How to fund your business with temporary overdraft (TOD) in Nigeria

How to fund your business with temporary overdraft (TOD) in Nigeria

Temporary Overdraft – If you think of funding your business with a faster and speedy facility, temporary overdraft will save you a lot of stress.

It comes with little or no documentation, you do not need a mountain of paper work to access this facility, it however depends on the premise of your ability as a performing customer with the bank.

Just before you get to ask too many questions on this topic, let me quickly run down and do justice to a mind boggling question you may be going through at this time.

What is Temporary Overdraft (TOD)

This simply refers to a short term facility you can access from the bank, with a maximum tenor of 30 days. This facility however is most suitable for corporate account owners with the bank in question.

This is as well a subset of Overdraft, which implies that qualified customers are given the benefit of overdrawing their account to the tune of the TOD limit.

Also do well to understand that this facility is suitable at funding working capital needs or requirements.

Note: Banks mostly prefer customers who deal with fast moving consumer goods for this facility.

Risk Acceptance criteria for Temporary Overdraft

As you are aware, for a bank to issue a facility, they have risk appetite and a number of objections as well standards you should meet to access any facility at a given time.

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To access a temporary Overdraft, the following should be in place:

  • You must have a satisfactory CBN CRMS check and positive private credit bureau checks. This is to ensure you’re not in any way owing any other bank or credit financing institution in Nigeria.
  • You must not have returned cheques on your account in the last six months.
  • The facility amount must not exceed 25% of immediate preceding 6 months average monthly credit turnover. This means to say, if you have 6 months credit turnover of say N24 million with average monthly turnover of N4 million, you are qualified for a TOD of N1 million.
  • This can be availed to you if you already have other existing facility with the bank except overdraft. What this mean to say is, you cannot access overdraft without settling what you owe initially in overdraft, this is because TOD is not backed by collateral. You however can access TOD even if you are still owing the bank an existing loan order than TOD.
  • The maximum facility amount usually may not exceed N5 million.
  • This facility must be fully repaid the principal + the interest within 30 days and shall at no means be subject to renewal, extension or enhancement.
  • You must have been in business for at least 24 months, evidenced by certificate of incorporation, business registration and statement of account.
  • Your account must experience at least 6 months banking relationship with the bank, alongside a predictable and consistent cash flow pattern and identifiable sources.
Single limit Maximum of N5 million subject to 25% of average monthly credit turnover
Tenor Maximum 30 days
Availability The facility will be available once all the conditions precedent to drawdown have been met
Interest rate MPR + 17% p.a subject to money market conditions
Management fee 1% flat payable upfront
Collateral Personal Guarantee of two directors or principal promoters of the business


Note: The above instance is subject to change at a given time, you however are advised to visit your bank and run possible negotiation.

Documentation for temporary Overdraft

  • Your formal letter of request
  • Clean Credit Risk Management System (CRMS) and other credit bureau reports.
  • Affirmative domiciliation covenant of the sales proceed signed by you
  • Personal Guarantee of the Directors/ Proprietor/Principal promoter with a notarized statement of net worth.


FAQ on Temporary Overdraft

1)Temporary overdraft (TOD) in banking India

TOD in India is not different from what is obtainable in other countries of the world, the rate could change depending on money market conditions.

Different economies had streamline their TOD for same purpose, requirements and risk appetites could however differ relatively.

TOD rate in India p.a basis could go for as far as 18% on certain conditions and below retrogressively.

2) Temporary Overdraft (TOD) Westpac

Drawing from a highlight by Westpac, TOD is an extra cash for the short term. It lets you access extra funds through your bank account for up to 45 days, helps cover short term financial shortfalls.

This is however an unsecured loan that forms part of your everyday Westpac choice bank account.

  • TOD is from $250 to $50,000
  • Only pay interest on funds used (when fees and charges are paid on time)
  • Being linked to your Westpac choice account, which enables you multiple ways to access funds even with a Westpac debit card
  • TOD interest rate- 14.09% p.a variable
  • No security is required
  • $0 service fee when you spend within agreed temporary overdraft limit
  • Refinancing debt
  • For any business purpose.

This is suggested and highlighted by Westpac.

3) Temporary Overdraft request letter to the bank

There’s no rocket science attached to drafting a letter your bank communicating your intention to access its overdraft as a loyal customer, you may however adhere to the below sample letter for your onward insight.



                                                               No 132  Awka road                               Onitsha,

                           Anambra State.

                           15th Oct, 2019


The Manager Polaris Bank Ltd,

 New head-bridge,


  Anambra state.



                                                    REQUEST FOR TEMPORARY OVERDRAFT

Kindly use this as an instruction to process a TOD of N2 million being on my request in favor of Donatec company ltd.

This is to enable me surmount a short term financial pitfalls in business.

Ac number: 176222xxxx.

Yours in business

You sign your signature here

Donatec limited.

From the letter above, you should understand that your own address appears at the top right corner of the paper. While you address to the bank manager at the left corner as seen.

Every detail used here is strictly an example you are expected to draft your own letter from. It’s as simple as that.

4) TOD interest rate in Nigeria

This could fall somewhere from 17% to 18% or below depending on money market conditions.

Have questions, kindly use the comment box below.


3 comments on “How to fund your business with temporary overdraft (TOD) in Nigeria

Raphael Orji

I get all explanation on TOD.
But one question is , If the money not paid back because of high risk is there any decision?.

Raphael Orji

Hi Zubairu,

Thank you for stopping over.

Straight to your question; I assume you know that overdraft is a temporary loan.

The bank allows you to overdraw your account based on relationship, most customers do not have access to this service.

When there’s a term to your overdraft, ordinarily you are expected to pay back within that frame, failing to pay back attracts a fee.

However, if you failed to meet up on whatever guise, risk, etc., kindly reach out to your bank for a possible way out.

Failing to do that may blacklist you for possible facilities with other banks even.

The credit bureau would be on you.


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