Worldremit change recipient name


How to effect “Worldremit change recipient name, phone number etc”

How to effect “Worldremit change recipient name, phone number etc”

Worldremit change recipient name – Daniel arrived at the branch so elated, at least “I can pick the money finally to settle my bills,” so he whispered to himself in a low tone.

The money transfer teller gets down to action having printed necessary documents as well received the completed “worldremit form” from Daniel, who is a usual customer of the money transfer desk.

Little did they both knew there’s something ahead than usual, having accessed the transfer on the system, the teller picked out something a bit strange that apparently forestalls the payout.

What exactly was the issue Daniel asked?

The teller waves his head in such a disappointing gesture, “The name on the transfer is a bit off from that contained on your ID card, the teller replied.”

Daniel however enquired a possible way out but was disappointed to realize he’ll make a recourse to the sender/his uncle who stays in Texas for a name correction.

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In his argument, it’s such an odd time considering the time difference between the two countries, as such his uncle would have gone to bed and he didn’t find it funny putting up a call at that time.

Dear reader, with that out of the way now, if by any means you found yourself in a situation with Worldremit transfer such as Mr. Daniel’s, do not lose your gear yet, there’s a way out.

If you received a transfer from abroad and haven’t been able to pick it probably because your name was wrongly captured by error of omission or commission, you will get a solution to that by the time you are done reading this master piece.

Additionally, there has always been scenarios where the receiver could not receive a “One Time Password (OTP)” during the transaction processing.

That too has been taken care of, happy solution as you read through.

Understanding Worldremit change recipient name

Having read the above illustration about Mr. Daniel, a Worldremit change recipient name is a situation where the receiver’s name contained on the transfer differs from that contained on the receiver’s ID card.

When such error occurs, it’s a usual routine to decline payment for such transfers, since the both names do not tally.

In banking/international money transfer, it’s considered a gross error to pay out such transfers, they are instead declined and blocked without further recourse whatsoever to the receiver.

Why the Worldremit change recipient name

This usually occurs when the receiver’s name is wrongly written/captured on the transfer by the inputter or the sender.

Probably an alphabet or more were being displaced, omitted or transposed.

How to prevent this occurrence

It’s duty bound on the receiver, to ensure he/she sends the correct name/details to the sender as contained on his/her approved local ID card in Nigeria.

These ID cards should be verifiable: Voter’s card, International passport, National ID card, Driver’s license and BVN as the case may be.

Interestingly, this is not a funny development, when the correct name/details are being sent to the sender, it’s expected of them also to pay attention to details while inputting the receivers name in the column provided on Worldremit transfer app.

How to change worldremit recipient name or phone number

This can actually happens in a number of ways;

  • Either you execute this task yourself as the sender from your Worldremit app
  • You return to an agent location/store where the money was sent from

#1. From Worldremit app

  • Log in to the app on your mobile device,
  • Kindly locate “Activity” at the bottom of the screen, click on it
  • You will then see “Transfers in progress” at the top of the activity screen. At this point select the transfer you wish to change from your list of transfers if any.

Having done this you will be moved to a different interface all together, from here;

  • Select the need to change something  link as seen on your screen
  • You will receive a message “You can’t change anything” if your transfer isn’t in the status, however, if you can edit your transfer, you can go ahead to change the recipient name, mobile number or email address as the case applies.
  • Having completed this change, you will receive an SMS/email to confirm your change.

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To change your recipient details on a desktop or on the Worldremit website kindly follow this link.

#2. Transfer consummated from an agent location

In this case, you will have to revert to the agent location with your transfer details, the agent will change the name or phone number to your now preferred details.

Highlights on common “Worldremit problems”

Recent occurrence has shown that sometimes worldremit receivers do not receive “OTP” while their transfers are being processed at the bank.

Usually, a receiver should get an “OTP” then return same to the money transfer officer to complete the transfer.

But sometimes they do not receive the said code because of network issues associated with the network providers.

It has been established that MTN and 9mobile lines usually have network challenges when it comes to receiving these codes.

Users are hereby encouraged to always use Airtel or GLO lines of their receivers while sending the transfers as these lines are found to be very effective.

MTN and 9mobile do receive too, but most times do disappoint.

When a receiver fails to receive the “OTP” he/she should kindly revert to the sender to change the phone number to either Airtel or GLO, this is the easiest way out.

As a sender, kindly follow the above guideline “How to change worldremit recipient name and phone number” to accomplish this task.

Once a transfer has been viewed by a teller

Similarly, once a transfer has been viewed, any correction effected by the sender may not reflect at the receiver’s end in Nigeria.

Assuming a phone number/receiver’s name is being changed after the teller has viewed the transfer in Nigeria or anywhere at all, such changes may not reflect except the transfer undergoes a reset.

Sometimes Worldremit may revert with a message that the transfer is being locked at the agent location, as such they cannot effect any changes, the issue vary according to specification.

Now see what you are expected to do

Once the teller has viewed the transfer at all and couldn’t pay out due to “OTP” or receiver name disparity” the teller is expected to do a mail to the bank’s money transfer department requesting to have such transfer “Reset.”

What could happen if the transfer is not being reset having being viewed by the teller;

  • The teller might not be able to view such transfers again
  • If the teller eventually views such transfer, “OTP” cannot be generated to complete the transfer. Every attempt will return erro:r “OTP not generated”
  • Any changes effected by the sender, be it “Phone number/recipient name” will not reflect for the transaction to be consummated properly.

Note: Once a reset is done, the transfer can now be consummated without further issues provided the network is ok to treat.

Frequently asked question on “Worldremit change recipient name.”

Q1. Worldremit contact number

  1. 009 44 20 7148 5800
  • South Africa – +278 000 14936
  • Rwanda: 4040
  • Japan: +813 4588 8160
  • Hong Kong: +852 3008 1718
  • Malaysia: +60 1800 818 717
  • Singapore: +65 3159 0808
  • Philippines: +63 2827 11566
  • Australia: 1800 800046
  • Belgium: 0800 54145
  • Croatia: 0800 200597
  • Denmark: +45 7879 2981
  • France: +33 2 70 242117
  • Italy: +39 06 94803110
  • Germany: 0800 7243141
  • Netherlands: +31 203 697 480
  • Norway: +47 2199 9485
  • Spain: +34 960 473 401
  • Sweden: +46 41088 0200
  • Switzerland: +414 350 86414
  • UK: +44 20 7148 5800
  • Canada: +1 833 452 3775
  • USA: +1 888 772 7771
  • Rest of the world: +44 20 7148 5800

Q2. Worldremit email address

Q3. How to cancel a Worldremit transaction

  • Log in to the website or app
  • Go to your transfer activity
  • Locate the transfer you wish to cancel
  • Click on “Request cancellation”

Having done this, you will receive an email notification confirming if your request was successful, however, for transactions that have been paid out, worldremit cannot process cancelation/refund for such transfers.

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Aside being such a swift, easy, secured and seamless money transfer provider, worldremit ensures that virtually a number of personal transaction concerns are addressed without delay.

Worldremit change recipient name can be such a rapid and swift task once the transaction is in progress, phone number can as well be changed, you stand a chance to process cancelation and refund of such funds provided they’ve not been paid out.

Let’s have your questions and concerns on this topic and more in the comment box, see you there.

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[…] Read also: How to effect “Worldremit change recipient name, phone number etc” […]

[…] Read also: How to effect “Worldremit change recipient name, phone number etc” […]

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