How to fund Nairabet account


How to fund Nairabet account in 11 different ways

How to fund Nairabet account in 11 different ways

How to fund Nairabet account – The history of sports reward cannot be complete in Nigeria without particular recourse to Nairabet of the Akin Alabi’s brainchild, supposedly one of the foremost industry pioneers that whoever has passion for the game must have come across.

Today I am going to show you how to fund nairabet account as your preferred network, to make it even more interesting I will share with you over 10 methods that can help you get your account credited within seconds.

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“Variety they say is a spice of life,” if one method does not appeal to you other methods will sure do, so take your time and choose a method that suits your lifestyle since every customer is unique.

Don’t take my word for it, kindly verify a preferred method to confirm its dynamics and proof it actually works, then you won’t agree least.

Now straight to the point I will show you how to fund your account via

  • Paystack card deposit
  • GtPay deposit
  • Xpresspayment deposit
  • Quickteller Nigeria deposit
  • Opay deposit
  • Paystack inline deposit
  • Pay through an agent
  • Fund via USSD code for nairabet and GTBank (*5477# and *737#)
  • Bank deposit through network of approved banks
  • ATM
  • Online via bank internet or Mobile app

How to fund nairabet account via Paystack card deposit

Paystack is a payment solution that allows merchants to accept payments and collections from customers. With your ATM card you can complete a payment and have your account credited in few seconds.

To use this service you should have created a nairabet online account wherein you’ve been issued a unique customer ID.

Note: for the purpose of this guide your bet ID will be used at some points. To locate your ID head over at your nairabet account, click on “Account” and your ID will appear at the top screen, usually 8-digit numbers attached to your sign on ID.

To fund your account,

  • Click on “Account” on the home page
  • Click on “Deposit/withdrawal”
  • From the list of options select Paystack card deposit.” 
  • Enter your preferred amount and click on “Deposit” then “Accept to proceed.
  • Enter your 16-digit “Primary Account Number” (PAN) usually crested on your card, enter the expiry date and the Card Verification Value (CVV) and click on pay, you will be prompted to enter your 4-digit card PIN
  • OTP will be sent to your phone, enter the “OTP” in the column advised and continue to fund your account finally.

Refresh your browser, check your account to view your fund.

How to fund your account via GtPay deposit

  • Click on “Account” on the home page
  • Tap “GtPay deposit”
  • Enter amount and click “Deposit” then “Accept”
  • Enter your email address and click “Continue transaction”
  • Choose payment type (Card, bank, 737 or Quickcredit)
  • If you prefer card enter your card details (PAN, expiry date and CVV) then click “Pay,” enter your card PIN to complete the transaction. Your account should be funded in minutes.

How to fund your nairabet account via Xpresspayment deposit

  • Click on “Account” on the home page
  • Enter amount and click on “Deposit” then hit “Accept”
  • You will be redirected to a page where you will have to enter your card details (PAN, expiry date and CVV) then click “Pay,” enter your card PIN to complete the transaction. Your account should be funded in minutes).

How to fund your account via Opay

Using this Opay you will have to download and install the Opay app on your device

  • Having download the app, log on to your account
  • Click on “Betting” from the list of options
  • Select “Nairabet”
  • Enter your 8-digit ID, enter amount then click on “Next.”
  • Review your transaction and hit the “Pay now” button.

Your account will be funded instantly, you are allowed a discount of 5% on week days and up to 10% on weekends when you fund your account using Opay.

How to fund my account via quickteller deposit

To use quickteller you will first of all sign up on the platform with a username and password. Thereafter you can fund your account as well as pay other bills.

  • Log on to quickteller
  • In the search space “Find a beneficiary or biller” type “Nairabet”
  • Tap the nairabet icon displayed to redirect
  • Enter your “Customer reference” that’s your nairabet unique 8-digit ID
  • Select option (either as an online player which you are or via a shop agent)
  • Enter amount and continue
  • Follow up with your card details to complete your payment.

How to fund your account via Paystack inline deposit

  • Click on “Account” on the home page
  • Enter amount and click on “Deposit” then hit “deposit”
  • Hit the “Accept” button
  • Click on your card issuer/provider (MasterCard, Visa or verve)
  • There are options to pay with (card, bank, transfer, USSD or QR code) if you choose mastercard.
  • Tap on pay with card, enter your card details to complete the payment.

If you choose to pay with bank then you choose between (Wema, GTBank, Kuda bank and Zenith bank), etc.

How to fund your nairabet account at an agent location

Nairabet agents may not be rampant in town, in a case you want to pay through any of them you will have to locate an existing agent at your location.

  • Visit the agent location or call 070062472238 to locate one
  • Give the agent your customer identification number as well as the money you want to credit your account with
  • The agent will go ahead to fund your account immediately.

How to fund my nairabet account via bank deposit

Making your deposit through the bank can be the easiest way to get over this task, there are limited banks to help you get your nairabet account funded. These include,

  • First bank
  • FCMB
  • UBA
  • Sterling bank
  • Union bank
  • Stanbic IBTC
  • Access bank and
  • Fidelity bank

Having arrived at the bank you are required to complete a deposit slip with your nairabet information as follows,

  • Account name – Nairabet
  • Account number – Your 8-digit account ID
  • Depositor’s name – here you are expected to capture your name as seen on your nairabet account
  • Amount you want credited into your account

Your account should be credited as soon as the teller effects the transaction.

How to fund nairabet account via ATM

To use the ATM for this purpose you should have an active ATM card in place already,

  • Visit the nearest ATM stand
  • Insert your card and enter your PIN
  • Select “Quickteller” on the screen
  • Select “Pay bills or fund wallet”
  • Select “Others” from the list of merchants displayed
  • You will be required to enter your merchant code however, subject to the amount you are looking to deposit.

Kindly find the available codes with varying amounts

  • 55601 – N1,000
  • 55602 – N2,000
  • 55603 – N3,000
  • 55604 – N4,000
  • 55605 – N5,000

For deposits above N5k you will have to input 55606 generally

Enter the amount you wish to fund your account with and proceed

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  • Enter your bet ID number
  • Review and confirm the information supplied, you will receive a confirmation message.
  • Your nairabet account will be credited almost immediately.

How to fund nairabet account with USSD code

There are typically two USSD code that enable funding your account seamlessly.

GTBank USSD code

  • Dial *737*50*Amount*88#
  • Enter your account ID number then authenticate with your USSD PIN
  • Once successful your account should be credited with value.

Nairabet USSD code

  • Dial *5447#, follow the prompt to fund your account.

How to fund your nairabet account online

Generally you can either fund the account online using your bank’s internet banking or mobile app if the nairabet option is available.

For example you can fund using the Polaris bank mobile app/Vulte,

  • Having downloaded and installed the app as a Polaris bank customer
  • Log in to your Vulte
  • Click on “Betting” then locate “Nairabet” in the list of options.
  • Select required details, enter your account ID number and the amount you want credited.
  • Review and confirm your transaction, your account should be credited with value shortly.


Any of the shortlisted methods will fund nairabet account within minutes if not seconds, identify what makes you comfortable and make the most of it, keep enjoying your game.

It’s your turn now, let’s hear from you.

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