How to deactivate Access bank USSD code in simple steps

Deactivate Access bank USSD – Ignorance has never and will never be the best approach to life instance, following the raise in cyber and internet crime one will only be doing himself a great disservice by simply not doing the needful.

Given the fact that scammers and fraudsters are on rampage, it’ll only make sense to safeguard your money at all times.

In this guide you’ll learn how to deactivate Access bank USSD profile or block your bank account in event your phone finds its way into the hands of unauthorized users.

For example, there are instances where people’s phones are being snatched at gun point or whatsoever premise. In such instance the criminals went ahead to effect withdrawal from victim’s account via the USSD profile.

As thoughtful and worrisome as the situation gets the bank has device a means to further safeguard your funds in the bank account by taking necessary steps that will scuffle these fraudsters from accomplishing their aim.

Kindly follow the below image instruction to either block your account or disable your USSD profile.

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