless where I state otherwise, hope that’s cool. Ok let’s go

  • Having launched the platform go to Pay a Biller.
  • This will introduce you to a vertical form where you will see the following:

What do you want to pay, Name of service or purpose, amount to pay, select currency which        should be NGN naira if you are paying to a Nigerian based transaction, phone number, email  address, confirm the same email inputted, how do you want to pay, here you have the option to either use Bank branch or your master card.

Then check the I’m not a robot box and submit. Your remita retrieval reference will be generated at once, see example: RRR 142569873250 it is usually 12 digit number. You will have to take your RRR to the bank to lodge your payment if you selected bank branch as your payment option.

Now let’s take an optical explanation of the process flow in generating rrr for your remita payment considering different MDAs and purposes.


This is one of the most reoccurring reasons you may have to generate remita RRR, FRSC stands for Federal Road Safety Commission. If you are a regular road user, watch it and make sure all your driving details are perfect.

Ranging from your documents, tyres, fire extinguisher, seat belt, helmet etc are just ok, otherwise you will have an encounter with the Road and they’ll book you for your offence, then you will have a date with Remita payment.

To generate rrr for FRSC  kindly follow the below procedure

  • On booking you, FRSC official will give you a long form detailing your offence alongside a code called GIFMIS code which will enable you to generate rrr for remita payment.
remita payment
remita payment

Launch the site as directed above, click pay a biller after which you will be directed to a long form you will have to fill.

remita payment
remita payment
  • Who do you want to pay: Write Federal Road Safety Commission in this column.
  • Name of service: This is where you will see all the lists of offence on FRSC, choose the one that applied to your offence as stated. If you could not see your category, click on “Offence” this will automatically upload “Sector command and Unit”

You then enter description and your vehicle number.

  • The next is offence ticket number: This is a number written at the top right corner of the form you were issued by FRSC official, this number is unique to each form, just like in normal receipt. Next is your driver’s license number which is not compulsory.
  • Then the GIFMIS CODE peculiar to MDA. The marshal has written this number on your form with a pen usually ….. 10 digit code. This stands for Government Integrated Financial Management Information System.
  • Vehicle color
  • Vehicle name
  • Vehicle type
  • Vehicle make
  • Next is amount you’re to pay, enter it in this column.
  • Select currency which is NGN Nigerian currency
  • Payer’s name
  • Payer phone number
  • Payer email a must
  • Then how do you want to pay, select bank branch if you want to go to the bank which is advisable because the Road Safety official will usually honor just your bank confirmation of payment which comes as a processed printed ticket. Check the I’m not a robot column and submit. Your 12 digit Remita number will be generated at once. Hope that’s pretty easy?

Note: You can as well pay for your National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) and Nigeria Defense Academy in like manner. Just at who do you want to pay column at the top most, select the MDA you are paying, then follow up from the list of options and you’re good to go.

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This is basically for students and their parents. It’s no longer a news in this country that students are subjected to further test by Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of education after the conventional UTME (JAMB).

To generate RRR for Post UTME kindly follow these steps

  • Launch, click on Pay a Biller
  • This will navigate to a page where you have to fill a form as usual.
  • Who do you want to pay: In this column say you want to register for Unizik post UTME, select Nnamdi Azikiwe University Awka- 1000128
  • Name of service/purpose: Select UNIZIK SALE OF POST UTME FORM 2018/2019 depending on the session.
  • It will direct you to message thus: This payment in favor of 2018/2019 UNIZIK SALE OF POST UTME FORM can only be initiated from Biller Website. Please visit
  • Then kindly pick and launch the aforementioned and continue.
  • In this portal, you will be required to login with your UTME Email address and Password created during the UTME(JAMB) registration initially, hope you’re not confused?
  • Feel the necessary columns with your UTME registration number then print the slip and go to any commercial bank to make your payment of N2000. Isn’t that easy, sure its



Note: The above procedure is applicable to other Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education. You should be able to pay your school fees as well following the above process, the portal for your school fees will differ according to your school.

Do you have questions? Use the comment box below I will attend to them. Like and share this post as well to help friends learn how to generate remita code for all federal government payments

8 comments on “How to generate remita code for all federal government payments (rrr)

Raphael Orji

How can I use remitta to pay for busniess name on C.A.C portal

Raphael Orji

Hello Collins, thank you very much for visiting.

You can actually pay for C.A.C using Remita by visiting , you will first of all create an account so you can get a username and password.

After that, log in using your details. Choose preferred name as well fill in other columns as required.

Finally click on payment which is the last, you’ll be redirected to a Remita icon/logo click on it to launch a biller. Your RRR Remita retrieval reference is automatically generated on the first column.

Either you copy the number and head to the bank for payment or you pay online using master card or internet banking.
To use your card, in put
1. Holder name
2. 16 digit number on your card
3. Expiry date
4. CVV three numbers at the back of your debit card.
5. Then submit, that’s all. You will receive a payment successful message while your account will be debited.
Hope that helps?

Raphael Orji

is GIFMIS code a must when paying with remitta?

Raphael Orji

Hello Jesse,
GIFMIS code has always been an avenue to generating a remita code.

If on the process GIFMIS code is not required, go ahead and process.

Raphael Orji

I just want creat cod to check my payment

Raphael Orji

Pls help i want to create remita for my school it a new school, how do i do it. This is my

Raphael Orji
Dauda Yusuf

I just want creat cod to check my remita-code

Raphael Orji

Want to pay my annual returns for my business name which has been dormant since 4years now.Pls assist


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