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How to create a digital business card

Digital business card – In the course of my conversation with an elite marketer few years back, I learnt how not putting what one may term little things in their proper place can hamper once opportunity in life.

Even though an optimistic mind will argue that opportunities always abound, but in actual sense of it, how often do golden opportunities come beckoning on ones door step?

The answer is an open secret, it’s as rare as mega million dollars.

Back to my story; It so be that he attended such a very important training/seminar where he was opportune to meet and interact with captains and industry leaders who have the capacity to influence decision in his favor.

Selling his idea to one of these figures, he appears to had cracked the code, when suddenly his business card was demanded for further conversations to seal the deal properly.

You know what? My guy disappointed his ancestors by not presenting any.

As simple as that sounds, he lost everything that he was left with not even a second chance to do a damage control.

That’s how much a business card can cost you, don’t wait till we read your sad story please.

Now to the subject matter here, I’m sure you’ve been wondering “what is digital business card?”

Digital card as it implies means, it is electronically which could be kept/stored in phones, laptop, basically any digital device, it can be used in place of conventional paper cards, and can easily be transferred to anyone in digital form.

One of the advantages of digital card is that, it saves you the cost of paper and printing.

Digital business card will include the following;

  • Business number
  • Social media details,
  • Business address and by extension
  • Email address

It is important that all these details are present on the “Digital business card” by doing this, you can track your card, share it in seconds and leave a lasting impression on the people you meet.

Citing the advent of the novel COVID-19 pandemic, digital business card is advisable to avoid physical contact, with respect to maintaining a social distance.

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However, there are various marketing tools that can help you customize your company card.

Here we have 5 free effective tools that will help to launch your digital business card.

1.Haystack Haystack allows you to create your own digital card, you can also scan and store others digital card, the app is being created to displace business card, Heimann the CEO of haystack explained, his reason for creating the app was because over the years he and his colleagues were heavy users of business card and he wanted an easier option.

“with haystack app it allows transition from paper business cards to digital”

2.Inigo– With inigoapp you can create a “contact me page” designed by you and your team members, inigo allows you to add your website link, your direct contact details and call to action. It is easy to create branded digital card.

3.L-Card– With lcardapp you can  create unlimited number of business card, using their OCR/BCR technology, the l card is easy and does not require any additional hardware other than your phone, you don’t need scanner which is what makes it easy and seamless.

4.Camcard– Camcard is among the best digital business app it is unique because it is able to read and scan card in over 15 languages, you can also import information from social media feeds. Although to enjoy its full service you might have to make payment/subscribe.

5.Switchit This is my favorite of these digital business cards, it is more professional and you can easily create digital business card in-person or online, it is also free.


Digital business card makes you unique from your competitors, it enhances your brand perception, gives your business a facelift while opening and widening the doors of opportunities.



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