How to create and activate UBA secure pass

How to create and activate UBA secure pass

UBA secure pass – The importance of security in banking cannot be overstretched so long hackers and scammers are not given up any time soon.

It’s on this guise that the banks have gone extra mile to create a “Two Factor Authentication 2FA” to further provide the needed security necessary to complete transactions online without threat of any kind.

The banking industry however is not too unaware of the fact that while there seems to be improved security, hackers and scammers would always device new ways to maneuver by taking advantage of possible loop-holes to strike at any given opportunity.

On this premise, the essence of this guide is to enlighten you on how to acquire, activate then use the UBA secure pass to your security advantage.

That said, if you are a UBA customer, who wished to start using the alternate channels like the Internet banking, mobile banking for your online transfers and other transactions, this guide will make a great fit for you, relax and read in between lines as I will make it even elaborate, simple and explanatory.

What is UBA Secure Pass?

The UBA secure pass is an extra security device, a soft token that aids transaction authorization using the UBA internet and mobile banking platform by generating OTP, this is quiet different from the hard token while both could serve same purpose.

The secure pass virtually has authorization status across UBA e-channels and beyond.

How to get UBA secure pass

The secure pass comes in 2.0.1 version with a user friendly interface available on two operating systems mainly Android and the iOS.

To access the secure pass, you will have to download and install it first from Google Play Store, follow this link to download now.

Activation of the UBA secure pass

It’s assumed that you’ve already downloaded and installed the app from Play Store as applied to your operating system.

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The next step you will need to take is activation of the secure pass without which it cannot generate OTP to aid your transaction processing when necessary.

UBA user ID

Now get this straight, to activate the secure pass, you will first of all require a “User ID” this ID could either be your Internet banking or Mobile banking ID.

Where you do not have any of these, it means you will have to first and fore most sign up for the UBA internet banking or the Mobile banking by following any of the highlighted links.

Now signing up for Internet or Mobile banking means you have been using the UBA ATM card with a PIN as well, if not, visit the nearest branch and apply for a card.

To sign up for UBA Mobile banking; download and install the UBA Mobile app here.

  • Launch the app
  • As a new user, click on register and select your country, for the purpose of this guide you will have to select Nigeria from the list of options.
  • Now, a page will display for you to choose your registration option among which you have; “Enroll with UBA card, account number/secure pass and branch activation code.”

For the first option; you can actually complete the process with your UBA card by simply inputting your card details.

For the second option; account number and secure pass, you may not be able to use this service since it’s assumed you do not have a UBA secure pass already, your account number alone cannot complete the process.

For the branch activation code; this option requires that you will have to visit the nearest UBA branch to get set up with the activation code, thereafter you are good to go.

With that out of the way now, recall it’s either you’re signed up on the Mobile or Internet banking both for UBA before you can get to activate your secure pass.

To sign up for the UBA internet banking; you need to have an active UBA debit card handy.

  • Follow this link
  • Fill in your details as seen; account number, your ATM card details then click “Continue” otherwise follow the arrow as seen in the below image for other options.
  • Endeavor to recall your user ID as will be used in your secure pass activation either ways through internet or mobile banking.

However, your UBA account may not be eligible for an OTP, in this case you will have to contact UBA to get this resolved at once then proceed.

Final step on activation of UBA secure pass

At this point, it’s assumed you now have a user ID having been profiled on either UBA internet or Mobile banking.

Recall, you have downloaded the secure pass already pending activation, if not do that here.

Launch the secure app on your device and follow the below steps:

  • Insert your ID
  • Choose your country (Nigeria) for the purpose of this guide supposed
  • Fetch the OTP being sent, insert same in the column provided and click the “ok” button.

Note: If you’d logged in with your internet banking ID, select “I’d like to request a secure pass

You will be required to provide “Security questions and answers” to complete this request, afterwards click OK.

However, if you’d used Mobile banking ID, no security question or answer will be required for this task. Hope that’s clear? Good..

By any means if asked “Have you downloaded and installed UBA secure pass in your mobile device?,” do click “Yes.”

The next task that may appear will be “Activate your UBA secure pass identity” kindly click on “Activate UBA secure pass.”

If the activation is successful, a message will appear on your screen indicating a successful task

Creating a secure pass token PIN

Without creating a UBA secure pass token Pin, you will not be able to use the secure pass in generating a token code for transaction authorization at any point.

Haven activated your secure pass, you will be asked to set up a 4-digit Pin, by this approach create a 4-digit Pin exclusively known to you alone no other/third party should know about it for security reason, confirm the Pin for correctness in the next column and submit.

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Having done this, you will generate your first token code, as well had a successful secure pass activation that you desired.

Frequently asked questions on UBA secure pass

Q1. How can I enroll/register for internet banking?

Ans. You may enroll on the UBA internet banking via any of the following;

Instant self-registration: With your debit card, customers can start and finish the internet banking login page by clicking instant Self-Registration button.

Enrolment through account opening: You can instantly be enrolled by visiting any UBA business office, this can be done during the account opening.

Enrolment through business offices: As an existing customer, you can walk into any business office to fill a form to be enrolled on internet banking.

Q2. How to correct transaction limit exceeded error:

Ans. You need to confirm what limit is applicable to you, you may need to give an instruction and execute indemnity at any of the business offices for higher limits.

Q3. My internet banking has been locked as a result of wrong password, what do I do?

Ans. Kindly click on forgot password option, input your user ID and follow the screen prompts.

Q4. Can I use my soft token in place of hard token?

Ans. Yes, you can use either your hard token or soft token to complete your transaction.


There are a number of concerns about UBA secure pass, however, this guide should serve as a lamp into solving your numerous concerns.

I’d like to hear your success story trying to set up your internet banking, Mobile banking and the secure pass for transaction authorization, let’s get talking below.

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