How to deactivate First bank USSD


How to deactivate First bank USSD in simple steps

How to deactivate First bank USSD – Desperate time calls for desperate measures, you may not understand this assertion till you are faced with one in its ugliest regalia.

Nigerian banks do regulate their security ends on regular basis to mitigate fraud, theft and unauthorized access into customer’s accounts, need not be told that scammers are on rampage.

Have you seen a customer whose bank account got swept in minutes? Probably till it happens to you or your associates, just then you’ll get to understand what technology means at this time.

If you are a First bank customer, probably lost your phone or felt your banking details have been compromised, learning how to deactivate First bank USSD won’t be a bad idea at all.

Understanding deactivation of the USSD

If you have registered/activated or enrolled on the First bank USSD platform, the bank has enabled a gateway through which you can disable/deactivate it.

Deactivation in this sense means to make the *894# ineffective to carry out even the least of transactions in your account.

Deactivation usually comes as a matter of urgent necessity when

  • Your mobile phone is being snatched/misplaced or you have a cause not to feel settled that there could be an unauthorized access into your account via the USSD platform.
  • You may opt out on personal basis other than issues bothering on caution or fear of unauthorized access

Whatever informs your decision, rest assured that this service can be disabled to meet your personal preference.

How to deactivate First bank USSD

The beautiful thing about getting the First bank USSD code deactivated is that you are at liberty to execute this operation from any mobile phone you can lay your hands on in terms of emergency or distress.

You just need to have the phone number linked to your bank account handy, which is not difficult to memorize. If you can’t memorize your SMS alert contact number, kindly write it somewhere other than your phone.

  • From any phone number dial *894*911#
  • In the next column enter “The phone number linked to your bank account” the very account you wish to block.
  • That’s all, your bank account will be restricted from treating further transactions effect immediately.

How to unblock/reactivate your USSD/account

Having deactivated your account in the first place, kindly note that you may not consummate further transactions yourself from such account.

The first step to reclaim your account is to visit your SIM network provider to reclaim your line. Having reclaimed your line successfully you will have to visit the bank’s nearest branch to your location and request account unblock.

The bank will act in its capacity as an extra security check to ensure your lost line has been reclaimed, having established this fact in the affirmative you’ll be issued a form to complete, thereafter your account will be lifted from restriction automated, you may now resume financial activities in your account.

Congratulations to have succeeded.

You can also deactivate other banks USSD codes using the table below

BankUSSD deactivation code
First bank*894*911#
Access bank*901*911#
Heritage bank*745*7#
Zenith bank*966*911#
Keystone bank*7111*911#
Sterling bank*822*911#
Unity bank*7799*911#
Wema bank*945*911#
Polaris bank*833*13#


How to deactivate First bank USSD code is pretty easy, however, you are expected to have the phone number linked to your First bank account to authenticate and initiate the process at the tail end.

Have inquiries, let’s get talking in the comment sections, thank you for reading.

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