How to generate Access bank token


How to generate Access bank token in few easy steps

How generate Access bank token – Today I’ll show you how to generate a digital token, as well as use it to consummate your transactions on the Access bank platform.

What is a token?

In this context, token is a digital code/numbers through which you can authenticate your transactions like money transfer, etc.

The idea behind a token is that you’ll need to input it at the appropriate column to authenticate a transaction at a time.

This is a security feature that ensures the safety of funds as well as ensures that customer’s accounts are not being accessed by unauthorized users at any point.

Types of token

Token usually comes in two ways;

  • Soft and
  • Hard token

The soft token is usually generated at the point where you look to consummate a particular transaction, as a matter of fact it’s a system based item. The soft token expires after few minutes, can be received via SMS or email.

The hard token comes with a hardware device through which you can press to generate a token when necessary. You can always generate a token using the hardware.

Requirements to get Access bank token

To get the token, you are required to have several details in place, these include but not limited to;

  • Active Access bank account number
  • A mobile phone number linked to Access bank account
  • Valid/active email address and
  • N1,500 activation fee

How to get generate Access bank token

Want to get Access bank token? It’s pretty easy, kindly follow the below steps to get started,

  • Visit the nearest Access bank branch with the above listed requirements
  • Walk straight to the customer service spot and ask to access transaction token
  • You will be required to complete a “Token request form
  • Complete the form and return same to the officer
  • Having provided necessary requirements your account will be profiled for a transaction token
  • You will receive details of token activated on your account
  • Your account will be debited with N1,500 for the token.

How to generate Access bank soft token online/app

  • The token is available on Google and Apple store for Android and IOS operating systems
  • Download and install “Entrust OTP” to start using the token

Access bank token application form

The Access bank token application form can be accessed at the Access bank branch via the customer service desk. You are required to complete the form with requisite details, thereafter your application can be reviewed and processed.

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