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Bet9ja mobile: How to fund Bet9ja account with ATM card

Bet9ja mobile: How to fund Bet9ja account with ATM card

For the benefit of all who play and try their luck on bets for a return, I hereby advice you to take to online account, register on the bet9ja platform to further take advantage of opportunities that abound.

Fund bet9ja account with ATM card is a viable innovation created by the Nigerian leading bet site to help access your bet9ja account through your internet enabled mobile phone with so many benefits.


  • You can book your game online without waiting for any cashier who may delay you, thus your favorite game could kick start.
  • You can place your bet yourself on mobile phone
  • You monitor the proceedings of placed bets at any time.
  • You can easily cash out your bet for maximum profit.

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In this guide, I will show you how to fund bet9ja account with ATM card, quick teller, without visiting any bank.

To start using the bet9ja Mobile to credit your account, you will have to first of all sign up with Bet9ja for online account, to do this kindly visit click on sign up to register then start using your bet9ja mobile online account.


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To fund your bet9ja account using ATM card, kindly follow the below steps:

  • Log in to your bet9ja account, click on my account at the top right corner of the page.
  • From the drop down menu, select “Deposit” which should show a menu containing Instant card deposit, bank instant deposit, UBA EmailMoni deposit, GT Bank online/mobile transfer, ATM deposit, quick teller instant deposit, paycom and of course skyeMobile deposit. All these are payment options available on Bet9ja mobile.
  • Select the first option “Instant card deposit” this is where this guide will lay most emphasis. Having selected the option, it will display a page with the following to be inputted
  • Amount, in this column input the amount you wish your bet9ja mobile account to be credited with, click continue then confirm.
  • A new page will be displayed containing the following parameters: Card number i.e this is the 16 digit number crested in front of your ATM card. The mm/yy which is card expiry date in month and year respectively. CVV known as the card verification value, usually 3 digit number at the back of your card., once you’re done click “Pay”
  • One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your registered phone number. The OTP is a 6 digit number, kindly input this code in the column provided, click Ok, your bet9ja account will be credited immediately.


You can fund your bet9ja account using the quick teller as follows:

  • Visit  from the list of drop down menu, click make payment, scroll down and select 9ja bet. Fill the following columns as provided, User name this is your user ID number, email address, phone number, amount to be credited then click next.
  • Input your 16 digit card number, expiry date and CVV just like above, click go and OTP will be sent to your phone number via SMS, input the code in the appropriate column and click ok, your account will be credited at once.

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Fund bet9ja account with ATM card happens to be the easiest route to account credit, however People have continued to enquire about bet9ja GTBank account number, bet9ja UBA account number, bet9ja Diamond bank account number and all that.

The simple solution to this questions is, visit any branch of these banks if you want to credit your account through bank.

  • Pick a bank deposit slip
  • Fill your ID number and KC Gaming as the account number and account name.
  • Fill the amount in words and figure appropriately, then hand your ticket alongside the money to the teller who will credit your account immediately via Bet9ja platform existing with the bank already. Hope that helps? Now you can fund bet9ja account with ATM and start enjoying the convenience that abounds

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