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How to effect your GOTV subscription via Polaris bank USSD code

How to effect your GOTV subscription via Polaris bank USSD code

GOTV subscription – If subscribing your GOTV using the Polaris bank Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) is your problem, you may have to search no further as this blog post is aimed at answering your curiosity in this regard.

As a matter of convenience, everyone wants to carry out business transactions from the comfort of their couch by lifting just a finger on the cell phone. GOTV had integrated its system to avail you ease of monthly subscription when necessary without visiting the bank or any agent outlet.

Also to be treated in this post are:

  • Polaris bank recharge code
  • Polaris bank code
  • Polaris/Skye bank USSD code for account balance
  • How to register Polaris/Skye bank transfer code
  • Polaris bank transfer code

Before you can make yourGOTV subscription, you will first and foremost activate/set or get registered on the Polaris bank USSD. Take the below steps to complete the process

  • Dial *833# from your registered line with the bank
  • Go to balance located as the number 6 option
  • Your account number is required here, input your 10 digit NUBAN account number and click send
  • Select PIN, this PIN will be required of you each time you need to carry out transactions. Usually 4 digit PIN which should be known to you alone, avoid using your date of birth as PIN for security reasons.
  • Choose your password and click ok. You have successfully activated your account.

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  • Dial *833*2# from your registered line
  • Select “C” to continue if prompted
  • Under “select a biller”choose option “4” for GOTV
  • Provide your “10” digits IUC number located beneath you GOTV decoder
  • Input the amount you would like to complete your GOTV subscription with, either GOTV max or plus the prices differ according to the package. N1,900 orN2,500.
  • Input your “4” digit PIN created while setting up/activating your USSD as described above.
  • You will receive a message confirming your subscription.

As simple as that, you’re done with this task.


  • POLARIS BANK RECHARGE CODE: To recharge your mobile phone using the Polaris bank USSD code, kindly dial *833*Airtime Amount#.
  • Example: Say you want to recharge your cell phone with N1000. Just dial *833*1000# and hit the send button, your account will be credited with the value. You are however expected to have at leastN2 in your phone. Also note that this operation must be carried out with your registered phone number with the bank.


  • POLARIS BANK USSD CODE: This code is simply represented as “833”


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  • POLARIS/SKYE BANK CODE FOR ACCOUNT BALANCE:Dial *833*6#. Select option“C”, enter your four digit PIN, you will receive your account balance on your screen.


You can see how easy it is to accomplish your GOTV subscription via Polaris bank USSD code, you will no longer have to travel to an agent location or the bank to execute this transaction. If you think this post worth your time and reading pleasure, kindly share it. Visit HERE for further reading


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Raphael Orji

Polaris has the poorest online service. Please work on it

Raphael Orji
Anna Lazarus

U guys need to upgrade ur banking system ,it’s so boring and doesn’t make things easier for one

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